‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Is Tammy Slaton a Ward Of Kentucky State Now?

Tammy Slaton '1000-Lb Sisters' TLC

After last week’s episode of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sistersfans have a lot of questions about Tammy Slaton’s future. With Amy moving to her new home – and the other siblings refusing the responsibility, what happens to Tammy now? Has she become a Ward of Kentucky State? Keep reading to get the details about the latest family debacle.

Amy Halterman is Checking Out on Tammy’s Drama

Over the course of Season Three, we have watched Amy start finalizing her plans to move her family into a bigger home. She and her husband, Michael, realized that their tiny duplex apartment next door to Tammy was quickly becoming too small. As their now one-year-old son Gage continues to grow into a mobile toddler, it becomes apparent to them they have simply outgrown the space. Despite Amy feeling guilty about leaving Tammy on her own, she has made it very clear that her son and her family come before Tammy’s needs.

In recent episodes, we learned that Amy and Michael had found a home they liked and were able to put an offer on it. While the family was on vacation in Gatlinburg Tennessee, Amy revealed to her other siblings that their offer had been accepted and that they would soon be preparing to move. Misty inquired what might become of Tammy, considering Amy has been primarily responsible for her care over the last few years.  The response from Chris, Misty, and Amanda shocked a lot of people, including Amy.

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“Ward Of The State! Ward Of The State!”

After Misty asked who would take care of Tammy after Amy and Michael move away, the siblings were all quick to ‘opt out’ of that obligation. Amanda quickly spoke up and said that while she was happy to go and help Tammy or check on her when she could, she had her own life and wasn’t going to be there at her beck and call. She reminds them that she has already filled this roll once and wasn’t eager to do it again.

Misty says that she’s already been there too. As they continue to talk Chris chimes in with his solution, chanting “Ward of the state! Ward of the state!” The sibling’s big brother voiced his opinion. He says not only will he not take over Tammy’s care, he thinks the best option is to put Tammy in a nursing home, allowing the State of Kentucky to be responsible for her care.

Hold Up, Britney Spears! Tammy Slaton is Next!

So, what does it mean to be a “ward of the state”? Well, in Kentucky, this means Tammy Slaton would lose her ability to make choices about her life. According to the Kentucky Guardianship Association, persons who have been determined disabled and are unable to care for themselves can be placed under what they call ‘guardianship’. The system has several levels, but essentially it involves revoking a person’s autonomy and their ability to make life-governing decisions for themselves. Instead, Tammy’s decisions would be made by the state of Kentucky. These precautions are set as protection for the disabled person’s health and assets.  This includes medical, financial, and personal affair type decisions.

What makes Tammy ‘eligible’ to for ‘guardianship?’ Well, the association’s website lists the following criteria.

  • dealing with deteriorating physical health and not taking care of himself;
  • losing mental capacity to function well;
  • not functioning well socially;
  • is no longer capable of managing their financial affairs, placing them at serious risk of financial disaster and/or financial exploitation.
Tammy Slaton Tik Tok
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Unfortunately, while we don’t know the state of Tammy’s finances, one could say she fits under several of these categories. Her physical health is clearly in a state of decline – Check. We also know that Tammy refuses to take any steps to care for herself or improve her situation – Check.

Tammy’s mental capacity is lucid, but she does not always make logical, sound choices – especially in social situations. And as TV Shows Ace reported previously, Tammy has gone so far as to even pay men to be in her life. So – it would seem that her mental state would jeopardize her finances. Especially in regards to men.

Is Tammy Slaton A Ward Of The State

The quick answer is – it’s not likely.

As fans watch newly released episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters every Monday, we are just now getting to see Amy begin the moving process. In real life – these episodes were filmed months ago – and a significant amount of time has passed since then.

Over the last few months, fans have been watching Tammy on social media, especially Tik Tok. After being hospitalized in November for a severe case of carbon dioxide poisoning, Tammy Slaton was moved to a care facility designed for more long-term patients. She sleeps in a hospital bed, wears a medical gown to sleep, and often films her Tiktoks from her room.

When asked if she is in the hospital, Tammy tells her fans that she is in a ‘hospital-like facility.’ As of Tammy’s latest TikToks, the reality star still appears to be residing in the facility. While viewers and social media followers continue to ask her about plans to return home, the celeb has not yet revealed when she will be able to return.

Tammy Slaton TLC
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Some fans think that after Amy moved to the bigger house, Tammy’s behavior led to her carbon dioxide poisoning. Others theorize that her getting sick was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They wonder if her need for long-term care means the siblings finally all gave up on her and placed her under the control of Kentucky state. So far, none of Tammy Slaton’s family have shown up in any of these videos of her in the care facility.

While no ‘official’ word has been released, it’s safe to assume that she has not yet become a ‘Ward of the State.’ Yes, some time has passed, however, not enough time to construct a conservatorship. Tammy is would most definitely fight this process.

Do you think Tammy Slaton’s siblings will eventually force her into a state-run conservatorship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

You can catch new episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday nights on TLC.




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  1. Tammy becoming a ward of the state is the only thing left for her. Her family did everything they could to help her but she wouldn’t help herself. You can’t change it you aren’t willing to put the work in. It’s clear that “Queen” Tammy wants all the attention from her family and fat fetisher men while having them all kneel at her feet 24/7 as her own personal servants. I understand depression, mental illness, and addiction. I do. I get it. But at the same time, you still need to be held accountable for your actions. You have to want to help yourself and be open to others helping you. As an empathetic person, I want her to get better and not die young. At the same time, I do empathize with her family. Imagine slowly watching your sister or aunt die and trying all you can to help her survive, but she refuses to lift a finger to fight for her own life. I can understand why they don’t want to be around to continue witnessing her decline. All they want is the best for her but she doesn’t seem to accept that.

    1. I agree with you. I personally think It is too late for Tammy. She is past a point of no return. Everyone around her can change their lives for her…HECK even Tammy herself isn’t changing her own life for herself.

      1. She needs to learn to grow up and learn to stop using her family.
        She’s to old to be playing poor poor pitiful. Me

        1. I agree she sits around and feels sorry for herself, they have tried to her her and she refused and acts like a brat she needs to grow up and help herself and go on a diet and change if it’s not too late

          1. I agree. She’s the most self centered person I’ve ever seen, completely blind to her ignorant behavior. I’m to the point of not watching any more.also Amy always saying she has to get Tammy the food Tammy gets mad. SO WHAT! what’s she gonna do chase you around the yard? Amy is always saying what Tammy needs to do, so do you Amy. You’re not losing and you’re also Tammy’s enabler. And for the love of God , fix your bra straps!! And quit talking like your some hillbilly . Your NOT!! GET SOME SELF RESPECT!! I’m done watching these jerks, they are an insult to women.

        2. Tammy has always needed financial help, I would imagine. So, being a ward of the state will only mean she can’t push her siblings anymore. That will probably be much healthier in the long run. She might actually find herself enjoying life again.
          And, hopefully, she won’t feel the need to pay for attention.

          1. It is completely unrealistic to hope that someone like Tammy will ever be happy. There is no happy ending when a person allows themselves to get that heavy. It is called gluttony and laziness. There is a price to pay for that kind of life-style, and unfortunately it is usually a premature death. It’s very sad to witness.

          2. Amy should have told Tammy to order her groceries online & fast food online and stop giving into her. And without guilt. She doesn’t want her sister to be mad at her & Tammy flat out manipulates her. She went thru the whole diet thing with Tammy and then her brother went thru the whole diet thing with her. Both times she failed. Amy put buying a house with her husband & new baby on hold so she would be there to take care of Tammy. It was time Amy did something for herself. Tammy said her family should be THANKFUL she’s not bedridden & have to clean up after her? That’s just wrong? Tammy needs more intense help than anybody in her family can possibly give her.

        3. I totally agree. Tammy wants to do her own thing, she wants to “Live her own life.” When things start going to hell she wants her siblings to step up and help her out if it. When she’s out of it, she treats them and talks to them like dogs. She needs to grow up, live an adult life, and take care of her own problems. Honestly, the best thing the siblings can do at the moment is to take out a sizable life insurance policy on her to be able to pay her death expenses when she dies. Burial for people her size is very expensive. The life she is living can be detrimental to people of a normal size, much less to someone at almost 700 pounds. A casket for someone her size is three times the cost, the burial plot will have to be twice the size, not to mention the emotional toll this will take on the siblings that she chose her drinking and smoking life style over them. I know that feeling, my baby brother did that very thing. Thank God my mother and I had the forethought to buy an insurance policy to bury him and my older brother and I bought him a burial stone. It doesn’t make that pain of losing a sibling any less.

        1. I think it would be good thing she can get the right food doctor’s that she needs maybe away for her too loose the weight she needs too it’s time she needs help and this is the way she going to get it iam glad

      2. I think Chris and Amy have tried so hard to help Tammy. She is not going to live much longer since she doesn’t want to make the changes to loose weight. The doctor has tried to give her every chance to loose weight. I get it that she has an addiction to food…but every try to put her in a controlled environment and help her hasn’t worked …she leaves and goes back home to eat,eat,eat! She has become more hateful to her family…I wouldn’t blame them if they just give up. They can’t do anything more…I say let the state take over guardianship …maybe that will wake her up and help her to realize that time is running out for her…it’s sad but true…I wish the best for her and the family..

        1. I agree, why did her family go pick her up from rehab in the first place? She seemed to be going well in there, she was loosing weight. They should have ignored her calls. They give in to her every time, she is a bully and every one is scared of her. She is so hateful.

          1. And why are they afraid of her she can’t do anything but get mad and then what she will talk to them soon or later cause she needs help with everything.

          2. Not only did they pick her up, they gave her a home coming party?! What’s that about. Or how she says she can’t walk ( l hurt) She wasn’t hurting when she was partying with those guys drinking and flopping around. I blame her for her problems and her family for enabling her. She needs to become a ward of the state to save her life, that’s the only way

      3. I have walked in these shoes with my mother and sometimes you have to just give up. She has enough sane mind to make the decision to keep doing all the damage she’s doing but yet she refuses to help herself. Every chance she gets to snap at her family and say the don’t understand she does. These people are and have done everything the can/could to help her yet she won’t help her self. It’s hard to love someone so much and to help them in every way and watch them just self destruct willfully. I would give her the option and make sure i followed through with my words (bc they say things to her but then do it anyway after they say they won’t) but i would be like look this is the way it is and if you don’t try and help yourself then your going to loose all of our help and become a ward of the state. Everyone needs to stick to it. This isn’t about not loving her this is about saving her life. She always yells no one cares about me they make it about them… When they all are worried and thinking about her 24/7 , what can we do to help Tammy? Is this going to work for Tammy? Is this accessable for Tammy? Tammy, Tammy, Tammy but yet she yells they only worry about themselves. They are trying to keep you alive yet you are being completely selfish…. I feel bad for her bc i have depression and i have anxiety and i also had a mother that was this way that i finally just had to give up on for her to get it through her head. And now five years later she’s doing better and we have a good relationship where as before we didn’t bc of all the stress. Tammy needs to get off her high horse and understand that this is life and death. Her family wants her alive and if she and them can’t help her want to be alive then the state is the last and final option. I think honestly it will do her and them some good.

          1. Don’t be a jerk. I don’t see you correcting anyone else. You knew what they were trying to say.

      4. I don’t think it’s too late as long as she is in a in resident facility where she cannot get the food and can get the mental health help that she needs.

        1. I think they need to drive her to the woods and leave her until she loses enough weight to get herself home. She’d figure it out.

      5. I think if your not really to help her self you can do what you can if she not really to help her self she sured be in award to the state.

      6. She needs to be a ward of the state. She’s EXTREMELY ungrateful for what any of the siblings do for her. She behaves like they’re supposed to care of her. Like she is their obligation. No she’s a grown ass woman. But her fruits and veggies for the week and leave her. If she wants a cheat day or junk, let her get up and go get it her damn self. Remove yourselves from her life enough so she can realize who needs who… And acts accordingly..

    2. Tammy needs tough love she’s very disrespectful needs to care more about her situation far is her weight and respect and her siblings and apply some pressure to her self

      1. Tammy has abused all her siblings. Especially Amy and Cris. Tammy wants to eat and party. Tammy needs to grow up. Tammy you don’t deserve to have Cris drive you for many hrs at a time. You never appreciate Any. Your hateful. To you should reach out to your siblings and tell them your sorry for how you treated them. Tell them you love them. Especially Amy & Chris.

        1. Agreed and I think that she will do that once she if she is put in an in residence facility and gets the help she needs with the food problem and mental health help and she I believe will then realize how wrong she has been as far as treating her family like a piece of crap

        2. Tammy is such a FAT FUUCK! No wonder we have inflation in the country! Theres no food in the stores because of this PORKER! Why did TITANIC break in two? TAMMY jumped up and down on the poor ship and TITANIC split in two! Did I mention Tammy is a FAT FUUCK?

          1. And u my friend are a fucking ass hole ! I bet a lot of fucked up shit happens in your life and you wonder why??? “What have I done to deserve this”? Am I right? Or is a light bulb coming on in your thick ass skull? Mr.Snowflake here is whats wrong with humanity well one thing, but in time my friend if not already u will be the one being laughed at or pointed at! Why? Well maybe best you figure that one out if u can get your head out of your ass long enough to think !! Wish you the best!
            Your friend MR.DICHEAD

          2. Mr.Nice my Ass!!! There is no reason to be that rude and nasty. Don’t watch the show if you’re only going to have a negative attitude towards her size!

          3. Lmao! People are going to say you’re rude but you are bing honest. People come to an almost stop to watch a car wreck on the side of the road so of course people are going to watch and comment. A lot of people started watching the show and was rooting for Tammy. But her actions, including being a piece of shit to her family and constantly playing the victim has caused many of her fans to realize that she isn’t going to do anything for herself. Everyone needs to tell her the truth instead of sugar coating shit. She has blamed everyone while she continues to shove food in her mouth! Who calls the cops on their mother because she wouldn’t continue to feed you and paying for all that food because she clearly cannot work. My husband’s taxes goes toward other people working and gaming a system that gives hand outs. Some people need help, others don’t. Even her family is backing away from her. She doesn’t deserve anyone defending her. What TLC needs to do is fire her from the show. She’s been getting paid to lose weight, not gain and she has clearly failed at her job. There has been numerous people commenting on how they would still the watch if it was just about the siblings and I agree. She needs to be stripped of any platform because it has only hurt her. Take the bbw king. She and he connected through social media. She visits bbw chatrooms to find “boyfriends” and has been caught in many lies (as has Amy). She has even made accusations against her family for being mentally and physically abusive. Imagine how they must feel that she is putting that garbage out on the internet and it is seen that they bend over backwards. She attacks them even when they are politely talking to her. She’s a piece of garbage and needs to be treated as such. If anyone spoke to you the way she speaks to her family I bet you wouldn’t be defending them. Some people are lost causes and what they need is reality not people catering to them. Just like you said to the the person who made the comment, if you don’t like don’t read it, don’t respond and don’t engage. And I, unlike most of the people on here will put my real name because if I’m telling the truth I don’t have to hide shit.

    3. I totally understand what is happening with tammy. My boyfriend of 47 years had a stroke and he needs help getting dressed and having someone prepare his food for him. He needs someone to make sure he takes his meds. He was in a nursing home and was released in my care. It is so hard to see his health decline. And because I don’t have any money to bury him he will become a ward of Pueblo Colorado. Watching him is killing me…..and there’s nothing I can do…….

      1. I’m sorry to hear about your BF. I’m guessing he at least wasn’t a total d*ck badmouthing and complaining about the way you help him. I can’t stand Tammy, she’s so damn abusive and spoiled. I thought maybe she was the baby of the family, and that’s why she was a spoiled brat, but Amy is the baby. No wonder Tammy is abusive, she’s probably been taking out her frustrations on Amy all her life…

      2. I know what you feeling I took care of my loving mom but she got the point that it was her body but not her. Still when she passed I was relieved and sade I was close to her, I ❤️ love, miss her.

        1. I should have moved wherever you live at.. for my mom’s cremation it was 3800 without a funeral plus cost of urn here..

      3. I pray you get the help you need, praying for God’s Guidance and wisdom for both of you! Help him less in the small things he could do for himself. It’s very hard I know! My husband of 21yrs hurt his knees had the operation and has decided that’s it! He enjoyed sitting and laying around so much that has now become his life! Now he’s pushing 400lbs. I do NOTHING for him because I see where this is going… All you can do is lovingly talk to them but because you love him you can’t be part of his decline. There are yelling times but I always win. He does not have depression its pure laziness and I won’t be part of the inconcideration he has shown me. He has put all the burden on me and I know you have all of it on you! Enough is enough! The same should be done with this young lady. Let the state have her for a while. They will tell her when where and how much she can eat! Not to mention controll every single aspect of her life. It’s sad it has come to that. Sometimes tough love is what it takes. I pray all God’s blessings and protection for you and your family! Pray for him and pray for this situation. Reach out to a doctor or counselor that is an expert in dealing with this type of situation. Take care and God bless!✝️🙏🙌❤- Angela

      4. My husband and I. Signed up with genesis it’s an organization that studies the body after they pass my husband passed in 2018 genesis came and got him at the hospital and took him to. Memphis did their st<undies and then he was cremated and put in an urnn wit&h no cost to us its something to. Think about

          1. Only deal with certain states..(Genesis) Research Tenn. check out website for provisions. I live in fla..won’t participate in this state due to Fla. not allowing them to pick up donors from our state.

    4. problem is , she’s so hateful and hurts the only ones that try to h pushing her around and she want even get in an electric chair, with?elp her mean selfish a..! she want even make the effort to get her health going. rt, and loose weight, s… t ain’t nobody want to hurt themselves pushing her around! girl STOP pushing the ones who loves you away!

        1. I feel that Tammy is becoming very selfish & hateful towards her family.
          They’re all trying to help her & its like she doesn’t get it .
          So sad to watch & I’m not even family .Grow up little girl , put your big girl pants on .You’ve got this , now go get it Tammy .

    5. She’s absolutely infantile. Her mental process isn’t right. She blames everyone else for her situation. She treats her family like crap. She lies. She’s rude. She can’t do a damn thing herself. All she can do is eat. Everyone does everything for her, yet she doesn’t recognize it or acknowledge it. She definitely doesn’t appreciate it. I find her extremely annoying. I’m about ready to stop watching the show because of her behavior. It’s ridiculous. Lose weight and get your act together. She should be left alone and then she’ll see what she can get done by herself. Not a damn thing.

      1. Don’t think I can watch much more …Tammy is the most greedy selfish ignorant person I have ever had to watch …I just don’t get it… She needs a new storyline or she needs to be kicked off the show… Her attitude is so unbelievable i’m not quite sure I believe it’s all true

    6. It is very sad about Tammy she just wants to be loved if she had the love from her family and maybe boyfriend she would be a different person in know she would.i think she has given up she feels abandoned and she just gave up.no hope no happiness no future I think this is what she feels .she sees her sister happy and getting a c life she would love to have people will say she could have had this if she had only lost the weight but her sister kept boasting and the more she kept on the worse she felt I hope in the coming years with the help she needs she will turn her life around and become a confident lady bless her

      1. Where have you been?? Her family does love her! She needs therapy but we all know she want do that. I say she gets what she deserves if she won’t help herself.

    7. Tammy needs help,I can understand her sibling because what they do is hard work and she refuses to try harder.If tough love doesn’t make her change and get help nothing will

    8. I don’t think you have empathy she is like any addict food, drugs , alcohol,sex , control,anger, if you think for one minute it is easy to change it is most certainly not you obviously have never had an addiction her family is to blame for enabling her for all those years get it straight she can’t get it on her own so she is being enabled by her family

    9. Tammy wants it but she does not want to do the work to get it. As with other addictions she will have to hit rock bottom before anything happens. I just hope that is not death

    10. Agree! I have never commented on an article, but after watching this season I am pretty fed up with Tammy. My jaw dropped in the episode in which she said her family should be “thankful” that she could wipe herself and that they didn’t have to change her bedding every day. They should be thankful?? She should be thankful she can still do it because it’s not the duty of anyone to clean her up or to change her bedding and clothes. I guarantee I wouldn’t do it for anyone who expected me to do it! She’s self-centered and believes everyone owes her. If she is told something she doesn’t like, she immediately shuts down and deflects, and has done it too many times to count. I would start a drinking game of the number of times she does this, but wouldn’t make it thru an episode sober lol. I’m seriously tired of her entitled attitude and her family has gone above and beyond in trying to help her, but I hate to break it to them – all they are doing is enabling her to continue her bad behavior because they’ve all tried to appease her whenever she throws a fit and she knows just how to manipulate every one of them. I’m a very compassionate and empathetic person, but also know when I’m being manipulated and how to cut the cord. If she becomes a ward of the state she can only blame herself and it may be the rock bottom that she needs to hit in order to make the right decision to stop relying on others and to take responsibility for once in her life.

      1. I was horrified by that statement, too. Tammy is narcissistic and totally self-involved. She has no empathy or gratitude towards her family and never will, because she is incapable of those feelings. I was married to an addict for 10 years and divorced him because he would not help himself. He died 2 years later of an overdose. It’s sad but our children were then able to live a normal life. Sadly, some people can’t be helped. That’s Tammy.

      2. I was also totally appalled when Tammy said her family should be grateful that they don’t have to help her with toileting and bathing and doing her laundry. That statement said a LOT. She has lost all sense of responsibility for herself and for some reason even entertains the idea a family member would want to help her if she became totally bedridden, if that became her reality in the future. A person who has any sense of pride would want to remain self-reliant as long as humanly possible. Unfortunately, her ties to all of the social media she is part of, including the TV show, only feeds into her ego and she is feeling as long as she can continue to “entertain” her social media friends (and I use that term very loosely) she will continue to thrive by sucking the life out of everyone and just continue to just do as she pleases. She needs to be a ward of the State ! I also wonder if the TV show producers have given any thought to their level of responsibility if Tammy ended up dying due to an obesity related condition. They are also living off her success as a social media star, like Piranhas, and not acting in good faith, even though Tammy has seen at least 3 Psychologists with their encouragement. Do the producers not have any responsibility to taking Tammy off TV knowing she is spiraling downward – OR – is the show possibly scripted just to get an audience and they are getting her help off camera? I think there is more to this story that we see on TV, but I also remember the producers from the old Jenny Jones show were taken to court when an unscripted comment from a guest ended up in a murder off camera. The whole situation is very sad and a sadder commentary on what audiences watch as entertainment. I won’t watch any more !!

      3. I honestly couldn’t believe when they arranged for her to have an electric wheelchair so they could get a break from pushing her around and she got an attitude. She said something to the effect that it was easier for them, not her. My jaw all but dropped. I was like, um, yes! How selfish are you not to want to do all you can to give them a break from pushing around a 600+lb person everywhere? Are you so lazy that you don’t even want to push the controller on an electric wheelchair?

    11. She needs to be a ward of the state. She can’t take care of herself and I don’t think she is mentally all there. I think it’s only a matter of time before she dies.

    12. I think it’s really funny, she deserves it. She does TLC for attention and all that money she earns from that show can go to children who are starving, lives on the streets with their mothers or even fathers because they can’t pay their rent or morgage. Even exememely poor countries, even the USA, TAMMY YOU ARE NOOOOOOOO QUEEN. You’re a very selfish despicable person and I’m happy your family has abandoned you. You treated everyone like s*** especially Amy and Chris but mostly Amy..I have no sympathy for you. You’re a LOSER.

    13. I agree with you 100%. I also feel that she thinks her outlandish behavior is truly cute or funny. That in itself shows she is not capable of caring for herself. We have seen her paying for alcohol for these young boys who clearly are only around TAM TAM so they can party for free and TAMTAM thinks she has friends. If she would stop being so lazy. And my God WALK 75 STEPS A DAY she would start losing the weight and feel SO much better mentally and physically then she would be able to get real friends and a boyfriend. Everyone wants tho see her succeed. Everyone but her so when she is made a ward of the state and no one is sneaking her candy and crap…she’ll lose weight and by then it may be to late for the surgery. Boils down to everyone, even fans are sick of her b.s

    14. Tammy has become a prima donna and has shown total disrespect for herself……..she needs total state care

    15. I agree too. I believe she is beyond help. clearly y she has gotten worse. I hope one of the siblings don’t step up.

    16. I I totally agree. Tammy acts like a child throwing temper tantrums to get attention. I don’t feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for the family that has to deal with her. Her foul mouth should not be allowed on TLC. Oh. Freedom of speech. But do you want your kids listening to her. I pray for the baby gage. I actually stopped watching that show because of Tammy’s.
      mouth and behavior. If she continues to kill herself I hope she gets right with God first

    17. Yes, I have just started since Nov. 2021 watching this show…Tammy has a terrible outlook, and all the time she has had amazing support , she refuses to listen.
      Her family can only do so much, and I would be placing her in States facility.
      My opinion!

    18. Tammy definitely needs help. Her family has done all they could for her. Her health is continuing to decline as the doctors continuously tell her. She realizes it but continues to not care. This is ridiculous. She needs to grow up & help herself. So, yes the state needs to take over. We’re getting tired of watching her slowly die while she’s just giving up on life & doing nothing about it for attention.
      There’s been many other fat people in her same situation & some even fatter than her & they have gotten around better than her. She’s just flat out lazy, & using her health as the escape goat. So, put her with the state & make her do the diet, exercise, & stay off the internet to concentrate on herself. Stop just being flat out lazy, complaining, & accept responsibilities of your life. This is NO JOKE!!!!!!! Your family is tired to & they want to get on with there on life. Tammy’s old enough now to get a hold on her life & just do it. We all know it’s not easy. Just remember there’s always someone else out there worse off than you. Stop your selfishness & feeling sorry for yourself & get started on your new life. It’s sad to watch you do nothing…….

    19. If she is placed somewhere then she can be put on a strick diet ..no one coming to see her may be hard but that means no one sneaking food to her .if she loses the weight maybe she will open her eyes to life again

    20. I agree Tammy shows signs of mental health decline an should be under the care of the state. The decisions she has made concerning her lack of discipline regarding her health only proves she is headed for death. I’m sorry but the truth sometimes hurt.

    21. I certainly agree she definitely needs to be in a care facility. She has no care if she gains more weight , she is disrespectful she doesnt seem to be greatful for any one whom helps her at all .

      Its quite said really to see her eat her self to practically death she continues to become more immobile. She going to become bed ridden if she wont change then its really game over . I get it hurts but she not willing to push through that pain to lose that weight for the surgery.

      Her family has help her alot but this facility idea no only push tammy to do thing but help her grow her independence, teach her basic life skills that they didnt learn while growing up .

      Maybe even can love herself again .

      She can have the things she wants just like amy has been slowly doing .

    22. The entire family needs to lose weight. I think they feel skinny compared to Tammy, but they ALL Are morbidly obese.

    23. Tammy needs intense therapy to address her emotional eating issues and find her self worth again.
      Getting away from her family may be a positive change for her, let her find a little success independently and not return to the same environment where she’s so co dependant.
      Getting out of public view, social media and really focusing on herself would be the best for saving her life.
      These people need to be helped not exploited, even if by themselves.
      I thought we were helping people with health, physical and mental struggles.
      This is entertainment or documentary?
      At what cost to someone like Tammy?
      Helping or feeding her need for attention.
      Could have done better with this young lady. She put herself out in front of the world, for help.

    24. Tammy is Disatisfied with Tammy. She doesn’t want to WORK hard to lose weight; she acts as if everyone Owes her a good life without Tammy taking any responsibility for her own life. She wants her family to cater to her, she wants their undivided attention, to be waited on hand and foot, yet she talks Trash to them and gives them her Entire Tush to Kiss. Enough is Enough. Her siblings needs to Stop Enabling Tammy. They are allowing this immature, childish and nasty behavior. She does it because she Knows they’re going to come around, apologize and give in to her demands.

    25. I totally agree with this I feel bad for the family I also believe that Tammy needs
      To wake up and take life seriously I went
      Though this with my baby sister she passed do to a weight problem and she
      Was only 26 and had to small babies I miss her so much this why Tammy needs to listen to all these doctors that are trying to help her and her family has
      Fine basically all they can I fear that if she don’t wake up it will get to late for her

    26. Take the camera out of face. Being a reality star is not all about attention. I thought she was paid for her presence on the show. Maybe she will normal if the show was rated low.

    27. What truly ticked me off about Tammy is when she said her siblings should be more grateful because she wipes her own butt and they don’t have to do it. Honestly I don’t think it is possible for her to wipe her own butt. Cannot tell me she can reach it, not even close, her long nails would also make it difficult.

  2. This is for Tammy, look you are a big lady and grow up! You piss me off with your poor Tammy, bull! I hope you know some of us has lost the weight and had the surgery. You fall short of giving your all to the weight loss. Get off your ass and do it. And the men you have been hanging out with are not your friends! They are users! Get up and walk! Stop blaming your family. You put the crap in your mouth. Stop with your lies and do what you need to! I don’t believe you!

    1. I totally agree. She knows she is going to die in the next couple of years and could care less. Her “poor Tammy” self attitude is nothing to get sympathy and use her family as much as she possible can. I don’t have any sympathy for anyone who eats 10,000 plus calories a day. That is a choice and they have to live and die by that. I understand there are medical conditions that cause some ppl to be heavy. Tammy has no excuses. She is just a spoiled brat who had made her mind up that she cares less. To be blunt, she is dumber than a box of rocks for not doing the things her doctor has told her. She’s been provided all the tools she needs to succeed but doesn’t care. I applaud her family for not being her 24/7 caregivers. It’s time for her to grow up and not out.

      1. I agree. She can’t cuss her siblings & expect them to wait on her 24/7. Poor Michael has to push her around, she won’t even ride electric chair to help out. Siblings took her on trip & she flip out cussing & wouldn’t even go in cabin.. then blamed them because she don’t feel good. All she does I blame others. Then she say she sick or in pain, to get them to feel sorry for her & run do what’s she wants. She gets out & parties with other guys handing them money to buy alcohol, pizza, & smoking while on oxygen is VERY dangerous. It’s a gas & can blow up. I don’t know how her siblings keep doing it. Chris drives her for hours to see doctor. when she knows she hasn’t lost any weight, but blames Amy for not buying her the right foods. Amy paying for a nurse but Tammy mean & hateful to her. People can only take so much…time to step up Tammy, you can do it prove everyone wrong….

  3. Tammy should be placed in a state run home and not allowed to leave until she has proved she can live independently. Her drinking and vaping clearly show that she’s incompetent to make the right decisions. The way she has bullied the family especially Amy is awful.

    1. Obviously Tammy’s siblings care and love her. It will be really devastating to them if Tammy was to pass away. I wish Tammy would see what she is doing to herself and ultimately her family, and try her best to get her life and diet under control. She can have good friends and lead a healthy life. I wish the best for her and her family.

      1. Tammy feels like she’s entitled, she’s a bully and she only cares about herself and no one else that’s why she treated her family like did. It was her way or no way.

      1. Tammy needs to be in a institution . A place that would teach her how to eat what to eat and to learn how to take care of herself and counseling. I stopped watching the show because all she did was cry on it if she didn’t get her way . I believe she is envious of Amy and her family life . She could have all that as well if she tried . It’s time for her to stop playing the blame game and get busy on working on herself. She is a narcissist .

    2. Not possible. Mentally ill people live on the street. Incompetence has nothing to do with it. They have rights. Where have you been?

  4. Tammy is gonna die. Bottom line. Why is this family exploiting the entire situation?

    The woman needs to be put in a controlled situation. Tammy’s heart can not handle her weight. Whose idea was this to be even televised.


      1. It’s true, we are all going to die. But, why kill yourself early in your life when you can prevent dying miserably?

    1. Its a reality show and they did put her in rehab. She left after a few days. She is loud mouthed and rude to everyone. I dont blame them if they turn her over to a statr facility. The family tries and tries. The only one that doesnt is Tammy. She is a burden to all of them.

    2. We’re all going to die.

      Since you clearly don’t know the Slaton family history or pay attention to the show, Tammy and Amy have had YouTube channels for many years filming, editing, and producing their OWN videos. Just because you haven’t heard of them before the show, they were – and still are – EXTREMELY popular on YouTube drama channels and YT drama message boards. People love them.

      Even if TLC hadn’t offered them a TV deal, Tammy would still be making videos for YT, Tiktok, and Instagram. Tammy has exploited her OWN situation for a long time. Stop blaming her family.

  5. She needs to be placed under a medical care facility for her sake and the mental sake of her family. Everything she puts them through is for her own self serving ways. My family cared for me for 4 years and I would never ever want them going through that again. She thrives on it and that is sad. Attention does not equal love, Tammy.

    1. I totally agree, make her a
      ward of the State, and put her butt in a facility. If she doesn’t like the food it won’t hurt her to go hungry for a couple of days. Soon she will eat.

    1. IMO, they are saying “carbon dioxide (CO2) poisoning” to be dramatic, and it’s very different from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. In her case, because she is so super morbidly obese, she is probably suffering from hypercapnia as she in unable to take deep enough breaths to cause the natural recoil of the lungs to expel CO2 from her lungs. We all have a tiny bit of CO2 that remain in our lungs, but the oxygen (O2) and CO2 ratio is no big deal. In Tammy’s case, she has so much CO2 sitting in the deeper recesses of her lungs that her arteries are unable to get enough O2 exchange to maintain her body’s “optimum” functioning, and I’m using the term “optimum” very loosely…like Tammy’s loose.

      1. I like all the sisters but they can’t continue to hurt their bodies trying to help Tammy. She is a sweetheart but she is very stubborn, I hate they feel like they have to dance around her. Life is very short, you have to make a choice to live or let yourself die. Depression is very sad and it will take over your
        life if you let it. But you got to kick depression in the ass and fight for your life, fight for yourself. Yes we all gone die, but if she take better care of herself she will be around a long time being healthy and powerful.

        1. I agree with you. I seriously hope that she becomes a ward of the state. It will end one of two ways. One she will get better, or two since she has been accused of assaulting nursing staff in the past she may do that again due to her horrible behavior and the state won’t put up with that and she will be arrested and possibly serve jail time since she won’t be eligible to do community service and while she’s in jail no one will hopefully put money on her canteen and she will have to deal with jail meals (unless she uses her own money from the show, but either way there is a limit to canteen). Personally I hope for the second because it would help her understand she is responsible and accountable for her actions.

      2. Sorry, but this lazy, rude, grossly obese “child” needs to be admitted to a place where she cannot discharge herself. Keep her in said place until she works her butt off and loses 200-300 lbs. If she is making a serious effort and has a plan, maybe consider discharge. Until then, lay in bed, eat your heart out, and most likely pass away before long. Her choice!!

    2. I think suicide attempt, just to get sympathy from her family. She’s a drama queen, nasty bully, self centered, and thinks her family is here to do everything at her beck & call. Like when she said they should be grateful she’s not bedbound and uses the restroom in her bed. Her family should be grateful why??? This big world may revolve around one single point, but that isn’t Tammy and she needs to get her shit straight. She needs a huge dose of reality. I say put her a ward of the state, then she might & that’s a big might realize how good she had it.

      1. Agree1000% Tammy needs to be in a structured enviroment for her own well-being.her family need not feel guilty at all.i feel they have gone above and beyond. I wish all to be well.

    3. Um Kari,
      That is the rudest, most cold and inhumane thing that I person could say. I would not do that to an animal; let alone a human being. How would you like it if your loved ones said, and or did that to you?
      Are you Social pathetic; or just that ignorant?

      1. No but you are ignorant, clearly as you feel the need to defend her. You may be a glutton for punishment but not everyone is. She isn’t doing anything to help herself, and to not intervene to save her life would be cruel.

  6. she gets what she deserves the family tried to help her she doesn’t wanna help! It’s a vicious cycle with her Amy needs to move on and be happy Chris also needs to move on and be happy without interruptions she is a loose cannon wants to do what she wants when she wants and how she wants there comes a time where the family gets tired and worn out because she doesn’t listen so let her be awarded to the state maybe she’ll learn or maybe she won’t. And for the rest of the siblings don’t mind her go about your life be stone face talk to the hand live your life and be happy if she does not want to take charge in her life well it’s not your fault but her own. iMessage to the siblings live your life to the fullest be happy and don’t worry about Tammy she doesn’t care about you guys doesn’t listen to anything that you guys have to say so the hell with her:(

    1. I most absolutely agree, let the state take her in , then you, s can all go on a well deserved holiday. Then maybe she’ll loose that fat between her eyes .an gain some sense,, I say ( some ) ..not a hell of another….

      1. Speak up! What would you do if it was your family member? Would you stand there and let your family member treat you like crap and then continue to take care of them? I wouldn’t. I’ve been there.

  7. Clearly , she is award of the state. To find this out you clearly just need to seek guardian office and ask for her caseworker. I believe it is clear that Tammy made a clear case by showing TLC and all viewers she is not capable of taking care of herself. I believe that her siblings have the right to move on with their lives. She has clearly shown she made this decision on her own. Enough of poor Tammy. Time to kick that soap box out and let her suffer. Her siblings have done way too much.

    1. Speak up! What would you do if it was your family member? Would you stand there and let your family member treat you like crap and then continue to take care of them? I wouldn’t. I’ve been there. Would be nice to send her family these messages to let them Know fans are on their side.

    1. The young lady needs to get her crap together, and stop sabotaging her life. The family I think is done dealing with her, because if she isn’t willing to help herself why help her. It is the definition of insanity really, doing something over and over and getting the same result. I don’t blame them at all.

    2. I think Amy is awesome and has put so much effort into bettering her self and lost alot of weight .
      Its sad that Tammy isn’t taking her weight issuie serious.
      I understand losing weight is hard but Tammy you can do it.
      You have a beautiful family that want the best for you and your beautiful your self.
      You should be nicer to Amy she just loves you.

    3. Tammy is an ungrateful, spoiled, self centered grown child. The way she treats her family, especially Amy, is just disgusting. I was so mad when she signed herself out of the fat farm early before she attained her goal of 100 lbs. stating she could do it on her own. We all knew she wouldn’t even maintain nevermind lose more weight. She came home and did a U-Tube video destroying her boyfriends belongings all while Amy was trying to get her meds for her. She had the audacity to turn on Amy when all she was doing was helping her do something she was too lazy to do. I think she has abused all of her family so much that they are at their wit’s end with her. She needs serious mental and physical help! And her family need to go on with their lives. Grow up Tammy and take control of your own life and stop expecting everyone else to take care of you and expecting them to.

  8. Tammy is 35 and needs to wake up and start taking take care of her own life. She needs to stop the self destructive behavior.

    1. Pretty sure the state or the feds are already providing the funding for her “condition” and all the meds and and medical appliance’s to help her with her with the end result. I’v often wondered if people of that size die, whether the death certificate reads heart failure, or suicide. A sad thing to watch.

  9. Put her in a facility and leave her there. She doesn’t care about herself so why should anyone else?? Anyone who has to pay men to spend time with them is beyond pathetic… get some self respect and lose some weight and get your health back. Look at yourself tammy, you just keep getting fatter and fatter. Pretty soon you won’t be able to see anymore because that big pocket of fat on your forehead will be soooooo big it will seal your eyes shut… ugly….

    1. I think Tammy takes advantage of her family everyday it was a rude comment for her to say at least they don’t have to clean her when she goes to the bathroom now who in the hell thanks they have to do that.and how dare Tammy thinks somebody from her family has to wipe her ass.

  10. Tammy is a beast! Literally. I hope Amy doesn’t break down and let her move in to the extra bedroom in her new house!

  11. It’s sad…I hope she starts to move on the right direction and get healthy. She is so young..AND her I don’t care attitude is just awful. I know it gets taxing on Amy caring for her. Maybe the conservatorship is best ig she cant seem to take care of herself.

    1. She has had more opportunity than most in her position. She has (or better had) a bariatric surgeon willing to help her. She had access to a weight loss therapist, nutritionist, physical therapist, rehab facility and a home care nurse along with a loving family. Not many in her situation have all of that. I hate to see her die, but,

      You can lead a horse to water.

      1. I agree with you, I just wonder if being on this show has caused her to act the way she does. Ratings, being renewed for another season, is she being a drama queen and being over the top to keep the show alive? Face it, if she lost the weight there wouldn’t be a show. I think her family exploits her as well, and I would be crushed if I heard my siblings talk the way they do about me. Kind of a flubbed up family none of this is normal or healthy.

        1. It’s a family tradition… All of them are heavy and most have had the surgery…and none of them have been successful but their all on Tammy. Not fair to her..

    2. It is very sad about Tammy she just wants to be loved if she had the love from her family and maybe boyfriend she would be a different person in know she would.i think she has given up she feels abandoned and she just gave up.no hope no happiness no future I think this is what she feels .she sees her sister happy and getting a c life she would love to have people will say she could have had this if she had only lost the weight but her sister kept boasting and the more she kept on the worse she felt I hope in the coming years with the help she needs she will turn her life around and become a confident lady bless her

  12. Man this is just plain old ridiculous! Everyone has tried to help her and help her set goals ……how many goals has she achieved…..none-zero. I would definitely feel bad for her if she at least tried to help herself out ANd no one was helping her but that’s not the case here. She just expects things to get done for her when she can do herself. The nurse can help her she needs something but bottom line is Tammy is just plain LAZY

    1. To be fair, pre-COVID she did reach that initial goal of minus 100 lbs…but then when she couldn’t see the Dr. to get her surgery, I’m guessing she gave up when the restrictions just kept lasting. But once the restrictions were lifted, she could’ve got back on track since she did have success previously. But clearly she doesn’t want to work for it anymore, so just let her go to a facility. The question I have is can the state kick her out of the facility if she’s abusive to the nurses???

      1. I’d like to know if she is able to order food to be brought into the facility, because from the few photos she’s posted, it looks like he is continuing to gain weight. That tells me that it might not be a controlled environment in the sense that she’s on a medically restricted diet and under the supervision of an MD. But I could be wrong. In all honesty, however, her worst demon isn’t food; it’s her attitude. It’s all-round a very toxic and co-dependent situation, and I find it incredibly sad.

      2. If she becomes physically abusive she will be tied to a chair or in her bed and left. Saddly I have seen this done during my employment in a nursing home and my son inlaw is now suing a home for the death of his mother caused by such an act. And the aids will not loletate verbal abuse eighter.

  13. I think a conservatorship and a live-in care facility are just what she needs. Once she’s lost weight and can function on her own, then it can be discontinued, but right now, she’s out of control.

  14. If Tammy don’t care why should her family members go out of there way to help her. I would run the other way too. She’s old enough to know better!!!!

  15. Dont burden the state. She is a grown ass woman who will fight them anyways. She will either win or lose. . Let her find out on her own.

    1. Why should the tax payers take care of her. ? And why do people willing watch garbage on TV or social media….? Shove your punctuation comment up the backside jerk…👌

  16. I’m very disappointed ☹️ that Dr. Proctor would be a part of this show. This was supposed to be an encouraging show for those that are held hostage in their weight. It was to show them that they have hope with the surgery. Instead, they make a show that has large people in their family and the $$$$ money they pay them didn’t look like it really helped anyone, but the brother. They were able to trips and restaurants but, not showing any of the happiness with their weight loss. Again, only the brother. You’re making a show where the large girl is rude, mean and would sleep with anything that gave her a chance. Come on
    Find people that truly deserve to be on this show. This has become so hard to watch. Kick her off the show. Put the other sisters on it also. Pay them. They all are pretty decent. She’s now in a nursing home and honestly that’s where she should be. Someone was gonna really harm her for her wild behaviors. Dr. Proctor needs to pick the other sisters. On other pages people are boycotting this show. I am one of them. I’m tired of seeing a grown woman that s narcissist treat others that don’t deserve anything she throws at them. Grow up .

    1. Speak up! What would you do if it was your family member? Would you stand there and let your family member treat you like crap and then continue to take care of them? I wouldn’t. I’ve been there. Would be nice to send her family these messages to let them Know fans are on their side. Look at how these girls were raised.

      1. I myself in 2003 had gastric bypass..I lost the weight..but I really don’t think DR Now would put up with her B’s. He doesn’t play. If you watch my 600 pound life..he waits only so long and he’s done..so should the other weight loss doctor… I love this show and I’m praying for Tammy..but I agree she needs more help and she won’t get it on her own. Maybe this is for the best..it’s in her hands to take this help and get her life turned around.

    1. Girl, you know Dr. Now is not going to put up with Tammy. Tammy would be kicked out of the program and stuck living in Texas with Schnee.

  17. Tammy is so rude to her siblings. She made the comment on the show “they (siblings) should be happy I’m not bed bound and they have to wipe me”. No YOU should be happy you’re not bed bound. Move your fat ass I did and lost 100 lbs. Grow up and take care of yourself.

    1. I know right??!! I thought the same thing! She thinks her family should be happy they’re not having to wash her and wipe her ass??!! She definitely needs to be in a controlled environment. Her behavior has gotten nauseating, just like her appearance and attitude!!!

    2. AMEN & STOP this MADNESS!! Help those that help themselves!! Quit enabling by watching this pathetic show & helping this dysfunctional family financially, especially Tammy!!

  18. Tammy Slaton is a danger to herself, she is going to die soon, people with this weight always die young If her family wants to help her they need to force guardianship on her, she needs to be in a behavior modification bariatric facility and not released until the weight is lost, bariatric surgery at some point, her behavior and habits have changed, and not taking her word for it but the expert’s word.
    This is what needs to happen, she will never do this of her own accord.
    This is what should of happened with James King but his family did all the wrong things and now he is dead and I will forever think of his wife Lisa as a murderer.

    1. Bariatric surgery would not be successful in Tammy’s case. Do you see the statement before each program of dr. Now stating that there is a 95% failure rate? She doesn’t want to put in the work and is probably liking the attention we all are giving her.

  19. She needs to be a ward of the state, period!! I have no sympathy for her whatsoever! I feel bad for the family. It’s total BS what she put them through.

  20. I think It is her very NASTY attitude that makes her family not want to take care of her . . . I know I would not take care of her if she talked to me the way she talks to them.

  21. Looking to see how they will do her funeral. The size of the casket and the weeping of everyone! She doesn’t want to live. She has made her bed and now she must lay in it ! Sounds dreadful. But what a waist of oxygen! J

    1. She’ll need to be cremated as that’s the least costly funeral service.
      They’ll do that if she’s Ward of the State.
      She gave up a long time ago. This last week with her drinking and vaping should be the last straw and she’ll soon be hospitalized.
      I’m not feeling that sorry for her. I was up to 250 lbs but decided on portion control and better food choices and lost 70lbs in 10 years
      Now stable at 180 the past two years
      Plan for another 15-20 lb weightloss. I was offered bariatric surgery but turned it down. Once your stomach is smaller, there’s no turning back if you’re unable to keep up to the restrictions. I know people that gained quite abit of weight back. I wasn’t doing exercise or walking at that point. I do my yardwork and snow shoveling in the winter for exercise. Haven’t walked around the block yet. Doing this now and I’m almost 66. Weighing what I did at 25. 😃

  22. Everyone agrees she is rude, nasty and incorrigible. I would have nothing to do with her until she showed some effort helping herself. She has the worst attitude towards her family. I feel for them but they should walk away and maybe she will wake up or she will blame them for her choices.

    Hoping things will get better, meanwhile, where is her Mother? She obviously doesn’t care about her!

  23. Lock that dumb eating ass mongoloid up and don’t feed her. Enough is enough! She looks like a dinosaur potato come on the dumb assholes around her always feeding and lagging the crap on with her, need to wake tha fuck up. Jeez that’s just more of our tax dollars now that this bitch can’t stop stuffing her face!! Disgusting

  24. They should have done this a long time ago. She’s lazy and expects her family to put their lives on hold for her. She respects no one. She needs to grow up and realize that everyone is tired of her bs. When she wouldn’t do what the doctors told her, she should have been booted off the show! She’s a joke!

  25. They should definitely turn her over to the state. All she does is cuss, fuss, and buck against everything they try to do to help her. I think she may actually lose weight with the state in control.

    1. Reluctantly I believe a Ward of the State will be the only solution. Tammy is s on a self destruction course and her body must be at the limit of what it can cope with. Please accept help Tammy before it’s too late.

  26. She is out of control with binge drinking she’s buying the guys are hanging out her relatives will see this and maybe pay attention I doubt it she’s out of control needs to be in a hospital or she’s going to die wake up TLC

  27. Tammy is a selfish, abusive baby. I think she tried to commit suicide so her family would feel pity for her & continue to take care of her. She’s gonna die. Period. I hope she does become a ward of the state. She is so pathetic that she has to pay men to hang out with her. She is desperate for any attention. I really hope she can & wants to change, but I doubt it. She’s given up.

  28. Tammy has been coddled too long by her family who goes out of their way to help her and who are not appreciated. I find it appalling the way she treats and talks to her family. I feel sorry for Amy who has cared for Tammy, but receives backlash from Tammy, majority of the time. Tammy is on a self destructive path and has put the family through more than they deserve. It’s time they live their lives and let the state of Kentucky care for Tammy. It’s obvious she only cares about her self and has no respect for those around her who love her. At 35 years old it is time to grow up, lose the weight and become independent instead of depending on those around her. The disrespect shown during her therapy sessions was deplorable. She has no will to help herself so why should others knock themselves out to care for her. To all the siblings, live your lives! You’ve done everything you can to help Tammy. It’s time for some tough love.

  29. I totally agree. Tammy is mean, disrespectful and somewhat verbally abusive to her family. She is the only one that can help herself Noone can help her.

    1. I haven,t heard any thing about God no one can help her but God. Can pray for her healing a lot of negative talk believe in her healing put love in here no one is perfect but God is

  30. Tammy is lazy, mean, nasty. However, she is mental. Needs to be in an institution. This family has no filters. Just gross. Why do they think passing gas and smelling each other’s shit, is sooo funny? Please take them off . Will be sooo hard to watch Amy have another baby. Poor little kids!!

    1. How dare you say that you self righteous asshole what you don’t think overweight people are capable of taking care of children and I assume you have never lived in low income properties and didn’t have roaches or mice must be nice to sit in your ivory tower and point your nasty finger

  31. Tammy has tried to commit suicide before and is doing it again. This time she is using food as the weapon against herself. She uses her weight as a way to manipulate everyone around her.

    1. Tammy has an addiction to food and she need help with that before she can help herself. It sounds like her family has tried to help with her addiction but she refused their help. Now the family has had to distance themselves from her because of her addiction. Just like any kind of addiction some time the family have to save themselves from the family member that is addicted. It is draining mentally, physically, emotionally, and faincally on their family. That is why the have to distance themselves.

  32. She really is a sick person obesity is an illness an addiction just as dtugs etc…Amys husband is not able to push her around he has back problems ,he seems so humble and used also..Amy could improve her looks to ,new hair style decent clothes,wear a bra that would hold her up ..get rid of that pebbles hair on top,tank tops shorts that crawl up her butt…she is unkempt …no care attitude ,her house was filthy when organizers came to work in it…she has done all she can for Tammy ,and so has Micheal,Chris …I understand they all get close to 2500.00 a series when they are in it. .the vulgar talk is bad and should not be allowed…they are all sorta pitiful…my goodness though Amy get yourself looking better if not for yourself, do it for Michel and Gage…as he grows up he will take on things you do…Tammy needs to be in a nursing home,where she can get help…even then people xan bring things in for her to eat…that would be a problem…I pray for them all …2 of the sisters act decent and sem to be doing good.Chris’s wife..why the band on her head…you could look better also with a nice hair cut .I love every person on earth ,but this show has made me speak up.

  33. She may be all that but has a “disease “like drinking or drugs and it’s hard to lick alone but none can do it for her. …Most think they know but if they’ve not been there its all a judgement call. It’s not to say these things do not get nasty, unfair to others and downright old but she does have the capacity to change like anyone does (,locking her up I poo poo that how would any of you dig that?)It can happen here in Tam . Like good witch of the east Glenda right! you had the power all along to get there but didn’t believe it .She just has to find that out for herself .everyone just chill .Goddalove peaceout

  34. I used to feel sad for Tammy not anymore watching her drink and party with her friends her family they tried to take care of her but she just won’t do no better so maybe after she see they’re not playing games with her and award her to the state maybe she might do better

  35. If the family hasn’t already, they should make her a ward of the State. Tammy clearly is an abuser, a user to the max! The mental abuse she inflicts on her siblings is unexcusable. She is a grown ass woman ( and I use that term very lightly) who refuses to take responsibility for herself! She won’t make her own appointments, call to get her medications, will not go shopping for herself nor cook her own meals. She insists that Amy do all this for her and then has the audacity to blame her/them when it’s not done. And blaming Amy for her constant weight gain because ” she always buys her unhealthy crap” is just wrong. Tammy…get off your lazy, abusive ass and start doing for yourself. I watched her walk everyday when she was in the rehabilitation center only to sign herself out and go home and do absolutely nothing! “Oh, I can’t walk to the mailbox because it hurts too much”… the truth is, she is just too lazy! The family attempts to include her in all that they do, but she ALWAYS runs their outings. She will blow up over something stupid and then blame them for attacking her! Tammy HAS TO BE the center of attention 24/7 , her jealousy is off the wall. And then she has the audacity to condemn Amy because she is making bad decision herself, and not following her diet, when look at her – she is always shoving food in her mouth and making bad decisions as well. I honestly believe that she doesn’t care if she dies…her vaping and smoking and grossly overeating proves that. Because once again, the family will be heartbroken over her passing and she will once again be the center of attention! Wake up family and make her a ward of the state, for your own good and for hers!!!

  36. Tammy needs help,I can understand her sibling because what they do is hard work and she refuses to try harder.If tough love doesn’t make her change and get help nothing will

  37. Tammy’s family has done their best to help her, to gain better healthy lifestyle but they cannot stop her from eating and having all these various men to come around her when they are not there.She seems to blame everyone else but herself. She being Award to the state may just be in her best interest. Her family do have their families that they have to care for, and life goes on. I’m praying for Tammy.

  38. Tammy obviously does not seem too concerned with her health and lacks the will power to take action to become a more healthy person. The burden should not be placed on the family. Tammy cannot take care of herself at this point and needs help so if becoming the ward of the state is an option, I agree that is what should be done. Perhaps there, she can get help on getting her life together and focus on getting down to a healthy weight where she may one day be able to care for herself again.

  39. The idea that Tammy is being abandoned by her family is another way of making people feel sorry for. Nobody abandoned her. She has made it quite clear that she does not want their help. She has pushed away everyone who doesn’t tell her what she wants to here. It is a unhealthy situation for everyone involved. It’s time for Tammy to live with the consequences of her own decisions regardless of the ultimate outcome.

  40. I don’t watch this show though I regularly see snippets. Coming at it cold these are my strong impressions. This is a seriously mentally ill woman. If under someone’s care, food choices can be carefully controlled. Why hasnt this been done? She has a perpetually angry, discontent expression. She does nothing on a day to day basis except to sit and think of manipulation and chaos. She must have some conditions put in place for activities and movement to get more sedentary/passive time (tv. Etc). This has all been her choice – passive agressive? Time to take that away and require her to function. Ward of the state would benefit her and eventually get her to be able to care for herself – if she doesn’t die first. Her home state shouldn’t be financially responsible for her for a long life time!

  41. I haven,t heard any thing about God no one can help her but God. Can pray for her healing a lot of negative talk believe in her healing put love in here no one is perfect but God is

    1. The only person who can help her, is my dad. But her ratings are horrible, and the family couldn’t afford him to appear on their show.

  42. I wonder if those guys were cheering her on to loose weight would she do it then. They seem to have a large effect on her life choices.

    1. I agree with all of the above. She doesn’t try and help herself. The only thing she can do is move the spoon from her food to her mouth. If you guys go back to the time Amy had Gage, Tammy’s mouth was so blown up. She was jealous that her sister is having a baby and the attention will be all on Gage and not on Tammy. I’m telling you all, she won’t be on this earth to see the next xmas

  43. Tammy I pray that you finally see the light one day. A state-run facility is the last place she wants to end up in you will end up with beds or after bed sore and infection that will eventually take you out. I can promise you that as a healthcare worker we are understaffed and a lot of staff do not deal with the bariatric patients very well at all you will suffer and end up dying of bed sores and infection it’s your time to do something and I would start now. Best of wishes to you love

  44. Hello my name is Mark Ferrara I was weighed 350 pounds and I tried to lose weight and drink garlic with water and it helps a lot and now I drink lemon juice not lemonade with garlic now my weight is 276 without exercise . I am using my wife s email

  45. I think Tammy needs help with emotional problems as well as a food addiction. The family have all tried to help her. Tammy’s issues are more than the family can deal with. They are not abandoning her she desparately needs doctors intervention.

  46. Tammy is trying to die. The parties with those boys is the perfect thing to do it… alcohol and vaping and eating are all the things set to trigger a fatal heart attack. She is not interested in the inconvenience of dieting, she is used to everyone doing everything for her and dieting would be something she has to do for her self. Tough love seems harsh but if she doesnt snap out of it she won’t finish the season.

  47. I knew this would eventually happen. I’m SO GLAD her family has gotten away from Tammy’s abuse she’s been dishing out. She needs to be a ward of the state and have the state dictate everything until she loses that weight. AND learns how to treat people with respect. She’s a spoiled, overweight asshole.

  48. Tammy’s life and how she treats others, especially her family, is identical to my alcoholic brother. He has burned every bridge with the family. One would think when we quit enabling him he would quit drinking. But nope.

    Tammy has a food addiction. The family must stop enabling her and stop tolerating the way she treats them. An addiction has to want to change or they never will.

    I pray she decides on getting treatment for her addiction of her own free will before it’s too late. I would love to see her healthier and happier and the family at peace.

  49. Truly disgusting. America will through a single mom addicted to meth so she can work her 3 jobs to take care of her 4 kids in prison in a heartbeat. But someone who is so ridiculously addicted to food they destroy their own life, as wells as their family gets applauded on tv. They should all be force into rehab that companies like McDonald’s pay for. Absolutely disgusting by them, the tv network that markets this, the people who watch and support it, and all of the health professionals that continue to be pussies in the mist of a major health crisis.

  50. Tammy is her own worst enemy. Her family has bent over backwards for her and taken her abusive behavior. She has had many opportunities to lose the weight and have the surgery. She just doesn’t have what it takes to help herself. She has to want it bad enough to make these life changes. I don’t think she cares enough. She has fought everything they have done for her. She’s an adult. It’s time to act like one or suffer the consequences. I really don’t think she has what it takes to turn things around. She’s too far gone. She only meets men who want fat women. She cares more about being with someone like that than taking care of herself. I think she’s killing herself. And this last episode with her partying, getting high and drunk with a bunch of guys. She says she knows what she’s doing to herself. You can’t fix stupid. RIP Tammy

  51. It’s sad that anyone becomes so big that her health is killing her. I can understand why Tammy is so sad, that anything or anyone is killing her one day, one step at a time. But I’m appalled that the guys that are supposed to be the families friends are drinking and smoking and partying with her. If I was the family that is one of the first things or people that would go. They are not her friends they are her enabling users.

  52. She needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and get herself some help, both mentally and physically. Her sisters and brother need to let her go because why should they have to put their lives on hold for her? Good for amy for living her life.

  53. Tammy is attention seeking and when she doesn’t get exact what she wants when she wants it, she turns on her family and treats them horribly.

    I believe, for her own good, the best thing would be for her to be a ward of the state and they would have the power to help her since she obviously had not interest in helping herself

    Time and time and time again her family and the doctors have helped it offered to help and Tammy’s answers are “it’s my life”, “ I will do this when I am ready” or “I just want to be happy for once” which are all said to push those who care for her away

    I watch the show and it appears 90% of the time she has her phone in her hand. There is no reason she can’t put the phone done and make an effort to be more physical

    Her family has been wonderful to her and I honestly don’t know how much mire they could do and not enable her

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