Tammy Slaton Dead? ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Seek Signs Of Life

Tammy Slaton Youtube

Is Tammy Slaton dead? Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters are asking for signs of life on Reddit. One fan took to the subreddit dedicated to the show to ask if anyone had seen any signs of life from Tammy recently. The individual proceeded to note know of her social media profiles seemed to have much activity. Was Tammy Slaton dead?

TvShowsAce did some deep diving into Tammy Slaton’s social media activity to see if there were signs of life. Here’s what we uncovered about Tammy Slaton and whether she was dead or alive.

Tammy Slaton Youtube

Is Tammy Slaton dead?

On Reddit, fans admit they are looking for “signs of life” from Tammy Slaton. Noticeably, Tammy Slaton has NOT posted on her Instagram profile since before Christmas. Her last post featured herself with a mystery man that some questioned to be her boyfriend. This mystery man reportedly buckled under the pressure after appearing in a photo with Tammy. While there is nothing on his profile to confirm it to be true, many 1000-Lb. Sisters fans speculated he wasn’t into women.

Now, Tammy Slaton is far more active on TikTok. A quick scroll through her TikTok revealed she hadn’t posted anything in nearly two weeks when this Reddit thread was made. So, fans panicking and wondering if she was dead or alive was understandable.

Tammy slaton reddit

Have there been any signs of life?

Through a bit of deep diving, we can confirm her sister Amanda tagged her in a post on Facebook recently. On January 5th, Tammy Slaton left a comment on the post she was tagged in. Moreover, Tammy took to her TikTok account just an hour ago to post a few videos. The videos reveal Tammy is still rocking a hospital gown and trach. So, she does still appear to be in some sort of medical facility.

Fortunately, this means 1000-Lb. Sisters fans can take comfort in the fact that Tammy Slaton does not appear to be dead. This wouldn’t be the first time Tammy disappeared from social media caused fans to think she was dead. Tammy has told fans in the past not to assume she passed away simply because she took a break from social media.

Tammy Slaton TikTok
Photo Credit: TikTok

Do you think Tammy Slaton is dead or alive? Do you worry she doesn’t have much time left? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

Allie Johnson


  1. Tammy ain’t DEAD she’s to mean to die she still has some bitchen out ppl and give her dirty looks too.
    Any more I can’t stand to see her fat face she thinks she’s all that an more.
    She really thinks thinks her family owe her a damn living it’s pathetic 🙄
    The family needs to put her in home again and put a Conservatorship on her cuz she’s driving herself to a quick death ☠️☠️💀
    She sure exercised in the facility but once she gets home she can’t do it.
    She’s even said herself if BBW doesn’t want her under 300 then that’s fine with her she’s killing herself do goodridenz



  2. I have never met anyone as mean and hostile as Tammy. If my sister talked to me like that there would have been a fist fight! She has no self awareness and no confidence or love of herself. She thinks she can talk trash to her family and they’ll still love her? Ha, it’ll end and she’ll be alone for good. Families do break up and have no contact for years. Maybe she don’t love her family. Maybe she wants to be left alone for good. I feel for her family though who are trying hard to help her, stop helping cause she don’t want it. Sometimes we have to throw our hands in the air and just move on from a toxic person.

    1. They sometimes need to hit rock bottom. She change when she recovers from passing out. She saw her life passing by!!!!

  3. She isn’t dead. She just wants ( fake) fans to worry about her. She doesn’t want to lose weight. She is disgusting.She has no real friends besides her family. Besides that she acts like a fat 4 yr old. Nobody wants her for who she is.A rude,arrogant,selfish,mean piece of fat. Nothing is attractive on her.Guys are using her and fake interest and she thinks she Is “really” loved. If she knew the behind her back and bet talks she’d wake up fast. I’m no fan of hers but she and her sisters rodents entertain me. Poor Gage,this parents are filthy. You can see roaches on the curtains due to the parents lazy ness. Lazy ! Cause they can go to amusement parks and other trips while roaches sit on Gage.

    1. I agree with everything you’ve just stated.i do wanna add that it’s not just roaches they have in their fithy disgusting home but also dead rodents. Amy and Michael were cleaning and Amy found a dead rodent in the kitchen cupboard disgusting 🤢🤮

  4. Tammy needs to ger off her ass and start doing for her fucking self if she can be on the phone wants a guy but don’t want to lose weight for her life if I was the family leave her ass alone for 2weeks and let her get her self feed and worry about self throw yall hands up or put in place where she gotta do some exercises walking everyday

  5. I don’t get her….she don’t want to excersize or take some steps to walk but when those guys were over partying she sure was able to get up and dance a bit…..pretend like your partying ever day and get up and dance, that’s some excersize at least….GET UP AND DANCE FOR YOUR LIFE TAMMY !

  6. I’m really ashamed of Tammy. She’s related to me but I’m ashamed of her. She’s lazy knows what she is doing and doesn’t care. She wants sympathy and is looking for people to do for her. It’s not all about you Tammy. The Slaton bunch should shun you from our family. I’m sorry just being honest.

  7. She’s not dead…yet… But she sure is trying! I don’t get why they don’t hook up with my 600 lb life and let Dr Now tell her like it is. “You gonna die.”
    I don’t know how much more I can watch of this show (1000 lb sisters)…. it’s like being involved in an assisted suicide and not doing anything about it… Every time they show her doing something stupid… Eating garbage, drinking, vaping… I just don’t want to be party to watching someone and their own life in front of me.

  8. I think that the TV show should cancel Tammy contract because I feel that she us just usen the show for herself and makn a fool of herself. Just watched the show where she is partying and I feel that there are other people in this world who would love to be able to prove that they are really into losing the weight and I feel Tammy is just not into losing the weight. Please cancel her contract plz give someone else a chance to lose the weight and stop making a fool of yourself Tammy. You bust your ass to get into the van to go get alcohol but you can’t get into the van to go and work out. Your a selfish person. Why would you hurt your family like this and make them push you because your so lazy get up and walk. Help yourself you selfish person.

    1. You just said everything I was yelling at my TV lol. She is one of the meanest people ever. She thinks her crap doesn’t smell and that she is all that with her fat forehead and squinty eyes. Amy isn’t much better. Eating what she wants and blaming the baby. TLC needs to replace them. And those so called boyfriends just wanted their 5 mins of fame

  9. I thank Amy should take better care of her self and if she is not pregnant lose the wait she should get dental help her and Micheal. and learn how to keep her house clean when they moved they should have threw that mattress away Gage don’t need to be laying on that not trying to make her feel bad just saying they need some help instead of taking these trips right now get it together first make your home. a nice place and take care of yall self. and dont take Tammy in cause she’ll just bring tall down and use Micheal to push her. around cause he won’t say no not trying to make yall feel bad just concern bout the two of you much love yall are two great caring people

  10. When Tammy asks for things, they need to tell her no. Family is enabling her, she’ll do it or die. Amy, live your life hon

    1. True they enable her by bringing what she wants. If they denied her the food she asked for yeah she would be furious. But she can’t get it herself or drive. If conservator in place her money would be controlled too. Sorry but it’s an addiction like any drug.

  11. Wake up Tammy you have one life if you don’t care why should anybody else. You show no respect to the people who care for you and you should be ashamed of yourself, if you can get up and dance and party like no tomorrow then dance that fat away save yourself you won’t have much longer to live that heart is pumping hard and I bet it’s hard to breathe. Go get help from a professional don’t use self pity on your family and depend on them they have a life to its not about you all the time start thinking about your life and loosing weight .

  12. I have been following 1000 sisters since the beginning and have to agree on what fans have posted about Tammy. The family as tried so hard to encourage and take care of her. Tammy is so mean to each of them in return for the kindness they have shown to her. If Amy were MY sister and spoke to me that way, I would slap her upside her head and knock the remainder of those gnarly teeth to the point they would vibrate

    te all the way down her fat throat. Should they cancel her contract? Oh yes indeed. They can rename
    the show and focus on Chris and Amy’s continued journey.

  13. Amy is so concern about Tammy why doesn’t she clean her house and stop using Gage as an excuse of being lazy. Amy is not so skinny she getting fat again. Tammy is a grown woman and she acts like a baby, all the people around her always give in to her. Amy gets her food but takes her junk to eat so what if Tammy get mad you didn’t get what she wants let her complain and get mad so what

  14. To Amy if that would have been my sister and she wouldnt come in my house i would of told her there was a glazed donut on the kitchen table if she wants it come in and get it I bet her butt would have got out of that van and went in im sorry but you all need to cut out all your cheat day all together

  15. It’s really sad that people are paid and become famous for being lazy disgusting and grotesquely obese. Honestly indulging Tammy is helping her to kill herself. Why glorify this kind of thing. Leave her to her slow death and make a show about something else, even if it’s Amy’s journey including getting her house cleaned up losing the rest of the weight she wants to lose and putting her husband and child first. Maybe follow the brother Chris more instead. Tammy is a nasty spiteful hideous beast and has shown she doesn’t deserve air time. TLC need to stop enabling her “life” style and leave her to her squalor. Put the spotlight on a person who deserves it. There’s plenty out there.

  16. I like Tammy there is something wrong more thn food to make a person gain that much weight I don’t think or feel like her family loves her at all ty talk behind her bac food is a comfort for peaple who have no love god bless Tammy make her well again

  17. She got up because the camera are their enough is enough get off you f@” ass and stop they spoiled brat face I don’t know why people watch this show it’s about a dysfunctional family any one of sisters and brother r their for the money and trying to care bring out Dr Phil take that show off the air.I hope they we get our tax money back for Amy and Tammy for all the years we been supporting them .

  18. Tammy u need to be a nicer person you’re family loves u. U better get it together before u die.i know it’s hard u have to want to do it…help youself…

  19. She has to stay fat to get ratings,probably eating right now.Such a poor way to make a living,unhealthy,maybe if she did lose weight she might think more of herself

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