‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Amy Halterman Reveals Why Her Brother’s Opinion Is So Important Her

1000-Lb. Sisters fans have noticed that Amy and Tammy are close with their siblings. Despite the constant bickering, especially between Tammy and Amy, it’s easy to see that this clan of hefty sibs really do love each other. Despite each having their own problems, they are consistently there for each other and want the best for each other – even when they don’t take their own advice. In last week’s episode, Amy had a bit of a breakdown after getting a harsh scolding from Chris for helping Tammy cheat on her diet. The TLC celeb broke down in tears over her brother’s critique. Many fans were quick to point out that she was much more emotional taking Chris’ criticism than her sisters. Why is Chris’ opinion so important to Amy? Read on to get the details.

Amy Catches Chris’ Wrath

In this week’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Tammy and Chris had a doctor’s appointment that didn’t quite go as they had hoped. Unfortunately, Tammy had gained another 15-pounds. On the car ride home, Chris tells Tammy that they are gonna get her “back on track and chew Amy’s a** about the cheat days.” He continued to lay blame on Amy saying that he loves her to death but “stupid done smacked her on every branch of the tree when she fell out.”

Seconds later, Chris gets on the phone with Amy, who called for an update on the doctor appointment – after telling her about Tammy’s weight gain, he tells her she shouldn’t be surprised because she “helped” with those cheat days.

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Over the course of the brief conversation, Amy tries to put the responsibility back on Tammy. She tells her brother that this is why she doesn’t want to be her caretaker. She says no matter what, somehow the blame always falls back on her. Her brother, instead of placing blame on Tammy continues to harangue Amy, demanding that Amy make sure that Tammy eats no carbs and that Amy makes sure that her sister has plenty of fruits and vegetables – adding that she should have already done this her first week home from rehab.

Amy insists that she’s been trying, but can’t control Tammy’s eating. In response, Chris tells her to be proactive. He then demands that Amy gets it done.

Amy Halterman Gets Emotional

Amy is in tears after speaking with her brother. She says she’s tried to help Tammy. She cannot, however, control what Tammy puts in her mouth. The disheartened celeb reveals says Tammy often calls begging for junk food. She says that sometimes it’s easier to give in than start a war with her sister.

According to Amy, it’s a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” type situation. Pleasing one means angering the other. If she does what Chris wants, then Tammy is mad.  If she does what Tammy wants, then Chris gets mad and puts the blame on Amy.

She reiterates that she is not her sister’s mother and continues to talk about how frustrating it is to always catch blame when it comes to her sister’s weight loss. “I cant lose the weight for her,” she exclaimed tearfully.

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Tammy’s Criticism Vs. Chris’ Contempt

Unfortunately,  no matter where she turns, Amy seems to be carrying the weight of Tammy on her shoulders. Family members constantly try and make any feel guilty about the fact that Tammy keeps moving in the wrong direction.

Fans have noticed that Tammy and Amy bicker all the time. When it happens, Amy always seems more upset when Chris gets mad. Why is that? We suspect that it has to with Chris being the oldest and having more of an authority presence in his younger sister’s lives.

Tammy on the other hand is always angry and frustrated with somebody. Amy expects her to be angry and bitter, and because of that – her anger, while not pleasant, is less likely to upset Amy than her brother’s.

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Amy Halterman Reveals Why Chris’s Opinion is So Important

Earlier in the season, Tammy reveals that while Chris is their older brother, he is also the closest thing they have ever had to a father figure. According to her, he was the only male in their lives as they were growing up.

Any viewer who has seen an episode that features their mother will understand why these siblings are so close. Their mother, Darlene, is not a warm woman. In fact, in all the times you see her, she is very critical of her children. She constantly reminds them of their failures and constantly belittles them for no reason. The siblings have revealed that she worked a lot when they were younger. They also have alluded to her not being very nurturing or motherly. So, it’s easy to see why Amy, Chris, and Tammy are so codependent on one another.

In that same vein, Amy acknowledges that Chris is her brother – but says that he was the only male role model they had that was a constant in their lives. So, we can assume that he was protective, and helped make sure his sisters were ok.

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This is highlighted when Tammy talks about not wanting to upset Chris. During an interview with the camera, Amy says, “When he scolds you, you’re like a kid again.”

This statement alone tells us that Amy and Tammy relied on their brother as they were growing up. They looked up to him and sought out his approval, praise, and guidance in the absence of a capable parent.

While Chris clearly loves both of his sisters – many think that he is favoring Tammy by helping her skirt accountability. Amy Halterman may have brought things her sister asked for, but fans acknowledge that Tammy is a grown adult. She is the one making the choice about what to eat. Many feel that it was wrong of Chris to put that guilt on Amy’s shoulders, knowing how much guilt and she already feels.

Do you think that Chris was too harsh on Amy? Do you think he should have been “scolding” Tammy over her bad choices instead? Tell us in the comments.

Catch a new episode of  1000-Lb Sisters Monday nights on TLC.

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  1. Has any body heard of tough love, no way she could bully anyone ,she can’t physically do a any harm therefore she can’t threaten her way into cheat food ,let her whine etc it’ll pass meantime she’ll be losing wt and for talc to put dysfunction on for $ & or exploitation, am sure the sisters enjoy the perks but common health peace of mind should beat all this

  2. I love the show,but Tammy needs to grow the f***k up she’s responsible for what goes into her mouth. Losing weight is not easy but she’s not trying expecting everyone to to do it for her. She should have stayed in the rehab place like 2 weeks she put that 60 lbs back on. Amy has a husband and baby she needs to take care of.

  3. Of course Chris shouldn’t be berating Amy. If he thinks he knows how to Deal with Tammy then he should take over the responsibility and take care of her. Tammy needs to somehow learn to be reponsible for her actions. She acts like a spoiled child so everybody thinks they have to put up with her abusive behavior. Lots of dysfunction between Chris Amy and Tammy Amy has her own issues and a baby and husband. She has to be a mom and wife first and then a sister to Tammy if Tammy will grow up.It’s frustrating to watch tammy manipulate Amy and her nurse. I hope Tammy will get herself together before she ends up dead.and she will have no one to blame but hersel.

    1. Chris has no right to berate Amy. He shares a lot of blame himself. If he had not picked up Tammy from rehab early, she most probably would have lost the 100 lbs & been scheduled for weight loss surgery.

    2. Does anyone remember Chris rewarding Tammy’s weight loss by taking her to a Mexican restaurant??? Talk about dysfunction! Stupid is as stupid does!

  4. This family is so dysfunctional. I don’t see them complementing each other or building each other up emotionally. Everyone just needs to leave Tammy alone. Let her go and let her figure out how to get her own food, and how to take care of herself because all she does is complain and get mad at everybody when she doesn’t get her way. She says she doesn’t need a mother so stop helping her. Tammy is a grown woman and if she wants to go to Vegas let her try to go. She can’t walk through the airport so she can’t fly in a plane and she can’t drive so she’s not going anywhere. Stop blaming Amy for everything that Tammy does because it’s not right. Amy is not accountable to you all for her sisters behavior period! You see how nasty Tammy gets when people try to help her. Let her go and wait for her to ask for help. They all need to worry about their selves instead because their all overweight. Stop making Amy accountable for her sister. Damn, Tammy only left rehab so she could cheat on her diet by the results she had when she saw Dr Smith. She def needs therapy and maybe she’ll make some progress. Let her be accountable to the Dr not to her siblings. Good Luck!

  5. Tammy is just disgusting all the way around her attitude her weight just her in general she will die before she ever losses any weight and that what she gets wanna blame everyone else like a overgrown kid she is just sickening

    1. I cant stand Tammy I cant stand looking or listening to her. They need to let her lye in her own bed that she has made since she says she dont need anyone.

  6. Tammy has her siblings fighting and that takes away from her responsibility. It’s not Aimee or Chris it’s Tammy manipulating them instead of taking responsibility for herself. Aimee has a baby now and husband and home, she shouldn’t be her sisters keeper. When is Tammy going to ever take responsibility for herself?

  7. Tammy is a master manipulator who never, ever takes any responsibility for her actions. She is mean spirited and treats everyone like a servant and when she doesn’t get her way throws tantrums. Let her throw tantrums, let her act like a child, she is heading for an early grave which she is digging herself. She is responsible for what she eats and Amy needs to just ignore her bad temper and dirty mouth. Amy, live your life, move away from Tammy and let her stand or fall on her own, you owe her nothing, she is eating herself to death and blaming everyone but herself. She is in a word revolting in mind and body.

  8. I love watching the show but I’m sick of Tammy not doing anything for herself…. Would love to see Amy move away from Tammy and live her own life…Tammy needs to get off her ass and go back to the rehab until she can loss the weight and learn to eat healthy and be independent….

  9. Since Ive been watching this show I have seen no progress on Tammy’s part other than losing 60 pounds in rehab which probably gained back or will. I don’t think I will continue watching if Tammy doesn’t start putting forth some effort.

  10. Tammy is a manipulator for sure. Would love to see her lose weight which will never happen. She uses her family as an excuse to do nothing for herself. Sadly the family enables Tammy which is what they acuse Tammys boyfriend of doing. The family needs to grow up and stop enabling Tammy by setting up boundaries which if Tammy refuses to adhere to let her find out the hard way. When she actually has to fend for herself with no family help it is very likely Tammy will grow up and stop using people. Personally l have high hopes for all of them yet l think it will give Tammy the opportunity to grow up and realize how much others do for her. Tammy says she isn’t a child and she can take care of herself so they need to let her do things for herself. She will realize rather quickly that she cannot do things for herself. When she figures this out then wait for her to ask and stick to a plan with consequences it will work out best for everyone. Her life is her own let her live it and don’t cave to her tantrums it is the manipulative tool she uses to control people. The lady Amy hired is very intelligent she has Tammy pegged and knows exactly how to handle her childish behavior. Good luck.

    1. I cant stand Tammy I cant stand looking or listening to her. They need to let her lye in her own bed that she has made since she says she dont need anyone.

  11. She is not capable of making her own decisions have a court put her in a nursing home where she can be on a controlled diet then her weight gets down to where it needs to be she can get the skin removal an she will have to stay in nursing home for that as well to have some one help her.

  12. First of all calling Tammy names is wrong …. And won’t help. Why does Tammy have such control over her family. She does what she wants she lies about cheating on her diet…and gets her family fighting each other while she plays the silent treatment. They all need to stop babying her…let her cook for herself. … she can go to food store with her nurse or sister and learn to pick the right food. She is burning her bridges with everyone who raised her with no manners. Time for TOUGH LOVE. She says Amy changes since the birth of her nephew true. Amy became a mother and a wife and her family has to come first. Tammy blames everyone but herself for not losing weight. It’s time to grow up and put on your Big Girl Panties. Chris, Amy and the rest of the family Tammy is a Brat and spoiled…. don’t blame Amy for Tammy’s problems.

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