Amy Halterman Due Soon Gives Baby Update

Amy Halterman Baby Number Two Update

1000-Lb Sisters star, Amy Halterman is just weeks away from welcoming her second child into the world – and she could not be more excited. While the world awaits a round of adorable pictures of the newest Halterman’s arrival, Amy took to Instagram to share a pregnancy update with her fans. How is Amy’s pregnancy going? Is everything moving on schedule? Read on to get the latest details about Amy Halterman’s pregnancy with baby number two.

Amy Halterman Pregnancy Update

Earlier today, Amy Halterman paused her Memorial Day celebration to share a special pregnancy update with her followers on Instagram. According to Amy’s latest post, Baby number two is currently the size of a pineapple. The app-generated infographic the TLC star shared with the post reveals that the littlest Halterman is 17 and 1/4 inches and weighs 4.33 pounds.

“33 week,” Amy wrote excitedly, “5 more week until i can hold u in my arms…”

Based on Amy and Michael’s past announcements and posts, we know that the couple is scheduled for a C-section delivery on the weekend of July 4th. So far, everything seems to be moving on track with the pregnancy without any major complications or concerns that she has voiced.

Amy Halterman Baby Number Two Due Update
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Have Amy and Michael Halterman Picked a Name Yet?

Back in January, Amy and Michael revealed to their followers that baby number two was indeed a boy. Naturally, the next question fans had was whether they had chosen a name. At the time, Amy said they had. In fact, in her video she tells fans that baby boy #2’s name was slated to be John Allen. As time progressed, the couple seemingly had time to rethink that decision.

Now, it appears that baby boy Halterman’s name is now up for debate.

Back in April, Amy took to Instagram with a regular pregnancy update for her followers.

“5 weeks already,” Amy wrote excitedly, “13 more week until i meet my little boy… No he dont have a name yet. But we have few names in mind we going to pick one when his here.. Of course horror related to match gage.”

Fans in the comments went crazy trying to guess what horror-themed name the couple might come up with. Some of the popular choices amongst the commenters included Chucky, Cujo, and Damien.

Amy Halterman Instagram Baby Number Two Update
Photo Credit: Instagram

Will Halterman Baby #2 Be Featured In Season 4?

While we have not gotten any news from TLC as to when Season 4 of 1000-Lb. Sisters might air. Amy’s sister Tammy Slaton has allowed fans to confidently speculate that a new season is happening and might be in currently filming.

We do know that Tammy is scheduled to finally get her bariatric weight loss surgery this summer. So, it stands to reason that the network would want to cover this milestone in Tammy’s health journey. Similarly, with Tammy’s weight loss happening concurrently with the upcoming birth of Amy Halterman’s son, many believe that the network would also want coverage for that as well.

Unfortunately, we have had confirmation that Amy does want to take a huge step back away from the camera after the birth of Baby #2 – so how much she will participate in filming is yet to be seen.


What do you think Amy Halterman will name Baby #2? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. I like John Allen. I also like Brian Allen. I’m curious to see what his name will be. I hear Tammy will be getting her surgery this summer. It’s about time! I wish her lotsa luck!

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