Dr. Eric Smith Praises Chris Combs, Shares Inspiring Weight Loss Photos

Chris Combs from TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters fans really love Chris Combs. We got to know Tammy and Amy’s older brother in the show’s second season when he began his own weight loss journey. And he’s definitely come a long way.

However, viewers aren’t the only ones who noticed Chris’ progress. Dr. Eric Smith, one of the bariatric physicians on the show, took some time to give Chris a shout-out. It’s definitely not easy to lose as much weight as Chris has and he deserves the recognition.

Chris Combs/TLC

Keep reading to see what Dr. Smith had to say.

Chris Combs get praise from followers on social media

Dr. Eric Smith appears on 1000-Lb. Sisters to help the family with their weight loss journey.

“‘I would have to say this has been the most hardest but most rewarding journey that I’ve ever done.’ – @chris.combs.5243 I’m so proud of you buddy!” Dr. Smith shared on his Instagram page.

The attached photos feature Chris at one of his heaviest points and then what he looks like today.

Chris Combs/Instagram

Without a doubt, Chris came a remarkable way on his weight loss journey. Like his siblings, he had a few setbacks. But ultimately, Chris was able to keep up with the healthy diet and exercise routine. He managed to get his bariatric surgery on the show and it looks like it’s still working!

Chris Combs/Instagram

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The TLC star goes above and beyond expectations

This isn’t the first time the internet got a chance to see these photos. At the beginning of April, we revealed Chris showed these photos on Facebook. And fans almost didn’t recognize him!

“Chris, this you?” someone asked. The TLC star confirmed it was indeed a photo of him.

“Wow you’ve lost a ton of weight! You look half your size congrats!” wrote someone else.

Chris Combs showed such a positive attitude during his time on the show — it was impossible not to cheer for him.

Right now, we have no way of knowing whether or not TLC will bring 1000-Lb. Sisters back for Season 4. But fans really hope that if the show does return, we’ll get to see more of Chris Combs.

He’s managed to keep off all the weight so far. Hopefully we’ll get to see more progress in another season.

Don’t forget to leave a kind word for Chris on social media and let us know what you think about his progress in the comments.

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