Chris Combs Loses Half His Body Weight, Fans Ask ‘Is That You?’ See Pic

Chris Combs from TLC

If you keep up with TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters, you’re probably familiar with Chris Combs and his amazing weight loss journey.

Fans first met Chris in Season 2 and he quickly became a fan favorite. He always had a positive attitude and was willing to go the extra mile to achieve his personal weight loss goals.

As of April 2022, Chris is practically unrecognizable from when we first met him. Keep reading to learn more about the TLC star’s spectacular progress and check out some of his current photos!

Chris Combs wows fans with his amazing progress

1000-Lb. Sisters initially explored the lives of sisters Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman. But over the show’s three seasons, we got to know the rest of their family too. The rest of their siblings struggled with health-related complications as a result of their weight. But their brother Chris was ready to step up and make some changes.

Chris Combs/TLC

By the end of Season 3, Chris even proudly showed off his brand new suit to his family members. He said he hadn’t been able to find a well-fitting suit in years.

Revisit this happy moment from the series here:

But Chris’ progress didn’t stop when the cameras stopped filming. It’s clear that the reality star continued his journey even after Season 3 drew to a close.

One of Chris’ family members posted a photo of him holding her baby son on Facebook. It’s immediately clear that Chris has lost a significant amount of weight — some fans didn’t even recognize him!

“Chris, this you?” someone asked. The TLC star confirmed it was indeed a photo of him.

“Wow you’ve lost a ton of weight! You look half your size congrats!” wrote someone else.

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What lies ahead for the 1000-Lb. Sisters family?

We can’t quite be sure if 1000-Lb. Sisters will be back for Season 4 or not. Tammy Slaton indicated that it was indeed happening, but we haven’t heard anything from TLC yet. Fans hope that Chris Combs will still be part of the show if the network opts to renew it.

So far, most of the siblings have had bariatric surgery. Tammy Slaton still dreams of having the procedure someday too, but she still has a long journey ahead of her.

When we last left Tammy, she was living in a rehab facility to help with her food addiction issues. Once she gets control over that, she might be in a better position to have bariatric surgery too.

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  1. It d be a fun show even without that nasty sack of crap Tammy. Honestly the only reason to have her on is to see how big a casket she requires.

  2. Chris you did it so proud of your accomplishment now the world is yours enjoy everything that you couldn’t have done before. 🤗May you stay healthy and god bless !!🙏

    Gave up on Tammy 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Amy enjoy every minute with your family they grow up way to fast 💕

  3. I love the show. If you don’t like it dont watch it! It’s not your life don’t worry about it! Everyone has skelton s in there closet and everyone has someone in there family that is overweight and there not happy with.people need to worry about there own business and problems before judging someone else’s.mind your business if you dont like the show don’t watch it! Only God has the right to judge people not you!

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