Tammy Slaton Exceeds Weightloss Goal, Headed To Bariatric Surgery?

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Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have seen Tammy Slaton do next to nothing to improve her health over the show’s last three seasons. Now, after a few months in a rehab facility, it is being reported that Tammy is headed to bariatric surgery months ahead of time. Continue reading to see how Tammy is exceeding the doctor’s expectations and is finally on the road to getting healthier.

Tammy Went MIA From Social Media

For a while, fans were itching for an update from Tammy about her weight loss, health, or anything. A friend of Tammy’s said that her Instagram was hacked a while back and that she started a small, private account for friends and family. However, there has been some speculation about whether or not Tammy went missing from social media to hide her success.

Tammy Slaton - Youtube/tlc uk

Credit: YouTube/tlc uk

Even the posts she has made recently make it seem like she hasn’t lost any weight, or possibly even gained weight. One photo she posted on April 27 showed Tammy with a painting she made in rehab. The picture still made it look like Tammy hasn’t done much to lose weight, which wouldn’t surprise fans. After all, viewers have watched her steadily gain weight and do nothing to improve her health for a few years now.

It has been confirmed that is no longer true though. In fact, Tammy Slaton is exceeding the expectations of doctors and is slated to undergo her bariatric surgery three months ahead of time.

Tammy Slaton Scheduled For Surgery Next Month

It seems that Tammy’s latest stint in rehab for her weight issues may have finally helped open her eyes and improve her health. Until now, she has had several obstacles that have prevented her from dropping weight and undergoing bariatric surgery. Tammy has required assistance with her breathing and has been living with a tracheotomy, which her friends say bothers her the most. In fact, it may have been what pushed her to make such amazing progress this time.

Tammy Slaton - Youtube/tlc uk

Credit: YouTube/tlc uk

When she went into rehab this time, Tammy weighed a jaw-dropping 639 pounds. To be approved for the surgery, she needed to be under 400 pounds. Not only has she decreased her need for her trach, wearing it only part-time now, but she has been approved for bariatric surgery already. It was not expected that she would reach her goal weight for surgery until August. She is scheduled to undergo surgery in Atlanta in June.

After she undergoes bariatric surgery and recovers, Tammy plans to have surgery on her knee next. Because she has been heavy for so long, there are a lot of problems with her bone and joint health.

Is There A Season 4 Of ‘1000-Lb. Sisters?’

Neither TLC nor Tammy have made any announcements about whether or not there will be a season four of 1000-Lb. Sisters. A friend of Tammy’s told The Sun that she believes there is standalone potential for Tammy to have her own TLC show. There have been no official statements one way or the other.

Tammy Slaton - Youtube/tlc uk

Credit: YouTube/tlc uk

Not long ago, viewers of the show started a discussion about whether or not the show should be renewed. Many people have felt that Tammy hasn’t gotten any healthier and continuing to watch is exploiting her poor health.

One thing is for sure though. If the program returns to TV, fans are going to be shocked at how Tammy Slaton looks. She is making big moves to change her life, something many viewers have been dying to see for a long time.

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