‘MasterChef’ Fans Horrified As Contestant Chops Part Of Finger Off

Gregg Wallace - YouTube/MasterChef UK

MasterChef fans were shocked to see one of the contestants on the show maim themselves while competing. The mishap wound up being the reason the contestant had to miss a challenge and it left viewers at home “throwing up their biscuits.” Keep reading to find out what happened and whether or not she’ll still be able to compete.

MasterChef Contestant Takes A Chunk Out Of Her Finger

Charlotte, an IT programmer from London, seriously sliced her finger with a knife on the popular cooking competition show. At the time of the incident, she was making spicy vegan dumplings. She can be heard announcing the accident before cameras panned over to the bloody mess.

Very calmly, Charlotte announced to the room, “Oh sorry, I’ve just cut my finger. Can I have a plaster? [I took] quite a lump out.”

MasterChef Charlotte - BBC

The show’s host John Torode revealed that the MasterChef contestant had “taken the top of her finger off.” Cameras zoomed into the knife on the chopping board, which had a piece of Charlotte’s skin still attached to it. John Torode informed her that she would need to leave the competition to seek medical help.

MasterChef Charlotte - BBC (1)

Torode continued, “Sadly, Charlotte has cut herself and she had to leave the MasterChef kitchen for medical attention so she won’t be finishing the rest of her dish.”

Charlotte joked, “I was trying to go big or go home and I guess I did both.”

Fans Question The Producers Decision To Zoom In On Finger

MasterChef fans took to X to send their well wishes to Charlotte after the accident. However, many of them questioned the decision to show the bloodiness of the event on television.

One viewer wrote, “#MasterChef Just enjoying homemade shortbread, when they showed that woman’s top of her finger still on the knife! My shortbread nearly came back up.”

They weren’t the only ones questioning why producers kept that bit in the show. A second fan wrote, “What the hell #masterchef the whole tip of her finger was on the chopping board.” Another person said they were not prepared to see someone chop off the end of their finger in the first 30 seconds of the show.

John Torode - YouTube/MasterChef UK
YouTube/MasterChef UK

This is not the only incident to occur on MasterChef recently. Earlier this month, one of the contestants “nearly poisoned” the judges, Gregg Wallace and John Torode.

The contestant, Peter, covered his carrots in salt instead of sugar and the judges were absolutely disgusted. “I’ll maybe have a small chuckle to myself that I nearly poisoned John and Gregg with salt rather than sugar,” he joked about the mishap. The mistake wound up sending him home, costing him a chance at being the winner of MasterChef. 

MasterChef airs on BBC One and can be streamed on Prime Video.

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