‘The Price Is Right’ Drew Carey Talks About ‘Dying On Stage’

The Price Is Right Drew Carey

Drew Carey has no plans of leaving The Price Is Right any time soon. He recently joked that he has thoughts of dying on stage because he plans to be on the beloved game show that long. Keep reading to see what Carey had to say about his hosting gig on The Price Is Right.

Drew Carey Feels Supported In His Role At CBS

The game show host spoke with People at a fall schedule celebration for CBS on May 2. During their conversation, Drew Carey revealed that there are no plans (for him, at least) to retire from The Price Is Right. Actually, he said that he plans on hosting the show until he dies.

“Thoughts of dying on stage with a microphone in my hand have gone through my mind,” he joked. “I never want to leave. I’m having such a good time there. Everybody treats me great and the cast is great and the production office is great.”

The Price Is Right Drew Carey - YouTube/Variety

“I really feel supported and loved there and wanted,” Drew Carey continued. “When you’re 65 and in the entertainment business, you don’t really get that that often. I’m in a pretty rare situation so I wanna keep that going as long as I can.”

Carey first started his role as the host of The Price Is Right in 2007. He took over for Bob Barker, who was loved by everyone who watched the game show.

Since then, Drew Carey has done a lot of things to make the game show his own. He helped switch up the set, change the logo, and introduce new theme music as well. All of this helped solidify his spot on The Price Is Right and in game show history.

Carey Almost Didn’t Take The Price Is Right Job

Surprisingly, Carey almost didn’t take the role. He initially turned down the offer to host The Price Is Right.

“I said, f*** no,” he said at the time. “I just wanted to be able to do things that were fun and interesting instead of having a ‘job-job’ or something I had to do every day, because I just had, after being on The Drew Carey Show and everything, I was done with the idea of just being on a show forever.”

Drew Carey - The Price is Right - Instagram
Drew Carey – The Price is Right – Instagram

However, he said that he changed his mind after he realized one of his dreams was to be able to buy a Major League Soccer team at some point in the future. The gig at The Price Is Right would help make that dream a reality.

He revealed, “I met [my agent] at a steakhouse. … And I go, ‘I think I want to be the host of The Price is Right.’ He shook my hand and goes, ‘Well, there’s your soccer money.’” The rest, as they say, is history.

The Price Is Right airs every weekday at 11 a.m. EST on CBS.

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