‘The Price Is Right’ Contestants Shocks Fans With Amazing Feat

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right

A recent contestant on The Price Is Right made history. On Monday night’s episode, Donald got up on stage with Drew Carey to face the game of “Temptation.” No one has won the game in three years, so he was clearly dismayed at his luck. However, what happened next shocked viewers at home. Keep reading to see how Donald faired on The Price Is Right.

The History Of ‘Temptation’ On The Price Is Right

“Temptation” is undoubtedly one of the toughest games to win on The Price Is Right. Since Drew Carey started hosting the game show in 2007, only five contestants have won “Temptation.”

In this game, the contestant is shown the first number in the price of a car. Once they are shown that number, they are tempted with four “gifts.” The price for each prize is displayed and one of the digits in those prices is the next number in the price of the car.

The contestant is then asked to guess the next correct number from the digits displayed on the “gifts.” For instance, if there is a prize that is worth $665, the contestant would have to pick whether the next number in the car’s price was a 6 or a 5. They have to guess four numbers right to win “Temptation.”

The Price Is Right Drew Carey

Once all of the digits are selected by the contestant, they are given one last chance to change them around. Then they are offered a choice: they can take all of the prizes or they can continue on to see if the price of the car is right.

If they are lucky enough and the price is correct, they win the car and all four prizes. On the flip side of that coin, if a single number is wrong in the car’s price, the contestant will lose everything. Unfortunately, many people have met the latter fate on The Price Is Right.

Fans React To Donald’s Historical Win

That wasn’t true for Donald though. He resisted the temptation of the four prizes offered to him. They included cooking utensils, a video game console, a spa kit, and $2,244 in cash. He was extremely confident that he’d be taking them home anyway.

Donald guessed that the price of the car was $23,470 and, to everyone’s delight, he was right. He screamed, “Let’s go!” in excitement when he realized he won.

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

Fans weighed in on the amazing feat on YouTube after the video was posted. One person pointed out that it was the first time “Temptation” had been won since 2021, which was an episode filmed during the pandemic with no studio audience. It was the first time the game was won in front of an audience since 2015.

“3:55 HOLY FRIGGIN’ SMOKES!! TEMPTATION’S FATALITY HAS ENDED!! We FINALLY receive a full-length win on the game for the 6th time in the Carey Era, and for the first time in about three years!!” another fan wrote in the comments. “I thought we would never see another win on this game like this! Congratulations, Donald; hope he enjoys the prizes and the car!”

Take a look at Donald’s win down below and let us know what you think.

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