‘The Price Is Right’ Fans Slam Contestant For Being Disrespectful

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right

There are plenty of moments on game shows that have fans asking, “What in the world?” However, fans of The Price Is Right were recently flabbergasted by one contestant’s price estimate. They’d never seen anything like it before. Keep reading to see what had fans rushing to social media to slam this contestant.

The Price Is Right Contestant Makes Insane Bid

Game show fans are always eager to get their two cents in regarding their favorite program. There are plenty of awkward and even crazy moments on The Price Is Right.

Not long ago, Drew Carey accidentally slapped the glasses off of one contestant. Now, fans are slamming one competitor for their “disrespectful” bidding.

Nicholas was called down to the contestant’s row during the Tuesday, May 8 episode. This is something every fan of The Price Is Right hopes for. Not everyone gets this chance.

The Price Is Right Drew Carey - YouTube/Variety

When you are called down to the contestant’s row, you are asked to bid on an item or set of items. If you are the closest to the actual price without going over, you get to move on in the game show.

The show’s announcer, George Gray, and model Rachel Reynolds presented a spin air bike that was equipped with vertical knee raise.

Oftentimes, contestants will bid $1 or more than the current highest bid just to try and get on stage with Drew Carey. Other times, the contestant might bid the exact price of something. Though it doesn’t happen often, Drew Carey will say that the person had “an out-of-body experience.”

Whatever Nicholas had going on was the opposite of that though. He started the bidding on the spin air bike at $1 million. The Price Is Right host asked, “Seriously?”

Nicholas confirmed that he meant to bid $1 million, stating that the equipment looked expensive. The other two contestants made more realistic bids on the equipment, with one person bidding $2,400 and the other bidding $1,500. The $1,500 bid won.

Viewers Can’t Believe Such A ‘Disrespectful’ Move

Viewers took the discussion of Nicholas’s crazy bid to Reddit. One person said that some contestants might intentionally overbid. However, other individuals thought it wasn’t considerate of other people trying to play the game.

“I just see it as disrespectful to everyone there, those in the audience who didn’t get picked and all the people on the contestant row they decided to apparently help,” one person wrote, “You’re only wasting your own time and chances of getting the bid.”

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

“Feel bad for everyone in the audience whose dream was to come on down,” another person commented. “Wish they could send somebody like that back to the audience,” a third viewer chimed in.

On X, another individual tweeted about the “disrespectful” bid. “People try really hard to get up there, and he throws away his guess,” the viewer tweeted.

What do you think about Nicholas’s ridiculous bid? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t think he wanted the prize .waited for the next prise .and or he was just trying to be a smart Alec. I wouldn’t give him any more attention .

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