‘Jeopardy!’ Pop Culture Spinoff Meets Backlash From Fans

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Jeopardy! fans have started to voice their opinions about the game show’s latest proposed spin-off. Producers of the beloved competition show recently announced the creation of a pop culture spin-off. Fans have watched Celebrity Jeopardy! as well as tournaments, but they aren’t thrilled about the pop culture show. Here is what viewers have to say about the latest game show idea.

Pop Culture Jeopardy! Will Introduce A New Format

Pop Culture Jeopardy! was announced on May 15. It seems like it will be very different from other previous Jeopardy! game shows.

Apparently, fans will answer clues on various pop culture topics like alternative rock, The Avengers, Broadway musicals, and other similar topics. Unlike other Jeopardy! shows, the Pop Culture version will not be aired on cable television. Instead, fans will have to tune in to see how the contestants fair on Prime Video.

Ken Jennings -Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings -Jeopardy!

On top of that, the contestants will compete in teams of three rather than by themselves. They are instructed to form a team of three with diverse pop culture knowledge before taking the test to move forward in the signup process.

Several fans took to X to express their excitement over the new game show setup. “Now I may be able to win this @Jeopardy! Where do I sign up?” one fan wrote after the show was announced. “My time is now,” another wrote. However, not everyone is excited about Pop Culture Jeopardy!

Many Fans Aren’t Excited About The Game Show Spinoff

One fan wrote on X that having a pop culture spin-off of Jeopardy! takes away one of the most entertaining parts of the original game show.

“I don’t think they should do a pop culture version of Jeopardy. One of the best things about Jeopardy is seeing poindexters who know way too much about quantum physics not know who Michael Jordan is,” they wrote. Another person agreed, “Excellent point,” while a third viewer said that a pop culture spin-off would “ruin it.”

“I would die on the hill that Jeopardy is a perfect product which does not ever need to change,” another fan chimed in. “One of my favorite moments was in that one Tournament of Champions when the writers stumped all 3 contestants by asking which 2 Friends characters were brother and sister,” one person remembered. Another person simply stated that it is “always funny” to see the contestants scratch their heads on certain pop culture references.

While fans are voicing their opinions on the new spin-off show, it seems like the Jeopardy! team may have already made a mistake before the new show’s release.


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Jeopardy! shared some information about the new show with fans on Instagram Wednesday. In the post, they encouraged people to sign up. Potential contestants were instructed to form a group of three and individually take the test by following a link.

It quickly came to their attention that the site they were directing people to sign up with wasn’t working.

“Womp womp site doesn’t work,” one person wrote. “You’re looking for smart folks but can’t run your website,” a second critic chimed in.

What do you think about the upcoming Jeopardy! spin off? Let us know in the comments below.

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