‘The Price Is Right’ Fans Slam Drew Carey For Brutal Comment

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Drew Carey is under fire by The Price Is Right fans after he made fun of a contestant’s job on live television. Now the beloved host is facing backlash online and being asked to apologize. What could Drew Carey have said that has fans up in arms? Keep reading to find out.

Drew Carey Makes Jokes About Contestant’s Job

Contestant Jack Shannon was picked on The Price Is Right during the April 29 episode. Jack put in a bid on a DSLR camera and, after guessing the closest amount, he was picked for the next showcase.

Before they started the next round, Drew Carey stopped to talk to Jack, as he does with most contestants. He shared with viewers and the live audience that Jack came to the show with his dad.

Drew Carey - YouTube, The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

“Jack and his father making a living, it’s a family business where they make labels for like wine bottles, beer, paint cans, anything you want,” Drew shared with viewers.

Continuing the conversation, Drew Carey asked Jack what the weirdest thing he’s ever made a label for was. After thinking for a moment, Jack said that it was octagon bottles.

“Oh wow. What an exciting life Jack leads,” Drew laughed. Looking rather nervous, Jack joined in on the joke, laughing with Drew.

“Still talking about those octagon bottles,” the host hammered down before moving on to list the prizes Jack had a chance of winning.

The Price Is Right Fans Aren’t Impressed With Drew’s Jokes

Before appearing on the show, Jack’s dad (Richard) shared a photo of them both on Reddit waiting to see if they’d be chosen for The Price Is Right. He shared that Drew Carey greeted them and shook their hands.

Richard noted that the host remembered the family business because he and his wife won the game show the day before. During their conversation, he asked Jack if he worked for the family business and inquired about whether or not he was going to college. Richard didn’t think they’d get chosen again, but he was wrong.

The Price Is Right conetstants Richard and Jack - Reddit

A number of fans were excited for Jack. However, many people were not thrilled about Drew Carey’s comments about his occupation.

“Didn’t like Drew asking what the strangest thing labeled and then laughing at him saying ‘still talking about those octagon bottles,'” one fan commented. “He asked & then laughs & pokes fun about an exciting life. Not nice and not funny!” another wrote. “He’s a young guy following his father’s business. Still rude & not funny,” a third person agreed.

“I didn’t like that either. I happened to be just tuning into the show right at that moment, so I did not hear the context. But it was not nice for Drew to poke fun at the young man like that. A joke at a contestant’s expense is never okay,” another viewer chimed in.

Several people stood up for The Price Is Right host though, stating that he was making fun of Jack’s job and not Jack himself.

What do you think about the comments Drew Carey made? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. You know today everyone seems to be getting offended about most things said in fun. let it go, it was probably meant in all good fun.

  2. I think Drew’s humor isn’t appropriate most of the time. Most of the time, Drew says some stupid and he’s the only one laughing. He needs to tone it down. I was watching the day Jack was on. I just thought it was Drews stupid sense of humor.

  3. Totally out of line!!! Drew tries so hard to be funny but the way he comes across is NOT FUNNY!!

  4. C’mon people, quit being so dramatic and overly sensitive. Loosen up and have a little fun. We should be enjoying life and not be so miserable all the time. I’m sure Drew meant no harm in what he said so try having a laugh once in awhile it really makes a big difference in your attitude.

  5. Yes, in a way it is funny, simply because being a game show host is, ultimately, one of the most pointless and easiest jobs on the face of the entire planet. Yet Drew isn’t even very good at it. 😄

  6. Yep, I guess that’s just Drew’s humor.. Not always very funny, especially not this time. Borderline insulting, but Jack rolled with it well.

  7. After all Drew Carey’s marvelous, and gently comical, abilities for the last 10 years, no one else could ever take his place in his miraculous way, and mostly really, subtle humor. To err is human…10 years?

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