‘The Price Is Right’ Icon Bob Barker, Dead At 99

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Legendary game show host Bob Barker has passed away at the age of 99. It happened on Saturday, August 26th while he was at home so he was peaceful. What was the cause of death and how is he being remembered? Read on for more details.

The Price Is Right Icon Bob Barker, Dead At 99

It is a sad day for The Price Is Right and all game show fans around the world. Bob Barker has sadly passed away at the age of 99, according to TMZ. Fortunately, his death was from natural causes. He was at peace in his own home when he passed, per his rep. Though he had no children and his wife passed away in 1981 from cancer, it seems that he had a lot of family that helped take care of him throughout his life. Unfortunately, this has hit home for many who loved and adored him. He was not just a game show host but he also made appearances in films, where he knew how to make fun of himself. The tributes have started to flood in and they won’t soon stop.

Bob Barker started hosting The Price Is Right in 1972. This lasted until 2007 when comedian and actor Drew Carey took the reigns. Yet, Barker started off in 1956 with Truth or Consequences. He was there until 1975 so, for three years, he pulled double duty. Aside from game shows, as mentioned before, he dabbled in films. Fans may remember him from the Adam Sandler, hit Happy Gilmore. Bob also took the time to appear on How I Met Your Mother, The Nanny, and Martial Law.

Of course, it was his game show hosting that really sealed his career. Plus, Bob Barker had a love for animals, reminding viewers to spay and neuter their pets at the end of every show. Those words will live on forever and the animals will be eternally grateful for his kind generosity.

Health Battles

Though The Price Is Right host died of natural causes, Bob Barker did have some health battles. He dealt with skin cancer and fell in 2015, 2017, and 2019. Yet, during the pandemic, he was doing his best and living his life as well as he could. It seems he kept holding steady and then, he just could not do it any longer. He has left a legacy few only dream of and he will be missed but never forgotten.

Rest easy, Mr. Barker. What is your favorite memory of Bob Barker? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I grew up watching him when I was just a little girl on Truth or consequences and then on The Price is right for years also. There will never be another game show host that can measure up to Bob Barker. Thank you for the memories. Rest in peace Bob Barker you will always be missed but never forgotten.

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