‘The Price Is Right’ Drew Carey Caught In Hip Bumping Sandwich

The Price Is Right Drew Carey

Contestants on The Price Is Right are known for having fun on stage with Drew Carey. One mother-daughter team shocked fans with their celebration of joining the game show host in front of the audience. Continue reading to see how fans reacted.

Mother’s Day On The Price Is Right

The Friday, May 10 episode of The Price Is Right was Mother’s Day themed ahead of the holiday on May 12. The set on the show had a number of decorations to celebrate moms everywhere.

“Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!” The Price Is Right announcer George Gray said. “I say, ‘Hi Mama Mai every day, but I love you so much.” Drew Carey also acknowledged his mother, who he shared is “no longer with us.”

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

Then, they opened up the round for bidding from the audience. Usually, The Price Is Right features four single contestants. The Mother’s Day episode had eight contestants in total, four teams of two.

George Gray called down the four mother-daughter pairs from the audience. One pair made their way to the stage and were visibly over the moon about being chosen.

Drew Carey wound up having an impromptu dance party on stage with the two contestants as they celebrated getting asked up to play.

Both women were wearing matching green shirts and hugged the host. Then they started to show off some of their dance moves. They started bumping their hips up against Drew Carey.

Not Everyone Was A Fan Of The Dance Moves

Although many viewers thought the mother-daughter team’s celebration was fun, others criticized their behavior. Fans weighed in on the comments of the post on Instagram.

At least one person said that the moment was “cringe.” Another fan mentioned Drew’s use of the phrase “you guys.”

“Drew, please stop saying YOU GUYS to ladies!” they wrote. “They’re not guys. You can say, Great job LADIES.”

“Can Drew Carey host without opening his mouth? Every time he speaks I’m sure your ratings go down,” another critic commented.

Others weren’t so critical of the mother-daughter duo. “They brought the energy. Too bad they didn’t win on the wheel,” one person wrote. “Congrats!! Their enthusiasm made me happy!! Everyone did so great,” a second viewer commented. A third chimed in, “Too cute sure that made his day.”

The pair eventually had a lot more to celebrate after winning $10,000 in The Grand Game. They started with $1 and every time they chose an item under $6.50, they added another 0 to the dollar amount.

The matching mom and daughter pair jumped up and down, did a small hip bump, and continued to dance as they soaked up their moment on stage with Drew Carey.

Did you watch the Mother’s Day edition of The Price Is Right? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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