‘Days Of Our Lives’ Thaao Penghlis Dishes On BTS Drama

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Thaao Penghlis has opened up about what it is like to be on the set of Days Of Our Lives. The long-time soap opera star was on daytime TV for 40 years before announcing his departure earlier this month. Viewers last saw him on Days in June 2023 and Penghlis confirmed that will be the last time they see his character Tony. However, it’s not the last you’ll hear from him. Keep reading to see what he’s up to and what Thaao Penghlis revealed about the former Days Of Our Lives head writer.

Thaao Penghlis Opens Up About Drama On Days Of Our Lives

She Knows Soaps sat down with Thaao Penghlis and talked with him about his experience on the set of Days Of Our Lives. More importantly, they spoke about his relationship with the former head writer for the soap opera, James E. Reilly.

Reilly and Penghlis didn’t always get along, and the former Days Of Our Lives star didn’t hold back when speaking about it. “Well, James Reilly was not a very nice guy,” Thaao Penghlis recalled. “He liked me a lot for the first year. And then there was a bit of a sabotage that went on [behind the scenes] because I was popular on the show. There was another actor and an actress who wanted to see me go.”

Days Of Our Lives Thaao Penghlis - YouTube/Daily Blast Live
YouTube/Daily Blast Live

Penghlis did not reveal who the alleged actors were, but he always tried to defend himself when the gossip made it back to the production team. At one point, gossip spread that he did not like James E. Reilly’s writing. Thaao Penghlis said that rumors spread that, “I said his dialogue and his stories were crap. That’s not what I do. So, when I got called up to the producers, they said, ‘Oh my God, what did you say? James Reilly called up screaming that he’s going to kill you off and that you said that his scripts were crap.’”

To this day, Penghlis is adamant that he “never said a word” about Reilly’s scripts, but that is when he learned that he was going to be killed off on the show. At the time, both of his parents died within four days of each other, so Reilly gave him a break and waited a few months before cutting him out of the script.

What Is Thaao Penghlis Doing Now?

That wasn’t that last time viewers saw Thaao Penghlis on Days Of Our Lives though. His character was brought back several times. “When he was fired, I was called back,” he revealed. But every time the head writer was hired back on, he’d kill Penghlis’ character.

“He killed me three times. Every time he came back, he’d kill me,” the former Days star said. Then it occurred to him that he was always killing him off in the most vicious ways.

“It was never, you know, I go upstairs and disappear, or I died from an overdose,” he says. “No, the lion, the tiger attacked me. I fell on the spike of a thing. I thought, ‘Oh, wait a minute. The spike going through my heart. That’s what happened to Dracula. Is that how he saw me?’” 

Days Of Our Lives Thaao Penghlis - YouTube/State Of Mind With Maurice Bernard
YouTube/State Of Mind With Maurice Bernard

Recently, Thaao Penghlis has been working on releasing his new cookbook. The book details some of the meals the Days Of Our Lives star has shared with his friends in Hollywood over the years. Recipes are accompanied by fantastic stories in the cookbook, which is called Seducing Celebrities One Meal at a Time.

The former Days Of Our Lives star has also recently launched his own podcast called Thaao Penghlis’s The Lost Treasures. In each episode, he explores Greek history. He has expressed his gratitude for loyal Days fans who have continued to follow him after his time on the daytime soap.

“The fans who have been through throughout the years mean a lot to me. I’m really thankful,” he said.

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