Whoopi Goldberg Thinks Her Daughter Got Pregnant For Revenge

Whoopi Goldberg - YouTube/The View

Whoopi Goldberg has been discussing different things she reveals in her upcoming memoir, Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me. During a recent conversation about her book, she revealed that she believes her daughter got pregnant at the age of 15 “as revenge.” Continue reading to see why Whoopi feels this way and how their relationship has blossomed over the years.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Marriage & Heroin Addiction

Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg got married and had their daughter, Alex, in the 1970s. They were married from 1973 until 1979. Whoopi met Alvin when she was in drug counseling in New York City.

At the time, she had gotten hooked on heroin. She dropped out of school, she was homeless, and she was addicted to drugs. Alvin was her drug counselor.

Whoopi Goldberg - YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

“I was a child of the ’60s so I ingested as many mind-altering substances as I could,” she said. “It was a rite of passage. And when I got clean I was convinced I wanted to be an actor.”

That’s exactly what happened, but The View cohost said that she believes her rise to stardom led her daughter to get pregnant out of revenge.

Alex Martin Resented Her Mom’s Fame

In her new memoir, Whoopi Goldberg shares how surprised she was to learn she was going to become a grandmother in her 30s. The View cohost said that she felt it was her 15-year-old daughter’s way of getting revenge on her. She said that her only child, Alex Martin, had a hard time coping with Whoopi’s level of fame growing up.

Even though she gave birth at the age of 18, Whoopi was concerned about her daughter becoming a mom at such a young age. She was worried that she would miss out on some of the things other teenagers get to do.

Alex Martin Whoopi Goldberg's daughter - YouTube/Whoopi Goldberg
YouTube/Whoopi Goldberg

“Years later, Alexandrea told me that she thinks she got pregnant as a teenager because she wanted one person in her life who didn’t know who Whoopi Goldberg was,” she wrote in her book. “I thought she was getting revenge on me for being gone so much. I got it.”

As she started to book more acting gigs early in her career, Whoopi Goldberg admitted that she was gone a lot. When they were together, she said that her daughter would often get upset for not being there. However, the Sister Act star said that she was laser-focused on building a better life for them both.

Despite being away filming, Whoopi made sure she spoke to her daughter every day. Most of the time, Alex was in the care of her mother, Emma. So, The View cohost felt her child was in good hands.

Whoopi Goldberg’s mother was the person to be in the delivery room with Alex when she gave birth in November 1989. Eventually, she learned to forgive Whoopi for not being there as much when she was growing up. Now, the pair have a close relationship.

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