‘Sister Wives’ Fans Are Worried About Meri Brown’s Health – Here’s Why

Despite the fact that the Sister Wives family has seemingly fallen apart after last season, fans still follow their lives on social media. On Sunday, Meri Brown shared a post of herself enjoying a casual Sunday afternoon at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. While smiling and joking around, something about Meri’s Sunday share has her followers very worried about her health and safety. What’s going on? Read on to get the details.

Meri Brown Channels Her Super Model Vibes

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In Meri’s latest Instagram post, she shared a snap of herself hanging out on the porch of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. The fifty-one-year-old reality star is pictured striking a ‘sexy’ pose as she sits on the porch banister, letting the wind blow her hair wildly. It covers her face.

Meri leans her back against the porch pillar with one knee on the railing in front of her, bent with her knee to her chest. The other foot is on the porch behind the railing. One arm rests across her leg, the other is tangled in her own wind-tousled hair.

In the caption of the post, Meri writes, “Photo shoot done,” including several fire emojis.

Meri Brown Fans Worried About Her Health
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Fans Worry About Meri’s Health and Safety

In the comment section of the photo, many fans were quick to ask Meri if she was ok. Why? According to the inquiries left behind by her followers, many were concerned about the dark blue and purple bruises that covered the TLC star’s legs.

Some asked if she was getting enough iron, A few asked if she was having any health issues. One even asked if she needed to reach out ‘for help.’

Are Meri’s bruises the result of a vitamin deficiency? Does she have varicose veins? Did she walk into a table or two? While the celeb’s followers all seemed to have their own opinion, Meri Brown is not one to let rumors run rampant without speaking. In fact, she made it a point to answer several fans in the comment section.

Is Meri Brown’s Health In Jeopardy?

Well, according to Meri Brown herself, she is perfectly fine. In fact, she states that the bruising all over her legs is the sign of a full and active life. The celeb responded to several commenters on her post, especially those who had particularly rude things to say.

One viewer, in fact, found it necessary to make a joke of the situation. “Got to love the bruises on your leg,” they wrote sarcastically.

Meri responded in kind, “Sure do,” she wrote, “Just means I live well and have fun! Come on sweet Cookie, have you seriously never had a bruise in your life? Live a little! Oh and btw, that’s a birthmark, been there my whole life!  Good thing I’m not embarrassed by it!

Alternately, another fan opted to comment on her photo as a whole, telling Meri that it was “This is almost as embarrassing as being married to Kody,” the user mocked.

Again, Meri responded calmy with just a hint of sass, “Verified Oh goodness, I surely didn’t have you in mind when I posted this, and I surely didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

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So, it appears that Sister Wives fans have nothing to worry about. Meri is doing just fine and is living a full life, enjoying her summer at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

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