Christine Brown Tries To Trick ‘Sister Wives’ Fans With Fake Shot?

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Christine Brown is still close to former Sister Wives family member Janelle Brown. The two ladies love to live their best lives together whenever they can. However, is Christine pretending to be somewhere she is not just for the camera?

Christine Brown Leaves Her Sister Wives Family Behind

After over twenty-five years of marriage, Christine pulled the plug on her marriage to Kody. She had chosen to be the third wife in a plural marriage prior to even meeting him. For her, she never wanted to be alone with a husband so she never wanted to be a first wife. Being a second wife meant you were the wedge so a third was just the most perfect option. She came into the family and was a perfect peacemaker, a dream come true for Kody. It was never a truly perfect marriage as Kody openly admitted he was not attracted to Christine from the get-go. He was repulsed by the way she ate nachos yet they went on to have six children.


The marriage struggled after a certain amount of time when Christine started to finally see her self-worth. She wanted to start putting herself first. Plus, she was questioning polygamy and Kody was not necessarily sympathetic toward her. Rather, he would just insult her and make her feel less than. She discussed leaving him but never took the leap. Finally, after the pandemic put the nail in the coffin and intimacy was off the table, Christine ended it. She returned to Utah, where her sparkle truly was. Yes, she loved Vegas and felt Flagstaff was beautiful but Utah held her heart. Though since she has left Arizona, she seems to pop up on her old balcony an awful lot.

Faking Photos?

Christine Brown officially sold her Flagstaff home on October 8th according to Realtor. It was revealed the home sold for 700K. This means that the mother of six had left the state prior to announcing her divorce from Kody. Yet she just posted a picture standing on her old balcony in Arizona. No, it was not #WaybackWednesday or #ThrowbackTuesday. It was a regular day and she was a motivational post and she looked great.


Followers may not have immediately realized she was on her old porch but eagle-eyed ones will remember the balcony from her old postings. She used to love to stand outside and relish her life. The big question is how did she get back to the home when it is no longer hers? Did TLC make a deal with the new owners so that she could film scenes there?


This begs a bigger question. Are these photos just old ones Christine took back when she lived in Flagstaff and is just now posting? It’s probably not that deep but one thing is for sure. She loves that porch and balcony.

Do you think these are new or old photos? Let us know in the comments below.


Amanda Nowitz

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