Christine Brown’s Life Nonstop Party Since Kicking Kody To Curb?


Christine Brown has truly been living her best life since announcing her separation from her husband Kody Brown. After over twenty years of marriage, the mother of six left her plural family behind. No one knew if she could land on her feet but she has more than found her footing. More than that, she has made sure to celebrate endlessly.

Christine Brown Learns To Say Yes To Herself

The one thing that drew Kody to Christine was her kind and dreamy nature. She brought his first two wives together and helped blend the family. He had married Meri in 1990 then they brought in second wife, Janelle in 1993. Unfortunately, the two women struggled to get along. Then, Christine came along as the carefree third wife and made everything so much better. Despite the fact that Meri was absurdly jealous of Christine and Janelle thought she was a princess, she had a way about her. Furthermore, she did absolutely everything around the home. She was always there for her husband and for the children.


While Janelle worked full-time, Christine raised their children, something she loved to do. She always maintained a smile on her face and was the “yes” wife. Eventually, she realized she was never doing anything for herself and was just plain exhausted. It was Christine’s father who encouraged her to finally start saying no when she had to. She needed to think about what was best for her and that ultimately hurt her marriage. It was unexpected but luckily, Robyn came in and picked up where Christine left off. There was a loss of respect in the marriage after twenty-five years. By November 2021, Christine released a statement that she was leaving the marriage.

Living Her Best Life

Christine Brown moved back to Utah where she longed to be. Her eldest daughters, Mykelti and Aspyn lived there as well as her granddaughter, Avalon. This filled her life with so much joy. Plus, she was thriving in her personal businesses so she could financially support herself. Fans were eager to keep seeing her on their screens so TLC gave her a spinoff. She started a cooking show, Cooking With Just Christine. Adding on to that, she started celebrating huge milestones. This year, Christine turned fifty so she threw a murder-mystery party. Her former sister wife Janelle was there with her daughter Savanah. They also joined their families together on a wellness trip to Disney World a few months back.


Last week, Christine organized a fun adventure day for Janelle and their girls and now, she has outdone herself once again. She just had a fifties-themed party and Janelle was over the moon to attend. Savanah was also with her mom as was Christine’s daughter, Mykelti. Janelle referred to Christine as the “hostess with the most-ess.” This is just proof that she does not need a man to be happy and to live her best life. She said she was not interested in dating anyone but herself and it really looks great on her.

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