‘Sister Wives’: Clues That Robyn & Kody Brown Had A Secret Baby?

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Rumors have been flying for some time that Sister Wives stars Robyn and Kody Brown are expecting their third biological child together. Robyn had even mentioned the calling for another baby. There was something inside of her that made her feel she needed to have more children. She could not explain what it was and soon, fans were claiming they saw pregnant Robyn all over Flagstaff. So, were the rumors true, and has she actually given birth?

The Sister Wives Embrace Robyn’s Children

When Robyn joined the Brown family in 2010, she brought along three kids from her first marriage. Though Kody already had twelve kids, with one on the way, he was extremely excited to continue being a father figure. It was even noted that his older children would come with him when he would travel to see Robyn. She lived a few hours away and they would often need a sitter for their date nights.

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As the family came together, Christine had her youngest daughter, Truely. After Kody and Robyn got married, they welcomed their first son, Solomon. Shortly after, Robyn offered to be first wife, Meri’s surrogate as she struggled to hold a second pregnancy. In return, Meri divorced Kody so he and Robyn could legally get married. Robyn added another child to their brood, daughter Ari but never mentioned if she was the last one.

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Kody was up to eighteen children and felt being a dad was what he knew how to do best. Not everyone on social media agreed. They were shocked when Robyn started to talk about a new baby, an angel baby she had been dreaming up. By this time, it seemed like Kody was over having kids. He had two grandchildren and was almost too tired to start all over. Yet, did he?

Did Robyn Have a Baby?

It would make sense since Kody and Robyn had a lot of time together. He basically quarantined for most of 2020 at Robyn’s home. Kody felt she was really the only one of the four wives who followed his extreme pandemic rules aside from Meri. At that point, he and his former first wife were only friends, rarely on speaking terms. So, why does it seem Robyn had a baby? Monsters & Critics seemingly has the answers.

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It all comes from Janelle’s son, Gabriel. He has been very verbal about his disdain towards the way his dad has handled his family during the pandemic. Apparently, one comment he made in the latest episode has fans on Reddit believing he was insinuating Robyn had a baby. He noted how his dad has been at Robyn’s the entire time and they have not seen him. More so, he made it clear: “Someone could have gotten pregnant and had a baby in the time that we haven’t seen dad. Pregnant and baby.”

This has fans and viewers scratching their heads if he subtly means Robyn since Janelle had nothing to say. Maybe this is why they needed that nanny. Do you think Robyn had a baby or was this just an analogy? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives on Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Mary gave Kody a divorce so he could Mary Robyn and adopt her kids. Kody & Mary never had a spiritual marriage after that so they are not a couple in any way. Walk away Mary!

    1. Kody and Robin are both loosers.
      Merri and janelle. Leave him now.you deserve so much better that this looser kody.
      Such a bad ass

  2. Meri is the first wife not Robyn is a gold digger and she has used Kody to take money off the working wives. Robyn had nothing but debt she was so far in debt the other wives had to help get her out of debt . The IRS was about to get her. So marrying Kody changing her last name and her children last name so that made all the Brown’s responsible for her debt

    1. Technically Kody would only be left responsible for her debt because he is only married, legally, to Robyn. As for the rest of the wives they would be better off just leaving his sorry ass and be done with the whole thing.

  3. Is Robyn Brown still with the loser Kody? If so, why on earth would she stay with him? He is a complete loser. She sobs in every episode. She deserves much better than idiot Kody.

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