‘General Hospital’ Nicholas Chavez OUT As Spencer Cassadine

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General Hospital star Nicholas Chavez is officially out as Spencer Cassadine despite there being some hope that he would be back. He had left in January 2024 for another project and was said to be returning when he was done. Now, he is done but what is the reason? Keep reading for more details.

General Hospital Nicholas Chavez OUT As Spencer Cassadine

There has been speculation as to what was going on with Nicholas Chavez. He left his role on General Hospital as Spencer Cassadine in January to star in Monster, a Ryan Murphy production. Yet, it seemed that he would be coming back as soon as filming ended. Unfortunately, it seems that he is now gone for good and won’t be returning any time soon. According to She Knows, insiders are confirming the bad news that Nicholas has officially departed Port Charles though his reps have not said anything just yet. GH has also stayed silent on Chavez’s future.

Nicholas Chavez - Spencer Cassadine youtube
Nicholas Chavez-YouTube

GH was Nicholas’ first real acting job when he joined in 2021 and fans fell instantly in love with him. However, it was a big coup when he was cast in Season 2 of Ryan Murphy’s Monster. This one will revolve around the Menendez brothers who allegedly killed their parents in cold blood. When he took the job on Monster, GH had this to say in support of what he was doing:

“We support Nicholas’ endeavors and look forward to having him return to General Hospital once this project is wrapped.”

The big question for fans is if the character of Spencer Cassadine will be recast. Nicholas was technically the ninth actor to portray the character, starting with Caden & Nicholas Laughlin in 2006. Another set of twins followed with Nicolas Bechtel having the role before Chavez. He was there for seven years until Nicholas Chavez came in and has been there for the last three years. During his time, Nicholas Chavez was nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards, winning one. Now, fans can see him as Lyle Menendez in Monster when that is released.

The Struggle Is Real

Currently, General Hospital fans are struggling with the news that Nicholas Chavez is not coming back. They took to Twitter/X to share their thoughts:

It seems that the viewers want an official statement so that they can put his character to rest for the time being. They have grown to love Nicholas Chavez and what he brought to Spencer. Hopefully, he or the show will say something sooner rather than later to appease everyone as that is what they deserve.

Are you shocked that he is not coming back? Do you have hope for the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I hope that this is not true, and that someone just got the information wrong. we need Spencer back, and soon!! They let Esme go, and now they want to take Spencer to too?? 🥺🥺🥺

  2. If this is true I will miss this Spencer but would hope for a replacement at least! It’s going to be hard to replace this Spencer but we need a Spencer!

  3. Good luck kiddo. I look forward to your future endeavors. Didn’t watch the first Netflix show with Dahmer, but I’ll definitely watch Monster with you in it!

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