‘General Hospital’ Max Gail’s Close Friend Diagnosed With Cancer

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General Hospital alum Max Gail’s close friend has sadly been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was recently shared on his Facebook page, which caused a lot of confusion as everyone thought it was his wife.

General Hospital Max Gail’s Wife Diagnosed With Cancer

Mike Corbin had been an integral part of General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos’ father. He had been played by Ron Hale for fifteen years but they had a very up-and-down relationship. Hale exited the series but then the character was recast with Max Gail stepping into the role. This time, Mike had a different story to tell as he had Alzheimer’s and Sonny had to try to reconcile with a man he struggled with for so many years. They made new memories together as Mike began his transition. The storyline was so incredibly powerful that it garnered Gail two Daytime Emmy Awards.

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When Mike passed away, he was still a presence on the show and viewers did not want to see him leave. It was a powerful and necessary story to tell. More so, it was relevant and, once again, showed the heart that Sonny (Maurice Benard) had under his tough facade. Now, in his personal life, Gail is facing something extremely scary. His wife, Sue took to his Facebook to share her breast cancer diagnosis. She explained that she is taking care of her husband but is still processing the news that she received about herself.

Though she did not share what the General Hospital alum is having surgery for, she did note that she will have more details about her own situation on Wednesday, April 24th. That is when she sees the surgeon. At the same time, Sue is very optimistic and is planning to kick this in the rear as best as she can which is an amazing attitude. Though she is very busy and has a lot to deal with, she is keeping her head on straight despite all in her way.

Fans Send Support

Immediately, fans and followers of Max Gail’s sent in well wishes along with questions to Sue:

  • I hope everything turns out for the best for you and your husband Sue.
  • Are you a regular mammogram lady? When was your very first one?
  • Sending you positive thoughts and a gentle healing process.
  • You have all of the healing vibes headed your way!!
  • You have one large support group with Max’s fans all around you! Prayers your way!

It looks like Sue and Max have a lot of love on their sides which is extremely important during this time. Hopefully, they will both have amazing outcomes. Do you miss Max on General Hospital? More so, would you like to see him pop back up? Let us know in the comments.

*Sending positive vibes your way, Sue!

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