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Nicholas Alexander Chavez is leaving his role as Spencer Cassadine on General Hospital soon. It has been two years since the young actor took over playing the charismatic character originated by Nicholas Bechtel. Now he has gotten another huge chance to show off his acting chops. Only this time it’s a different role. What will he be doing and how will this affect his time on the ABC soap? Read on to find out the details.

General Hospital loses popular actor temporarily

General Hospital’s Nicholas Alexander Chavez has been given yet another great opportunity to add to his acting resume. Deadline was the first to report that he has been cast in season 2 of Ryan Murphy’s Monster: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story on Netflix. This new season will be focusing on the Menendez brothers, who were accused of killing their parents in 1989. In 1996, they were both convicted and serving life sentences without parole.

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The General Hospital star will be playing the role of Lyle Menendez, while Cooper Koch is cast as Erik Menendez. There had been rumors floating around since the news came out that Nicholas would be leaving the daytime show. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case; at least for now. The word is that he will be granted a leave of absence during his time filming the Netflix series. There hasn’t been any time frame at this point. Also, the current writer’s strike will likely play into the timing as well.

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How long Nicholas will be gone from General Hospital and when is all up in the air for now. No details have been announced just yet. His role as the young Cassadine heir is a huge deal right now. Spencer has a lot on his plate with helping to raise his baby brother with his ex Esme Prince. He is also paired up with Trina Robinson, played by actress Tabyana Ali. The two are hugely popular among General Hospital fans. The timing on Nicholas’ temporary leave could very well affect this couple.

Huge deal for Nicholas, but not so much for fans

Despite being happy for Nicholas Alexander Chavez, General Hospital viewers are having a hard time accepting the news of his new role. It’s quite a big deal for the actor, but many feel that it’s just a matter of time before he eventually leaves their favorite soap for good. “I think we all knew Nicholas Chavez would eventually leave GH. He is a great actor, I wish him the best,” one fan wrote on social media. Many others had the same thoughts

In 2021, the show decided to cast Nicholas as an older and more mature version of Spencer Cassadine. There were murmurs of hesitation to accept a different actor. However, he quickly captured the hearts of fans everywhere. The coupling of Spencer and Trina made the bold move even sweeter. He quickly added his first Daytime Emmy in 2022 for outstanding young performer in a drama series.

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