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Allie Johnson loves reality TV. She can't believe she was able to find a job writing about it. Allie has been doing this for two years.
Three seasons later and Yellowstone’s popularity continues to climb. The drama follows the Dutton family. At the head of the table is John Dutton, the father. For over thirty years, he’s maintained the family ranch. Kevin Costner produces and stars in this semi-Western drama. Recap of Yellowstone Seasons 1-3 Currently, Peacock Premium is airing Seasons
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Squid Game continues as a massive Netflix hit. The storyline is a tad bit morbid. However, with Halloween in three weeks, costumes from the mega-hit are bound to show up at your door. This Korean thriller dominates the streaming giant. In fact, the costumes will probably dominate the Halloween holiday. Be on the lookout.