‘Chicago Fire’ Kara Killmer Reveals If Sylvie Brett Could Return

Kara Killmer appears as Sylvie Brett on 'Chicago Fire' Courtesy of NBC

After appearing in nearly 200 episodes, Chicago Fire star Kara Killmer is exiting the show, but will it be for good?

In 2014, Kara Killmer made her Chicago Fire debut as Sylvie Brett, a promising paramedic looking to make her mark. Despite attempting to replace a beloved member of Firehouse 51, Sylvie quickly became integrated into the family. Throughout her 10 seasons on the Chicago Fire, Killmer saw her character involved with her fair share of love interests. On February 28, her character will have what she calls, “a perfect bookend” to her storyline.

Back in November 2023, Variety reported that Killmer would be exiting the show during the show’s 12th season. On February 26, Killmer sat down with Deadline to discuss her exit from the show. She also revealed if fans could expect to see Sylvie ever again.

Kara Killmer Reflects On Her Time On Chicago Fire

In an interview with Deadline, Killmer spoke about her time on the show and what playing Sylvie meant to her. “This is the natural end for her character. It’s kind of a perfect bookend, really,” Killmer said. “I’m selfishly delighted over the fact that Sylvie shows up in Chicago a jilted bride who was dumped at the altar by her high school sweetheart. And then ends up across the aisle in her last episode from Matt Casey, the love of her life. I just love that her character has been able to come full circle and it’s it’s such a great way to exit her journey. It’s sort of perfect timing,” she said.

Offering a little hint of what fans can expect during her character’s sendoff, Killmer reveals that Sylvie and Matt’s [Jesse Spencer] wedding will feature an aquatic theme. In previews for “Port In The Storm,” it appears that the couple will tie the not inside an aquarium. “You know, I think Sylvie is a little controlling, and she’s very organized,” Killmer admitted. “And so the humor and shock that ensues with this revelation that Tony [Anthony Ferraris] has been talking about an aquarium store the whole time, it’s kind of fitting for Firehouse 51.”

Can Fans Expect A Return For Sylvie Brett?

In Season 10, Jesse Spencer left the show as a regular cast member. Matt Casey decided to start a new life in Oregon. But that wasn’t the end of Casey’s story. ”I always said that if you ever want to bring Casey back down the line, I’m open to it,” Spencer told the Chicago Sun-Times. “And it’s fun, because they put me in the middle of a heap of stuff that stirs things up.”

Finding a perfect ending for Casey and Sylvie’s storyline wasn’t too hard for the show’s writers. Killmer says it just made sense. “The relationship that they had had this like a three-year build-up. And I think the writers and the fans all kind of felt like he’s the one,” Killmer says. “I think that those two characters were, as they repeatedly say, they were meant to be. So it’s only appropriate that she would end up with him, which I’m so satisfied with,” she said.

As for her own possible return to the NBC drama, Kara Killmer says that the door is always open. “You never know what’s going to happen at 51,” Killmer revealed. “I think we’ve proven that we love to see familiar faces come back through which is also very true of a real firehouse. It’s a brotherhood and a family bond for life. I could see that happening and I would be more than happy to pop back in.”

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