‘American Idol’ Katy Perry Confused By Weird ‘I Kissed A Girl’ Cover

Katy Perry appears on 'American Idol' | Courtesy of ABC

An American Idol contestant attempted to wow Katy Perry with a weird cover of “I Kissed A Girl” during their audition.

Every year, thousands of hopefuls line up to give it their all during the open auditions on American Idol. And every year, the vast majority of those hopefuls are turned away from advancing on the show. With only a limited amount of gold tickets to go around, the judges need to be very picky with who they advance through to the next round.

With so much riding on one performance, contestants often pull out all of the stops during their audition. For 22-year-old Madaí Chakell, she decided her best chance to get a gold ticket was to win over Katy Perry.

Contestant Confuses Katy Perry With Odd ‘I Kissed A Girl’ Cover

As Chakell took center stage in front of the judges, it became apparent that she was no ordinary contestant. After revealing that she has Broadway experience, Chakell opted to show off her ability to speak in different voices. From speaking like Smurfette to highlighting her British and Southern accents, Chakell impressed the judges with her impressive talent. But when it came time to pick her audition song, Chakell bit off a little more than she could chew.

When asked what she was singing, Chakell couldn’t help but smile. “‘I Kissed A Girl’ by umm Katy Perry. I’m going to get into your bag today,” Chakell told Katy Perry with an infectious swagger. Despite being initially shocked by the contestant’s boldness, Perry quickly played along with her.

“You’re going to get into my bag?” asked Perry. “I’m just gonna pull my bag out and keep it around my, my…I’m gonna lock it up too!”

Without any further delay, Chakell began her performance. From her first note, it was obvious that she was not short on artistic flair. But that artistic flair nearly cost Chakell a chance to move on to the next round. Despite moving around in their seats during her performance, it was clear that the judges had a tough time gauging Chakell’s ability.

Going Back To The Basics

Although it was clear that Chakell had a strong background in performing, Katy Perry asked the Massachusetts native to focus just on her vocals. Perry asked Chakell to sing “Happy Birthday” for a chance to listen to her voice in a no-frills situation.

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan appear on 'American Idol' | Courtesy of ABC
Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan appear on ‘American Idol’ | Courtesy of ABC

The request worked wonders for Chakell. After receiving a light round of applause from Lionel Richie, Perry rang in with praise for the singer. “Okay, Madaí,” Perry said excitedly. “Listen, it is so fun when you could strip it all down. Take all that frosting off and there is still like a great cake.”

After some quick deliberations, Luke Bryan told Chakell that she just wasn’t ready quite yet and gave her a no. But Ritchie and Perry each liked what they heard and sent her through to the next round.  What do you think? Was Chakell worthy of a gold ticket? Let us know in the comments section.

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