‘American Idol’ Truth Behind Katy Perry’s Exit Revealed?

Katy Perry-YouTube

Has the truth behind Katy Perry’s American Idol exit been revealed? She announced that this would likely be her last season as a judge yet she did not really give much context. It did appear she wants to work on her music more but she could still do that with Idol. So, what’s the exact reason? Read on for more details.

American Idol Truth Behind Katy Perry’s Exit Revealed?

For seven seasons, Katy Perry has been a judge on American Idol alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. They have had a lot of fun together but this version of the show never compared to the original. However, diehard Idol fans were still unhappy with her exiting the series.

Katy Perry-YouTube
Katy Perry-YouTube

It appeared that Perry had chosen this time to leave so she could focus back on her music. However, is there a deeper reason for why she is leaving after Season 7? According to The Sun, the root reason is music-related as expected. Yet, it seems to be on a far deeper level than maybe the show would have allowed. Per the show’s hairstylist, Dean Banowetz, Katy wants to: “launch a new album and go on a world tour.”

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan on American Idol / YouTube
Katy Perry, Luke Bryan-YouTube

An additional Idol source added that Katy Perry “has to have time away from the ABC series because she wants to trek around the world promoting new music.” Some viewers felt that when she was on Jimmy Kimmel, Katy was hinting at new music. However, he was solely focused on her exiting American Idol as that was a huge bomb she had dropped.

Replacement Power

Obviously, the dynamic between Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan cannot be duplicated but who do the powers that be have in mind for her replacement? Dean Banowetz spilled the tea on the names that have been circulating in the American Idol world: “ABC is considering Miley Cyrus and Pink to replace Katy in 2025.” Though Jennifer Lopez, who was previously a judge, and Shania Twain have been tossed around, Miley is the one the show really wants. Time will tell who takes over that coveted spot and when the announcement will be made.

Will you miss Katy when she leaves? More so, who do you want to replace her for the time being? Let us know in the comments below.

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