Will Taylor Swift Replace Katy Perry On ‘American Idol’?

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Ever since Katy Perry announced she would not be continuing as a judge for American Idol there has been a lot of speculation about who would be replacing her. Seeing that one of the largest talent competitions in the world is looking for a judge for next year’s show, fans of American Idol want to know who that judge will be. There is no doubt American Idol will be looking for a musical superstar, the biggest and the best that is out there.

Taylor Swift Made The Short List Of Possibilities

Obviously, Taylor Swift made the short list of musical superstars to replace Katy Perry. If American Idol is looking for someone with talent, someone who has been in the music world and someone with a loyal fan base to bring in new viewers, it is hard to imagine finding anyone better than the “Tim McGraw” singer. She has all of that in spades and much, much more.

“She will be offered the job,” the press recently reported.

“That is a long shot…to get the biggest star in the world. But they aren’t holding their breath on getting Taylor.”

Would Taylor Swift Take The Job?

Taylor Swift already has a job. In fact, she already has several jobs. Would she be willing to take on another job? Even if she was willing to take on another job, Taylor Swift being able to find the time in her insane schedule might prove to be difficult.

In addition to her touring, Swift is a prolific songwriter. Would she be willing to sacrifice the time she spends writing her songs to be a judge on American Idol? There is no doubt that would take up a huge amount of her time.

In addition to touring and writing songs, it has been reported Taylor Swift might be publishing a book she wrote as a teenager. Her team has been working on getting a copyright for the book as well as a trademark for both The Tortured Poets Department, the name of her latest album, and its initials “TTPD.” The classification the trademarks were filed for was “merchandise.” That would include items such as clothing and jewelry. If Taylor Swift is going to be starting clothing and jewelry lines, finding time to be a judge for American Idol might prove to be difficult, if not impossible.

Other Possible Replacements For Katy Perry

Taylor Swift may be American Idol’s top pick to replace Katy Perry, but it isn’t the only option available to them. Jennifer Lopez is also in the running. “A return from the past is on the cards,” a show insider recently reported. “J.Lo will be asked to come back. It would be a big get to get her back.” Probably not as big as having Taylor Swift, but Jennifer Lopez is an excellent option.

The American Idol insider went to state “ When people come back, things work… people like nostalgia, and people like Jen.” If fans of American Idol truly like nostalgia, they would be hard pressed to get any more nostalgic than Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, two of the original judges.

Tell us what you think. Are you surprised Katy Perry is leaving American Idol? Would Taylor Swift be a good replacement for her? Would you be more inclined to watch American Idol or less inclined to watch, if Swift was a judge? Who do you want to see as a judge for next year’s season of American Idol? Sound off in the comments below.

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