Who Is Katy Perry’s Shocking Replacement At ‘American Idol’?

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Since Katy Perry made the announcement revealing that she won’t be returning to American Idol next season as a judge, executives have been eyeing a few celebrities for the job. There is one person in particular that they would like to see fill Katy’s shoes, but it may come as a surprise to fans. Keep reading to find out who the shocking replacement might be.

One Person Stands Out As A Possible Replacement

Katy Perry revealed her plans to leave American Idol on February 12 after seven seasons on the show. She told Jimmy Kimmel that it was her time to leave Idol. The 39-year-old singer plans to work on new music and travel the world.

An insider revealed that executives on the show have thrown around several names. “Names like Jennifer Lopez and Shania Twain… are in the frame because they have worked on the show before and are ‘safe’ faces,” the insider shared. However, there is a push for a younger star to replace Katy Perry.

Miley Cyrus may take Katy’s spot at the judge’s table. “Several producers feel she would be ‘perfect’ to judge the show and get headlines like Katy,” the insider said. They believe that her recent Grammys win and her ability to pull in a lot of money at Disney will be driving factors behind the push to bring her to American Idol.

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The source pointed out that Miley Cyrus may bring in a new audience to Idol too. “She is a younger star with an audience that has grown up with her as Hannah Montana and is a celebrated pop star in her own right,” they stated.

Some show executives feel like Miley isn’t “family-friendly” enough to be considered for the role though. There is some pushback about how controversial Miley can be at times. The insider shared that, “Some senior figures at ABC have concerns about the risque and open nature of Miley saying or doing something which is not necessarily family-friendly.”

Because Miley is known to be outspoken, executives are wary of bringing her on board because it may cause division in the audience.

Could Katy Perry Stay On American Idol? 

Execs are still holding onto hope that Katy Perry might change her mind about leaving American Idol. Although she has announced that it is time for her to focus on other things, nothing is stopping her from changing her mind. The ABC insider said that the announcement seemed very staged.

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“What could be better than her doing the season and then deciding to carry on in some capacity – if the money deal is right?” they theorized. Then the insider pointed out that Idol hasn’t gotten this much media coverage or attention in a long time. So, it could potentially be a ploy to get more buzz going about the show.

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