‘American Idol’ Katy Perry Suffers Heartbreaking Death

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Katy Perry has shared the loss of one of her managers, Martin Kirkup, in a teary-eyed social media post. The American Idol judge shared her thoughts on the devastating loss on Thursday. Keep reading to see what she had to say about their 20-year working relationship and more.

Katy Perry Remembers Martin Kirkup In A Tearful Post

Martin Kirkup died on February 4, 2024. Katy Perry waited some time to post about his passing because he didn’t like social media. However, the 39-year-old singer said that she felt called to post something about him because he was so special.

In a post on Instagram Katy Perry wrote, “It’s taken me a little while to make this post…something about posting it makes it all feel, final… and even though Martin wasn’t particularly fond of social media and its sensationalism, I must respectfully take a moment and speak on how special he was and is to me.”

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She continued, “I say this because I personally don’t believe that anyone ‘dies’; they simply move on to the next dimension. They aren’t here anymore, but are now EVERYWHERE.”

The post went on to explain that Martin was one of Katy’s managers at Direct Management for nearly 20 years. “He was the bulldog of our group – the one who always said, ‘Show me the data, the P&L, the science, the facts!'” she remembered of her friend and manager.

The American Idol judge shared that she considered Martin one of her protectors. She said that he was one of the people on her team who always fought to get her what she deserved, even before anyone knew who she was.

American Idol Judge Moving On To Focus On New Music

Katy revealed that Martin got to listen to some of her new music before he passed away earlier this month. “Three days before he passed, he finally got to hear some of what I have been working on and the joy and love that it holds,” she wrote. “I could tell he was excited for the future, and I was so glad I had that last moment to make him proud in my own little way.”

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Image: Instagram/Katy Perry

She recently announced that she would be leaving her role as a judge on American Idol to focus on making new music and traveling the world. In September, Katy plans to be at the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil.

The Dark Horse singer wrapped up her tribute by saying that, although they didn’t get to physically say goodbye, she knows that Martin Kirkup always knew how much love and respect she had for him. For Katy Perry, the sound of his hearty chuckles and well-known comebacks will forever live on in her mind.

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