‘American Idol’: Luke Bryan Shocks With Getting IV On Screen

Luke Bryan On Platinum Tickets [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]

American Idol, yet again, had another first. This time it had nothing to do with the contestants. Instead, it was country music megastar and judge, Luke Bryan, getting an IV at the judge’s table during the audition process. Why on earth did Luke Bryan need an IV?

It Was Katie Perry’s Idea

Katy Perry, one of the three American Idol judges, came up with the idea Luke Bryan was in need of an IV. For years, she has been insisting Luke Bryan follow her down her healthy lifestyle past. Seeing Bryan has never really followed through with her healthy suggestions, Katy Perry took matters into her own hands.

Katie Perry had an IV brought out to the judges’ table for Luke Bryan. It was complete with the IV bag, IV pole and, yes, even the IV needle. In no time at all, Luke Bryan was all hooked up the the IV. The yellow liquid in the IV bag was soon flowing into his veins. Luke Bryan was set up with an IV drip on the set of the American Idol auditions.

What Was In The American Idol IV?

Thankfully, Luke Bryan was not have some sort of a medical emergency. Instead, he was appeasing his fellow American Idol judge, Katy Perry. The country music superstar was taking an IV full of vitamins

“This season I was going to get vitamins into you, even if I had to stab you in the veins with them,” Katie Perry told Luke Bryan. “After seven, frickin’ seasons, you ain’t taken one of them!”

According to Katy Perry, the IV contained several different vitamins.  Those vitamins include Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. She didn’t mention anything about having Vitamin B added to the IV.

American Idol Does Not Stop For IVs

The show must go on and American Idol did just that. Luke Bryan was hooked up IV during a break between auditions. He stayed hooked up to the IV as contestants continued to audition.

“Why do we have to go this route, Luke?” Katie Perry joked. “‘Cause you won’t orally take vitamins. We have to stick you with them.”

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan on American Idol / YouTube
Katy Perry, Luke Bryan-YouTube

Luke Bryan was a “big boy” about the IV incident. The American Idol judge didn’t complain a lot about getting the IV. “I need Katy’s vitamins,” Luke Bryan admitted. He also admitted the worst part of the IV process was having the IV removed from his arm.

Tell us what you think. Did Luke Bryan need a medical intervention in order to get some vitamins? Was Katy Perry right to be concerned about Bryan’s lack of vitamins? Is the set of American Idol be the place to get an IV? Sound off in the comment section below.

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