Fans Livid Over Lionel Richie’s Concert Debacle

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Lionel Richie’s fans aren’t too happy with his recent behavior. This is a surprise because. he has a lot of people that enjoy his music. What did the singer do to get his fans upset? How will they feel about him now? For more on this latest news continue reading.

Fans Livid Over Lionel Richie’s Concert Debacle

Lionel Richie is a musical genius. For decades he has been making music for generations. In the 70’s, he started in the group The Commodores as one of their lead singers, with hits like “Easy,” “Three Times A Lady” and more.

Some years down the line, Lionel went on to build his solo career. As a result, his fan base got bigger, making him pop music royalty. His self-titled debut album was a hit, which is big for any artist. But his second album titled “Can’t Slow Down” proved that he was not stopping in the music business anytime soon. This album became his best-selling album, with approximately twenty million records sold. That’s a huge accomplishment. People seem to love him and his music. So what made his fans turn on him?

Concert No Longer Happening

This past Saturday, Lionel and the musical group Earth, Wind & Fire canceled their performances at Madison Square Garden. Wow, that’s not good news, especially for people who wanted to see them. The concert was a sold-out event, and a large crowd of twenty thousand people attended. All of this just to have to leave and not get the show they were looking for. Surely, there had to be a good reason to not show up to your concert, right?

Blaming It On The Weather

Lionel took to social media and tweeted fans to give them this disappointing news. He stated, “Due to severe weather and being unable to land in NY and surrounding areas, I’m unable to make it to the show tonight. I’m so bummed.” The weather is a serious factor when scheduling events like this. The fans should understand that he had no control over this. Unfortunately, when they are waiting inside the building for an hour after the concert was supposed to start, that is not right. Especially with no immediate explanation.

The concert was set to start at 7:30 pm and he sent out this tweet at 8:30 pm. Professionalism is important to maintain. It would have been better if he kept fans up-to-date instead of sending out this message late. As an artist, it’s hard when plans don’t work out. The same goes for their fans. They spent their hard-earned money on a concert, but that didn’t happen. In another report, one attendee, a nurse, said, “We went out of the way to get the weekend off and now I can’t go on Monday.” She also stated, “Does he think it’s easy for me to take off Monday night? This is New York. We work.”

Will It Be Rescheduled?

In the same tweet, Lionel explained, “We are rescheduling the show to Monday, Aug 14. Can’t wait to perform for you all. Tickets for tonight’s show are valid for the show on Monday.” A nice gesture on his part, however, is it good enough? Everyone might not be able to attend on the new night, as said in the quote in the previous paragraph. After all, it is a work week for most, or they have other plans. Hopefully, things will work out for both Lionel and his fans.

Do you think Lionel Richie’s behavior is justified because unexpected things happened? Or do you believe more should have been done? Let us know how you feel about this in the comments.

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