‘RHOM’ Guerdy Abraira Flaunts Shaved Head Amid Cancer Battle

Guerdy Abraira shaves her head on 'RHOM' | Courtesy of Bravo

During the Season 6 finale of The Real Housewives of Miami, star Guerdy Abraira shaved her head in an attempt to take “control” amid her breast cancer battle.

The dramatic moment comes less than a year after Guerdy first announced her breast cancer diagnosis in May 2023. Despite her initial shock, Guerdy has been open about her struggles throughout her battle. In a February 2 appearance on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Guerdy revealed that she has received an outpouring of support from fans.

“A lot of people are holding it in and going through it alone, or just with their families. And it’s an uncomfortable situation, and that’s not right. And we need it as a community,” Guerdy said. “If anything, I hope people watch the show and say, I will never ask questions. When someone tells me I have cancer, I will hug this person and say, ‘What do you need me to do?’ I will drop everything. I will show up for them and support them the right way.”

In a heart-wrenching moment during the Season 6 finale of RHOM, Guerdy embraced that support.

Guerdy Abraira Shaves Her Head ‘On My Terms’

As she struggled to come to terms with her hair loss, Guerdy turned to her husband, Russell Abraira, to lift her up. “I’ve had no control throughout this entire cancer journey,” said Guerdy. “With chemo, hair loss is one of the main side effects. The only thing I can control, I will, because that hair is going to fall off on my terms.” During the Season 6 finale, Guerdy tearfully sat still as Russell took an electric razor to her scalp.

“I wanted to thank you,” said. Guerdy.

“What, for shaving your head?” Russell asked.

“No, just for being there. Russell, I’m serious. I don’t know what I would have done without you,” Guerdy said.

While speaking to the camera during her confessional, Guerdy praised Russell. ”Russell is my safe space, Russell is my haven. Russell is the zone of me being at peace and I appreciate that and I nurture it every single day.”

‘Guerdyfying’ Her Battle With Cancer

In May 2023, Guerdy took to Instagram to publicly address her cancer diagnosis. “In March, I found out some news about my health,” she wrote in her post. “I was in St. Barts having the time of my life when my doctor called me with results following a regular mammogram checkup. I have breast cancer.”

Guerdy Abraira announces her breast cancer diagnosis | Courtesy of Instagram
Guerdy Abraira announces her breast cancer diagnosis | Courtesy of Instagram

In her post, Guerdy explained that she needed to step away from social media and her fans in order to truly grasp her diagnosis. “It took me a while to process it all and this is why I took a break from social media last month as many noticed,” she wrote. “Many of you reached out to check on me and I am thankful for your caring gestures.”

“I will ‘guerdyfy’ this cancer as I guerdyfy everything else in my life,” wrote Guerdy.

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