‘RHOM’ Fans Outraged By Larsa’s Response To Guerdy’s Cancer News

Larsa Pippen RHOM - YouTube, Bravo

Fans of The Real Housewives of Miami are reacting to a preview clip showing Guerdy Abraira sharing her breast cancer diagnosis with her friend Larsa Pippen. People are appalled by how the RHOM star reacted to her friend’s devastating news. Keep reading to see why fans are so upset.

Guerdy Abraira Shares Her Diagnosis With Larsa Pippen

Viewers took to Reddit to discuss the clip that has been shared online. It shows Larsa and Guerdy having a conversation. Guerdy stops Larsa to tell her that she has breast cancer.

Rather than comforting her friend regarding her diagnosis, RHOM star Larsa Pippen immediately grills Guerdy about the diagnosis by asking her how she knows she has breast cancer. Guerdy Abraira couldn’t believe that Larsa was asking her how she knew she had breast cancer.

Guerdy Abraira RHOM - YouTube, Bravo

Image: YouTube/Bravo

“Are you seriously asking me how I know I have breast cancer?” Guerdy asks Larsa in the clip. She then tells Larsa that she had a mammogram where the cancer was found.

Guerdy Abraira appears to shut down, surprised by her friend’s reaction. Larsa reacts by getting extremely defensive.

It becomes hard for Guerdy to get a word in because Larsa Pippen starts backtracking and trying to remedy the situation without any concern about how her friend feels.

The RHOM star asks Larsa to “stop” and tells her she just needs her to give her a safe space to talk about her diagnosis. She then reveals that she has only told Larsa and her family so far. Eventually, the two Real Housewives of Miami stars squash the argument and move on.

As they are walking away, Larsa Pippen jokes about selling the story of Guerdy’s diagnosis to TMZ. However, Larsa betrays Guerdy’s trust by sharing her news with the other women just six hours later even though Guerdy asked her to keep it to herself.

RHOM Fans Can’t Believe Larsa’s Betrayal

Fans were livid after seeing the preview clip. “I said Larsa was a self absorbed asshole at the end of the last episode and people were trying to say that she doesn’t know yet blah blah. Despite, Guerdy saying to her “when I call for you, be there” and everyone at Marysol’s party prewarning her that it might be something health related and Guerdy was very upset,” one person wrote on Reddit.

Larsa Pippen RHOM - YouTube, Bravo

Image: YouTube/Bravo

“She has the sensitivity of a kamikaze pilot. I’ve never liked her and never will,” one Redditor wrote.

Other people commented on the odd initial reaction that Larsa had. “Larsa is crazy for thinking someone would say they have breast cancer without knowing for sure,” one fan pointed out.

“For that to be the first few sentences you say to a friend after they reveal they have cancer…I’m actually speechless. Is there coming back from that? Dang dude. I would have a hard time maintaining a friendship after that reaction,” another fan agreed.

You can watch the preview clip below. What do you think about Larsa’s reaction to Guerdy sharing her breast cancer diagnosis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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