‘RHOM’ Is Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan’s Split Staged?

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Marysol Patton has accused Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan of staging their breakup. Larsa has come forward to deny any rumors that her split from Marcus isn’t sincere, but is there any truth to Marysol’s claims? Keep reading to see why the Real Housewives of Miami star thinks the entire breakup is a “scam.”

Marysol Patton Questions Larsa’s Split From Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have split, but the pair were seen leaving a flower shop together on Valentine’s Day. The photos snapped of the former couple have Larsa’s RHOM costars questioning whether or not the breakup was staged.

“I’m starting to feel like we’ve all been scammed and my mind is going a million [miles],” Marysol Patton told Alexia Nepola on Monday’s episode of the “Ay Por Favor” podcast. “I’m feeling like this whole little scenario has been some sort of a scam. Here’s one thing that I know, because I had a PR firm and I was a publicist … I know about the press and paparazzi very well and I know where they hang out.”

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Marysol claims that the paparazzi don’t hang out in front of flower shops. “Now all of a sudden you’re in a flower shop together? But how does the photographer know?” Marysol questioned the photos. “That’s not a money maker, hanging out by a flower shop!”

The “Ay Por Favor” podcast host went on to say that the reason the photos upset her so much is that she is concerned for her RHOM costar. “I was like, ‘I’m gonna come see you,’ I unfollowed Marcus. I went into girlfriend mode,” Marysol said of the breakup. “Now when I see the flower paparazzi photos, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, is she playing all of us?’ That upsets me.”

Alexia Nepola agreed with Marysol Patton that the entire scenario seemed “calculated.” The Real Housewives stars clarified that the only reason they were discussing Larsa and Marcus’s relationship was because she hinted at the breakup publicly. Marysol said that they were involved because they were friends and they’d been worried about her.

Larsa Pippen Speaks Out About Marysol’s Claims

It was confirmed earlier this month that Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan broke up. The pair had been dating since 2022. Media outlets noticed that they unfollowed each other on social media and Larsa removed all of the photos they had together on Instagram. During the Super Bowl, the RHOM star posted a cryptic poll asking her followers if their friends should unfollow their exes.

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However, Larsa and Marcus caught the attention of many when they followed each other on social media once again just one week after their alleged break up. That, in combination with being spotted outside the flower shop on Valentine’s Day, has Marysol Patton and other RHOM stars wondering if the split was actually staged.

Larsa Pippen has come forward and stated that nothing Marysol said was true. “[There’s] no truth to their commentary,” she told Page Six. “It is unfortunate that they would criticize a very personal matter that affects me and my family.”

At this point, neither Marcus nor Larsa have spoken up about their relationship status publicly.

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