‘RHOM’ Lisa Hochstein Sued By Ex For Defamation

Lisa Hochstein-YouTube

RHOM star Lisa Hochstein has been sued by her estranged ex, Lenny Hochstein for defamation. The two have been throwing daggers at each other lately. It has become extremely vicious and combative but now it is taking another legal turn. What exactly is going on? Read on for more details.

RHOM Lisa Hochstein Sued By Ex For Defamation

Over the past few weeks, Lisa Hochstein and her ex, famed plastic surgeon, Lenny Hochstein have been throwing allegations at each other. He claimed that she was taking pills without a prescription. Lenny shared that he had a recording of her asking for Klonopin and Adderall. Moreover, he believed that this impacted her ability to parent. He added that their two children were primarily raised by nannies and continued to say the meds made Lisa violent toward him. Then, she showcased a photo of a bruise on her arm which she alleged Lenny gave to her.

Lisa Hochstein-YouTube
Lisa Hochstein-YouTube

Fans chimed in, saying that they had seen it on the show and wondered where it had come from. Unfortunately, things have now gotten worse. According to Page Six, Lenny is suing his ex for defamation. He filed the suit on Friday, December 1st stating that the accusations Lisa spewed about domestic violence were false. More straightforward, he called them “lies.” For reference, when Lisa posted the pic of her bruised arm, she added this:

 “Didn’t want to have to share this. But I’m left with no choice. I’m being threatened and harassed through the court system and through ‘others’ by Lenny and it needs to stop. This was almost 2 weeks old from last season. You may have caught this bruise on the episode when I opened up to the women on the show about the divorce.”

Moreover, Lenny Hochstein feels he has been put in a position to repeatedly defend his character. Now, in his suit, he explains how she actually got the bruise on her arm. Allegedly, she was yelling at him as he returned from a day at work. Unfortunately, this was apparently something that happened often. Finally,  Lenny tried to exit the situation but his ex was relentless and “fell on a stair.” Thus, that was how she obtained such an injury.

What’s Next?

So, what happens next between Lenny and Lisa Hochstein now that the suit has been filed? More so, what happens to their two children? As of now, Lenny claims he consulted with a doctor who says this bruise is not “consistent with any abuse whatsoever.” Currently, Lenny wants 100K plus attorney’s fees but he had previously accused his ex of draining him dry. Lisa did share that she has yet to receive any suits but is not shocked by this happening by any means.

Only time will tell where this will go next. Do you think Lenny is telling the truth or are they both in hot water? Let us know in the comments below and watch RHOM Wednesdays on Bravo.

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