Lenny Hochstein Files Urgent Petition, Lisa Bleeding Him Dry?

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Lenny Hochstein has filed an urgent petition against his estranged wife, Lisa. In the petition, Lenny accuses his estranged wife of “bleeding him” using a “cash grab” that should be considered “marital waste.” How exactly is Lisa Hochstein bleeding Lenny dry? Keep reading for the juicy details.

Lenny Hochstein accuses Lisa of squeezing him for cash

According to Page Six, Lenny has filed an “urgent petition” as he accuses his estranged wife of trying to hit him where it hurts by bleeding his bank account dry. Lenny claims Lisa is abusing the use of grocery and food delivery apps and spending excessive amounts of money in short windows of time.

Per the outlet’s exclusive report, Lenny Hochstein is asking the court to compel the Bravo personality to respect their previous agreements. Lenny goes on to reveal that Lisa has blown thousands of dollars via Instacart in just a single month.

The petition accuses Lisa of bleeding Lenny of over $10,000 via grocery and food delivery apps. In his petition, he’s asking the court to sanction Lisa for a “cash grab.”

Lisa responds: Claims he’s violating a previous order

Now, Page Six reveals Lisa Hochstein has filed paperwork to the court a day after Lenny did. In her filing, she reveals Lenny cut her off from having access to Instacart, Uber Eats, and Uber. Lisa argues cutting her off from these accounts is a direct violation of their previous agreement.

Lisa Hochstein also accuses her ex Lenny of showing up at their marital home “unannounced.” She claims these random visits have left her feeling uncomfortable and threatened by him.

The Bravo personality recalls one example of Lenny showing up at the home with his mother. Lisa claims Lenny “verbally berated” her and called her a “felon” in front of their children.

Lenny Hochstein allegedly said that Lisa would be headed off to jail soon and their children would finally have a better mother (referring to his girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa).

Presently, per their agreement, Lenny is paying Lisa $8,000 a month in support. Likewise, he’s also paying her hefty legal fees. Lisa is also fighting Lenny for their Miami home. Unfortunately for her, the prenup orders her to move out of the home. The two are currently in a battle to see whether the prenup holds up as she fights to overturn it while he fights for it to be enforced.

Is Lisa Hochstein in the wrong if she’s truly spending over $10,000 a month on grocery and food delivery? Do you think the court will throw out the prenup? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Bravo news.

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