Robyn Brown Tells Janelle She Never Really Wanted Kody

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In a preview for an upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown gets candid about her feelings toward Kody with Janelle. The TLC personality implies to her sister wife that she never really wanted Kody to begin with. What she actually wanted was the full package. What he had to offer.

Robyn Brown tells Janelle she never wanted Kody

As we previously reported, Robyn Brown got super candid with her feelings toward Kody while speaking with Janelle. Robyn admits that she wishes she had the opportunity to social distance from Kody. Turns out, she’s a bit envious of his other wives. Moreover, Robyn Brown also implied while speaking to Janelle that she settled for Kody. She explained that she had tons of other courting opportunities. Kody Brown was never what she really wanted.

Robyn Brown explains that the decision to marry Kody and marry into his family wasn’t because she fell head over heels for him. Kody Brown offered Robyn what none of her other suitors had. Kody had an established plural marriage already. He had three wives. And, he was looking to bring another one into the mix. Robyn Brown knew she wanted a plural marriage and he had one ready to offer her.

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Sister Wives – TLC

The COVID-19 pandemic pushing Kody to spend more and more time with Robyn has her reflecting on the fact that Kody is never what she really wanted. Robyn explains that Kody spending so much time in her house is suffocating to her. It is making her feel as though she’s in a monogamous relationship. And, she never wanted that.

Robyn admits she had a lot of other choices — and implied they were better choices — if a monogamous relationship was what she desires. So, like the rest of his wives, Robyn really needs to get to a place where Kody is not spending so much time in her household.

Janelle and Christine agree

Janelle agrees that too much Kody is not a fun time. She explained it was “a lot of work” to have Kody in her home more than just a couple of nights a week. Both she and Christine agreed they like their independence away from Kody. Christine Brown added during a confessional that the wives just have more fun when Kody isn’t in the picture.

Kody and Robyn Brown scowl feature
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Does it surprise you to know that Robyn Brown wanted Kody’s family and lifestyle more than she wanted him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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  1. They should make their own decisions ! he’s a tyrant and his other kids are big enough to decide for them selves and he should of went to hospital for daughter surgery!he made more ridiculous rules than he needs to.they should all leave!!Kody cares about Kody!

    1. Amen. But Mery will not be happy with Robyn. Mery devorce kody so he can adopt her kids. And their relationship went south after that

  2. Kody Brown is more interested in his relationship with Robyn & made his covid rules to get his way. Looks like it backfired on him. Good for the ladies! Go team wives.

  3. well, I call it “be careful what you wish for. You just may get it”. Robyn wanted a polygamist marriage and by golly she got one. Why any woman would want to share her husband with other so called sister wives is just plain crazy. Do I feel sorry for Robyn or any of the women” Heck no. And the fools put their lives out in front of the world, dragging their children into the mess. Kody is a class #1 jerk. And Meri, Janelle and Robyn are fools to want him. Christine finally figured it out after 27 years. She and her kids are so much better off without that bum. He could not even go to New Jersey for his daughters major surgery! He uses covid as an excuse but I believe he just could not leave his favorite Robyn. Now he regrets not going. Kody, too little, too late. Robyn, you need to understand that he is all yours. Be careful what you wish for!

    1. As I have read the clan isn’t vaccinated. Christine just received her first one. They haven’t been truthful about that fact. The show wants drama.

  4. There have been signs from the beginning that Kody is primarily about his own wants and needs. Christine being in labor with Truely and Kody making out with Robyn in the driveway instead of speeding off to be with Christine pretty much tells you where his head is at most of the time. I do not understand why these women feel that they don’t deserve better. Each one has gifts and talents to be a strong productive team with a lifemate that will truly love them for themselves.

  5. Cody should be the who quarantines 2weeks after leaving one home. Stay 3/4weeks with one then isolate for 2 wks b/4 going to next house for 3/4 wks. Isolating at meri’s would have worked out . He should have gone to new Jersey! Period!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kody can’t handle being on his own. He’s too much of a narcissist. What audience would he have if he was by himself for 2 weeks? I think Robyn just didn’t want to struggle financially by herself and a partner. I think she thought the other 3 wives were actually closer to each other emotionally than they truly were. Mery was her friend, as she’s the one that pointed Robyn out to Kody as a possible 4th wife. (Did I remember that correctly?) Something weird must’ve happened with Mery divorcing Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn, because of the huge change in the relationship.
      It’s the children that have my sympathy. Are any of them saying they are going to live a plural marriage? Last I knew all of them, the ones old enough, were saying no to that lifestyle. What must they have witnessed, or felt like over the years of seeing their father treat his wives poorly? Plus what did they hear their mothers say about the other wives? One can wonder.
      I couldn’t watch after seeing they were paying for Uhauls to store things out on the property. Don’t they have Pods out there? Or find used shipping containers. The waste of money.

  6. As I have read the clan isn’t vaccinated. Christine just received her first one. They haven’t been truthful about that fact. The show wants drama.

  7. I think Robin needs to go to the Doctor and have her neck checked out. It looks to me awful large and not the way it looked at the previous shows. Just to be on the safe side.

    1. Deb I thought the same thing I bet she has thyroid problems but it still don’t keep her from running that mouth of her’s

  8. I don’t believe a word that Robyn says, nobody forced her to become Codys wife, and when Meri divorced him so that Robyn could be legal, she could have said “NO”, but she didn’t as she wanted him to adopt her kids from a previous marriage. She screwed Meri out of having a part in the family as Cody immediately pushed Meri to the side….but in the end, Meri won, she can walk away from Cody whenever she wants and hopefully that will happen soon.

  9. I don’t believe a single thing sobbing Robyn says! She will do or say anything to make people think she isn’t ecstatic about being kodys one and only! She is a manipulator and narcissist just like Kody.

  10. I think Cody and Robyn should just move out..Then the ladies behind will be great..Cody is the problem,he is a male pig..his way or the high way…Ladies you can do so much better..❤️🇨🇦

  11. Are we going to see Kody on Searching for Sister Wives next?
    Thinking that anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want him, unless they are looking for public attention of course!!!!

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