Christine Brown Finally Fell Into Kody & Robyn’s Master Scheme And Broke?

Christine Brown Credit: YouTube

Christine Brown was never one that Kody was truly in love with and that has been clear from the start. He admitted he was not attracted to his former third wife upon courting her. Yet, they got married and went on to have six children. However, Christine was the one seemingly getting played by Robyn and Kody the most. Did they want her to leave all along?

Christine Brown- Leery Of Robyn From The Getgo?

Meri was the one who encouraged Kody to ask Robyn to dance when they first saw her at a gathering. It was all sparks from there. He was on a three-wife rotation which quickly got shifted as soon as Robyn entered the courting phase. Kody would travel a handful of hours just to take her out on dates. However, this posed a problem as his third wife, Christine was at home and pregnant.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC

At the time, Kody and his original three wives Meri, Janelle, and Christine all lived in one home built by a polygamist in Utah. Each wife had their own section with their children but the kids would share space. As it was later discovered, Christine was given the basement which is the least desired spot for any wife in a plural family to reside in. She was also the real homemaker, taking care of the young kids and homeschooling them. Though she loved it, there was so much more to her she wanted to explore.

'Sister Wives'/YouTube
‘Sister Wives’/YouTube

During the beginning of Sister Wives, Christine admitted she was hesitant about Robyn. Though she said she could be really great, it seemed only time would tell. They wanted a wife there for the right reasons. As the episodes would go on, Christine would go into labor with her sixth child, Truely. Yet, Kody was off on a date with Robyn and they were kissing. This could not have been easy to watch. Now, Christine has left the family and is glowing while Kody and Robyn are out prancing their marriage. Did they want her gone all along?

Christine Brown- No Longer In The Way

When the pandemic hit, it was pretty clear Kody only had intentions of being in one home- Robyn’s. He set up these extremely high rules that were beyond what the CDC wanted. In the most recent Sister Wives episode, Christine confronted Kody about he and Robyn had a nanny. She could not understand how a nanny and her husband could be around the family but Christine’s kids could not. What did the nanny do that allowed her such privilege?

Sister Wives meri Brown Robyn Brown

This revelation and talk came after much distress between Christine and Kody. She admitted they had been struggling in their marriage for quite some time. He had also said he was open to the idea of moving back to Utah which he clearly was not. This made her feel extremely betrayed. To add to this, he refused to come to New Jersey for their daughter, Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery. He was uncomfortable with having to be away from his family for about six weeks. By this time, he had no relationship with Meri and Janelle had chosen her kids over Kody.

Christine and Ysabel Brown via YouTube
Christine and Ysabel Brown via YouTube

To be fair, he and Janelle had been financial partners for their marriage so she was never a threat to Robyn. She always said she preferred to be outside of the home. As for Meri, she got very close to Robyn but that was used to Robyn’s advantage and now she means nothing. Christine was the only one who really had a love for Kody but she did not follow the rules. Robyn admitted she did and that’s what kept him around. In early November, Christine left the marriage.

Do you think Robyn helped Kody push Christine Brown away so she could have him all to herself? Let us know in the comments below.




Amanda Lauren


  1. I believe that was her plan from the beginning, Janelle is next and Meri is no threat and a Robyn knows it. She is a very bad person

      1. I never trusted Robin from the beginning. She got Meri to divorce Kody, he adopted her kids and did you ever notice throughout the years in her confessional she fake cried never shedding a real tear!?

    1. Yes Robyn is selfish and kody is smitten by her… And controlled by her. But I don’t think either one wanted her to leave. I think they both wanted her to continue to provide the support and contribute to the family regardless of how they treated her. They both have an ego built on the idea of plural marriage. Jody admitted that if his success left at this point it would be a blow to his ego

    2. Definition of selfish: Uprooting 4 well adjusted households from their homes, schools and friends from Las Vegas and moving to Arizona with nothing but a dream, what a freaking joke, so selfish!. Shame on Kody, moving to another state into crappy rentals while waiting for his land to turn into homes. Just going on a whim with well adjusted happy kids and move and have NO HOUSING, NO PLAN.l, just a dream…oh but your the head of the household, the man in charge. Is there even plumbing and electric lines? Oh, I will be watching for construction, stocking up now on popcorn to watch a clown run a circus. Robyn is as fake as they come, A Nanny? lol seriously how about you nanny your kids cause your going to be BROKE soon. So good to see the other women waking up and realizing they deserve better. Can’t Wait for a spin off with the ladies, and Cody and Robyn making guest appearances Cheers!

    3. Yes. She also is the one that made the suggestions of covid rules for Cody to write down.I agree with Christine. BS on Robin needing a nanny yet not letting family in to visit!!! Also is she that lazy and privileged to even have a nanny! The rest of world did homeschooling on our own.

      1. Robyn is gross and Cody is worse – they both look mad and miserable all the time and the other 3 wives look great and happy without him….. coincidence ????

    1. I have been watching this show for years, I’m still trying to figure out what the purpose of plural marriage is

      1. Could not agree with you more. The only purpose I see for any of the wives is to feed Kodys narracisism

      2. One of the basic tenets of the Mormon cult (oops — “religion”) is the more wives and children a man has, the larger the planet he will receive when he dies. Mormons believe the men will all have their own planets and have control over it’s inhabitants – all the gullible women who agreed to be his “wife.” This planet will be much like the cult communes most of them live in now, especially the one in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona (the “Jessop Commune”)

        1. Your statement is very very true I happen to live in Utah and the Mormon church rules the state they actually bought a street that runs right by the LDS temple where you are not allowed to hold hands or show any signs of affection or use foul language and there is a dress code. But what is truly funny is how they have their hands in Pepsi and Coors beer but they’re against caffeine and alcohol. . What I’m wondering next is will Cody have to pay child support for Trudy now that him and Christina are divorced .

  2. I think Janelle Mary Christine all should leave Kody…that is what Robyn wants…she can cry and play innocent but that is what she wants.

  3. Clearly cody has some emotional or drug related issues. His hyperactivity and lack of verbal filters and chovinistic tendencies prove there is something “off” about him. What a catch girls!

      1. You are so right when you say she is selfish. Why does she have a nanny? She doesn’t work outside the home she should be looking after her own kids.

        1. Exactly. She is home 24/7, and the kids are 21, 18, 16, 10 and 5. Surely the 21, 18 and 16 year olds don’t need a nanny. The 10 year old doesn’t need constant supervision. The only one that would need a nanny is the 5 year old. Exactly what occupies her attention all day, so much so she needs a nanny?

  4. They are not broke they are on tv and as for robyn she’s the mastermind behind all the crap happening. She’s a selfish greedy bitch

    1. I agree about Robyn being a greedy bi÷÷ch. If Janelle pulls her money from the family finances where would Kody and Robyn be.

    2. I agree with Elaine Robyn is a back stabber in my opinion. Meri & Janelle should leave too. Robyn may have to get a real job to help out instead of being a mooched

  5. I think you guys have it all wrong about Robyn ! Christine wants something that none of the other family members want Utah and I do think she struggles with Kody and Robyns relationship because there is respect and admiration between them. And Christine has checked out but that’s not the fault of Robyn you can tell Robyn is a very genuine and nice person that tries to keep the family together hang in there Robyn and don’t listen to some of these mean girls!

    1. Based solely on what I’ve seen on the show, Robyn is fake, honestly. She does whatever she needs to do to stay in Kody’s good graces, regardless of how it impacts the rest of the family that she claims to love. Can you honestly say that Robyn isn’t thrilled to have him there 99% of the time now? She’s ecstatic! Kody doesn’t respect Robyn…he just loves the fact that she bows down to him and doesn’t question him. There’s a HUGE difference. If Robyn was a “genuine and nice person” she would have insisted that Kody go be with his daughter for her surgery. Christine was smart for leaving that s*it’s how of a marriage!

      1. You are absolutely right. Robyn would have insisted that Kody be with his daughter during her painful and frightening surgery if she were a decent human being. Both are selfish and sanctimonious and they deserve each other.

        1. Kody is a closeted homosexual. He hates himself the most and it spills out on the entire family. He needs to just admit he doesn’t really like women at all.

    2. Wow you need to catch up! Kody & Robyn belong together they’re both phony snakes in the grass! Neither one of them are worth anyones time. Best thing that’s happened to Christine is her light bulb turning on & leaving the ass! Good for Janelle has her priorities correct…children over…yes…the ass! As for Meri…she’s pathetic..she’s like a dog hanging around the table waiting for any scraps of food that falls…again..yes…from the ass!

    3. LOLOLOLOL!!! Please tell me you don’t really believe that!! Robyn is a scheming shrew and will eventually get Kody all to herself. What a lucky lady!! NOT!!!

    4. Totally agree ,, Christine made her choices and sometimes there are consequences for those choices. Same as Mary when she was talking to a man outside of her marriage. Or shall I say a woman. I think people picking on Robin is unfair.

    5. R U serious? Oh, did I tell you that the aliens that live in my back yard are dying to meet you. They think that your comment was spot on. After your comment I am sure that you will believe that. Oh, and crazy just called, it wants its brain back.

  6. Meri and Janelle leave kody now he doesn’t want you too .. christine I give you alot of credit for leaving ❤❤❤

    Now the children meri Janelle christine
    Should all stand together and go after kody ( legal) for child support $$$ .. see you children has there eyes wide open to kody .. the children knows it was there mom’s who support $$$ and understand the children with lots of love ..
    So if these kids do this .. they would show Robin and kody and there kids
    That these kids has control and when kody to pay his share for there heart ache by money …
    Get the money kids – even if they donate money away .. show your father who is boss !!! The children of meri christine Janelle ❤ ♥ 💖 💕

    1. I agree he’s been with Robin only an that’s what he wants the other moms should slam him with child support an then all sell his property which I’m sure they paid for, he does nothing for anyone but himselfl

      1. Totally agree!! It’s so very obvious that Robyn is the favorite. Why the heck does she need a nanny?? She is a SAHM and she should be looking after her own children. She’s just a greedy b1+ch!! I have never liked her from the moment she was introduced to the show.

  7. Don’t forget Kody moved the entire family so Robyn’s son could go to college in AZ and live at home. Kody didn’t care that meant Janelle’s son would have to leave in the middle of his senior year of high school. She’s toxic to a family that worked fine before she arrived.

    1. Never felt comfortable with Robin she is a snake in the grass. She worked it like she wanted to and that was to play on meri sympathy and get her to divorce Cody,so her kids would be covered by insurance. I think it was the best thing for Meri myself it brought her out of her shell. Robin is getting her way by manipulating everyone. Girls wake up if he looses Janette then he is on his own financialy.

      1. I don’t buy the “so Robyn’s kids could get insurance.” Most divorces where children are involved, the insurance is covered by the father of the children. I have been a Certified Paralegal for over 40 years. That excuse is a no-go for me. Besides, she could EASILY go on the website and find good insurance with VERY low payments. Heck, she might even get it for free since she doesn’t work and has to support her kids. Since Kody adopted them, now her ex is not responsible for any of their needs. I wonder how the kids feel about being completely cut off from their father. Robyn and Kody have done a horrible disservice to those kids.

        1. When Robyn 1st came into the “family” she made a big scene on earlier show that the ex husband was abusive that’s supposedly why she divorced him. She also spoke badly of the ex in front of her kids something she NEVER should have done as they were young & impressionable.

          1. I’m not saying I believe that the ex was as I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth!!

        2. Wasn’t there an issue of domestic violence? In addition wouldn’t the biological dad have to sign off on the adoption unless abandonment or abuse or legal issues. Plus was Robyn a spiritual wife before ? How do the kids factor in legally in Morman plural marriage?

        3. Did anyone cry when Kody was talking to his son on their property? That boy needed a hug so badly but whimp-a** Kody walked away from him.

      2. Meri offered to divorce kody so he could marry Robyn so her kids could be adopted and become officially part of the brown family. As soon as the divorce was final, Robyn and kody started alienating meri from the family. It’s no wonder Meri fell victim to the catfishing scam. As much as I’m not a huge Christine fan, I’m proud of her for walking away. It took guts to walk away! Good for her!

  8. Cody & robin are ment to be. As long as they are together the rest of the family may truly be able to seek out true love. It’s clear that the other wives have back bone, where robin does not. The other wives are strong women and are not easily manipualed by Kody, making them not a good match for ” king kody”. I ‘ m not aganst poligamy , but he is not all that.

  9. Watching the show you Could tell that Kody. Only wants to be with Robin. Everything the other wife’s want gets shut down, it’s all about Robin.

  10. I have always believed that from the very beginning this marriage would break due to Robyn and it has. She should never have been allowed near them. Now she is also the legal wife, what scheming she’s a mastermind at it, and he is just as bad.

  11. This guy act like a pimp straight up. For rating the network allows these women to be mistreated by Koby. Who advised them about signing property contracts? Did they have legal counsel and can they just sell their parcel of land without Koby consent. Meri is the most successful of all the women. She proof her smart when she set up her B&B without the family help. Good thing she and Koby were divorced. NEXT QUESTION WHY WOULD ROBIN CHILDREN BIOLOGICAL END HIS PARENT RIGHTS FOR HIS CHILDREN. THE NETWORK IS CONDONING THIS BEHAVIOR FROM KOBY?

  12. Kody and Robyn have been in love right from the get go
    This is what is really wrong with polygamy
    As for what R & K have turned into with their scheming they will be the ones on the property and all the other wives will be out
    I think the 3 wives should get together and sue K & R before the outcast wives lose everything
    I dislike K’s face and the hate and anger he shows to the wives
    He’s trapped and he doesn’t have the guts to get out

  13. Kody is a jerk. Kody will always be a jerk. He wouldn’t even support his daughters major surgery. She wanted him there and called out for him in recovery. And then said it was vacation time for her supportive mother after saying why can’t the kid go herself. Get out of the way girls ..
    He’s Robyn’s man only.

    1. I had caught that as well when he said to Christine about her vacationing in New Jersey!
      Like ok, your daughter has had major back surgery but yes it was a total vacation kody 🤨
      Total A$$.

  14. The rules Toby’s supports and Kody informed, are not even guidelines from the CDC! He claims they are from his doctor? Pfffft Robyn is behind all this, the dismantling of the family. The kids even see it because they contacted her over it! She is manipulative and plays the crying victim well. She deserves a Oscar. 👋
    As long as she supports Kodys crazy outdated rules, she fills his ego so far up his keister, he doesn’t see it. She is submissive to him, that’s what he wants.

    1. If her daughter even has panic attacks it is from Robyns manipulation, acting like she is stressed until she upsets her, or either the daughter is manipulative also, Kody to to carried her up the stairs , but won’t go to be with his daughter having surgery and she could have died! What a piece of work him and Robyn are. Yes Robyn tantics are seen clearly. Anyone defending her is wrong. No they over played covid to long. Yes people panicked first few months, and yes covid is real. Family still can be cautious and get together.

  15. We all knew from the moment Meri divorced Kody, both Robin and Kody treated Meri like crap. What I want to know is why is Meri letting them treat her worse then ever. Why is she staying. Is it a plan to mess up Robyn and Kody’s relationship or is she a ding bat who is a glutten for punishment. She has two very successful business guys like her. I mean Really Meri. Shut the show down. Make a new one with just Meri ( if she leaves him) and Christine. If Jennell leaves add her also. Let Kody and Robyn go get lost. Cut the shows money off to those two see how long that marriage lasts.And finally why in the world does Robyn need a nanny. I missed that episode if there was one.

    1. Meri said she’s staying in the marriage so that she gets into heaven…
      As far as the nanny goes, that’s ridiculous! She doesn’t even work! That kind of frivolous spending is why they’re hard up for cash now!

  16. What Robyn and Kody did to Meri, out of selfishness, was deplorable and bs. I’m wishing Meri would go, get out, and find herself a decent partner. Janelle is sharp as a tack, and can move on w/o Kody. Christine was/is? truly in love with the jerk, and is deeply hurt. She whines alot tho. Robyn deserves the jerk, she’s just nasty and selfish.

  17. Kody is such a duch bag. Those women have supported him all these years. Mary is crazy for allowing him to treat her the way he does. Hope fully Christine can stay strong he’s using them all and not supporting his kids exceptRobin. Dump him lady’s see if Robyn can support him

  18. I’m glad Christine left and can finally live her life as she wants. The other wives should follow her steps…and Robyn, well she has always been trouble. I would like to see kody looking for a new wife to add to see how Robyn would handle that hahaha

  19. Robyn has the Marriage Certificate, the biggest house..mansion.., A Nanny for 2 kids, She’s a Stay. At Home Wife not a stay at home mom because her kids have the Nanny., Robyn also has the most properties in her Name,…the other 3 wives have what?, shared property in Robyn’s name too with them and No Homes just rentals. Robyn made a killing…came in and took it all from the other wives..spiritual wives that is.

  20. Why does Robyn need a nanny. She has 2 small children and 3 that are pretty well grown up. Christine took care of her own 6 plus helped with Janelle’s 6 while Janelle was out working. It is so obvious that it is all about Sobbin’ Robyn. Kody “couldn’t “ be with Ysabel for her surgery, why? Quarantine time away from the only wife and kids he cares about. Even Janelle is fed up. And the way he treats Meri is borderline cruelty, maybe even over that line. These three ladies deserve so much better. Robyn and Kody deserve one another. Wait another 10 years, let’s see if he trades her in for a younger model and divorces her.

  21. Robyn was always the favorite from the get go, she always plays the poor little victim by crying, after last week episode Janelle might leave if he doesn’t smarten hi!!!!!

  22. I’ve wondered if Meri is staying with Kody so she’ll still be included in the TV show? If she leaves she won’t be paid anymore and I’m SURE it’s a HUGE paycheck!! I suspect Christine will miss that money!! Maybe Christine will get a spin off show! Time will tell.

    1. Meri said she stays so she can get into heaven. Whether that is true or not, who knows????

      To me, the really sad thing is she followed all his rules, and she was never invited to Robyn’s house to see the kids. That whole “We didn’t know how Janelle and Christine felt about it” bs could have been handled day one. Kody has never had a problem using his mouth, exactly why didn’t he use that mouth to ask Christine and Janelle how they would feel about it? The answer is the pandemic has him a very good excuse to stay with Robyn without any questions from anyone.

      1. Their religion believes that women only get to heaven when your husband gets there and calls you by your secret name. Only you two know the name taken at your wedding.

        1. Are you kidding me? Where is the scriptural backing on that one? Secret name. Does hearing your husband speak your secret name supersede God wanting you in His Kingdom? No, it most certainly does not. To me, it sounds like a thinly veiled misogynistic control card played to keep women under a man’s thumb. Not uncondItional love granted by God.

          1. That comes from the Book of Mormon, the Mormon’s Bible. It is false doctrine and FLDS is a cult, just like Mormonism.

      2. Meri is putting way too much faith in Kody to get her into heaven! Will someone tell her that Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through me.”

  23. STOP this show. Cody is THE WORST PERSON IVE EVER SEEN ON T.V. Snooki is a better person than Cody and his UGLY TERRIBLE WIFE ROBYN. SHES TRASH. I feel so sorry for his OTHER CHILDREN!!!!! The children HE LEFT. How could he do that to his daughter that needed him when she was in the hospital. Plz woman leave him. Call the network. Start harassing them to stop filming this trash bucket of a man.

  24. Kody is a total dick and Robyn is a conniving bitch with a capital BITCH. Meri is pathetic. Hanging around for crumbs and money. Leave the asswipe and be happy. Janelle should leave the Raman noodle haired Kody. He is not a man. Let Robyn have him. They deserve each other. Both are conniving, lying, and manipulating assholes. Kody is a useless excuse for man. Missing his daughter’s surgery. What kind of father does that,Covid or no Covid. Oh sorry he is not any kind of father except for Robyn’s kids. Useless man and useless woman.

  25. Meri, Christine and Janelle. Get your hardworking money out of that family that supports Kody and Robyn’s very expensive home and nanny. Which she dies not need! She does not want work! She cannot take care of 2 children? Yet Christine helped the other Sister wives taking care of their kids when they lived in Utah. Why dies Robyn get the almost $900,000 home and does not work but the other Sister Wives have to pay and take care of their own homes, then give money into the family. What is that all about? What the hell does Kody do? He has treated his other wives like shit especially Meri and she gave up her marriage and Kody totally ignored her! He is not a man! He is selfish and Robyn is helping him destroy is other spiritual marriages as well! Ladies, leave break all financial ties and watch the empire fall! You all deserve much better!

  26. Ths show is so degrading for the spiritual wives and children!!! The show does NOTHING ..NOTHING to show us viewer’s any kind of love for the children nor true commitment for the women from KOTY BROWN. Its disgusting and very hard to watch. TO know TLC promotes this crap… MERI AND JANELLE take yourselves and your money and find someone that really VALUES you and show your children that hey are worthy of so much more!

  27. How this absolute pig of a man found even one woman to marry him is beyond me. He is a narcissistic, sociopathic misogynist who treats his wives and kids like absolute garbage unless they’re doing exactly what he wants, when and how he wants. He is so vile, nothing to look at and constantly uses the wrong words making him look like an even bigger tool than he is. How anyone finds him even remotely attractive, physically or otherwise, is mind boggling. His personality and his child like fits grate on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard. And Robyn…she deserves him. She is the female version of him. Gross and double gross!!

  28. I think all of them should leave cody hes a real douche bag i mean he didn’t even go to his own daughter’s surgery if robyn wants to stay finetshe is stuck up his but anyway

  29. I have watched the show for years, for the life of me I still cant figure out why Merri stays, I’ve heard all of her excuses, I’ve been single for over 20 years, I’m able to take care of myself, go where I want, do what I want, I have kids, grandchildren, plus my best friend of 30 plus years..we travel, go do what we want.. I just dont get her…leave , run forest, yes, i do believe Robin has some intentions about the whole situation…as far as kody…ugh…please.

  30. First off, Kody is a D***!!! Like most men “He is stupid!!!” Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and above all Honesty support from all of them is broken. The kids are suffering the most in this mess!!! Number 1 priority are the kids!!! Kody keeps putting all the blame and pointing fingers at the women “except Robyn, we all know about how she has/is effecting the family.” Giving their religion/beliefs, THE LEADER….KODY needs to take a couple of steps back and take a really good LOOK at HIMSELF!!! He is the one that has DROPPED the BALL!!! The way he talks about his wives behind their back/in front of the camera/to the world while sitting on the couch by himself is in very very poor taste. Yes, the women talk sitting on the couch etc….etc. in the same, but in a more tactful way. PEOPLE…your kids see and hear this rather it be from TV or in home. Kody has lost any respect from the older kids that are still at home. What happened to communication and support for your kids?? Use your phone, video call or meet them in person 6ft apart…geeez!!!!! One son said he hasn’t seen his dad in 8 months….REALLY???? that is screwed up man and not going to support your daughter for her surgery???? HEY KODY YOU COULD HAVE DONE THAT BY USING YOUR OWN RULES THAT YOU PASSED OUT!!!! So what if you had to sit in quarantine, that is a shorter time period than 8 months!!! QUIT WHINING and be a MAN, grow a set of b**** and be supportive for your family!!! Your the one that is being lazy/taking the easy way out.

    What a stupid selfish jerk!!!!

    Ladies grab your kids and RUN!!!

    He can start over with another set of women and they can pay your child support!!!!

  31. I hope that Janelle gallows Christine’s lead. Would love to see Meri do it also, but reality is she’s not going anywhere. Meri needs to re-watch past seasons and see how they talk about her. She is clearly dead to him. I am SO proud of Christine for seeing the reality of the situation and running for the hills. Should’ve happened after he refused to go support Ysabel for her back surgery. Robyn is very manipulative in my opinion. But she gets things fine for her and her kids…even to the detriment of all his other kids. If I didn’t dislike her so much, I’d be impressed by her master manipulater skills. Don’t even get me started on him

  32. Cant stand Robyn..she got exactly what she wanted. Kody is using covid as an excuse to be with Robyn only. He should be ashamed of himself not going to be with his daughter when she needed him to satisfy Robyn..the other wives need to take their money and children and leave this idiot. I have to laugh everytime I see sobbin Robyn start her fake crying..she only cares about getting what she wants which is Kody all to herself. This should open all the other childrens eyes. Let these fake ass holes have each other. Good for Christine for leaving Janelle you do the same . You are both too good for Kody and Robyn.let them pay their own bills.Mary is crazy for begging them to let her be is this emotionally abusive relationship.

  33. I think Kody wants only Robin, because he would like to start building his new polygamous family with younger wives, and Robin (out with the old, in with the new)has said she loves the polygamous lifestyle. We will see how much she likes it when new, younger wives move into the family.

    1. Let’s face it, they all went into the situation with their eyes wide open. IMO, Kody is tired, he’s at the age now where he only wants one wife and one family. He stayed in the other relationships because of all of his children but they are adults now. Janelle and Meri have their own incomes, so they are good. Christine, chose to be a stay at home Mom, dependent upon Kody for her income. If they were not on the show, she would have nothing. She’s not eligible for Social Security from Kody when she gets older, no pension from him, child support only if she takes him to court until Truley becomes of age. But that was her choice. Robyn came in last and finishes first, she gets it all. The Husband, the Nanny (Janelle had six kids but she never had a Nanny while she worked), her kids get the benefit of a full time Dad, while his biological children only see him intermittently. Robyn claims she never wanted Kody full time but she’s not doing anything about it, she’s full of it. I would say Meri is the luckiest of them all, she doesnt have to be bothered with Kody, she makes money from the show and she has a business of her own. Stay on the show girl, get that money.

  34. Kody is a bum. HE needs to financuellt support all those wives … not have them support him financially. Also, he knows how to get Christine, janelle, and meri to respect him … by respecting them!!!!! How about I love you and miss you, etc. instead of being dogmatic. Robin is clever but dense and a terrible money manager and business woman. If her and Kody are left to their own devices, they will be bankrupt immediately, especially if he needs to pay child support. Kody and Robin are creating their own demise and r too stupid to realize it. Using sex as a weapon against Christine ??? Kody u r a dork and not a man. Just a man/child acting like an adult. Feel sorry for kids but Kody’s behavior is being balanced by loving mothers. So, is Robyn not insisting he relayed his relationships with other wives and give him advice on how to do it. This is a case of dumb and dumber getting together.

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