Robyn Brown Says She Settled For Kody, Could Have Been Happy

Kody Robyn Brown

In a preview for an upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown tells her sister wife Janelle that she settled for their husband Kody. What exactly does Robyn tell Janelle regarding her relationship with Kody? And, why does she think she settled for him? Keep reading for the details.

Robyn Brown says she could have been happy, settled for Kody

Speaking to Janelle, Robyn Brown admits she had all sorts of suitors and courting opportunities knocking on her door. Kody was never her only option. Moreover, she seems to imply Kody also wasn’t her best option. While she wanted it to be clear she wasn’t trying to brag, she admits she has lots of options as there were lots of suitors who wanted her.

Robyn Brown, however, had reached a point in her life where she knew what she wanted — a plural marriage. She didn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship with her husband. She wanted the independence that came from sharing a man with a few other sister wifes. According to Robyn Brown, she didn’t pick Kody because he was her best more most desirable option. He just happened to offer an established plural family on a platter that she could walk into. That is what she wanted.

Robyn Brown/YouTube
Robyn Brown/YouTube

She needs Kody to give her some space

Still talking to Janelle, Robyn Brown insists that she could have been very happy in a monogamous relationship with someone a lot more desirable than Kody Brown. But, the plural lifestyle is what she wanted. Robyn insists the COVID-19 pandemic causing Kody to spend more and more time in her household has created this family dynamic she doesn’t like and never wanted.

Like the rest of her sister wives, Robyn Brown is now insisting Kody Brown spending too much time inside of her household is frustrating and annoying.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown Youtube
Robyn and Janelle – Sister Wives

This side of Robyn Brown has Sister Wives fans baffled

For years, Sister Wives fans have assumed Robyn was greedy when it came to time with Kody. Fans thought Robyn inserted herself into this family and then demanded Kody spend all of his free time with her. Kody Brown has more or less confirmed Robyn is the only wife he’s intimate with. And, during the pandemic, fans know he stayed with Robyn almost exclusively.

Sister Wives fans are baffled because Robyn has never given vibes that she wanted to share Kody with her sister wives. In fact, fans insist Robyn has been the one to destroy the family. Is Robyn Brown saying she’s seeing too much of Kody simply to save face? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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    1. She always was the one putting on pity acts kody wants to get rid of older wives and find younger ones he is stupid and controlling when things dont go his way he gets msd

  1. This is definitely just her trying to change everyone’s opinion of her but she can’t let go of her arrogance… She really thinks people are stupid enough to believe this… No hunny we believe all the behavior you have SHOWN everyone over the years, not what your mouth says… I call BS, Ray Charles can see she’s saving face….

  2. I knew she was taking over the moment she “had Kody” divorce his first wife in order for him to adopt her children. She held some mysterious power over him, and I don’t know what my interest is here, except I care about people. But I have never thought plural marriage was anything but BS in the first place. How could anyone be ok sharing the bedroom time much less anything else?! Just HOW??

  3. I believe Kody is just at that age. Maybe, he cannot keep up. It happens in normal marriages. I do not even believe he is that intimate with Robyn either. Also, maybe even the wives can get like that too but still want hugs , holding hands etc. Many husbands when they can’t keep up sexually get turned off with any form of intimacy because they are frustrated with themselves. Kody seems fearful of many things so viagara would probably not be one of his choices. That is Life for you!

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