‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Limits Comments Then Stops Them Altogether On Instagram

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown might be totally over the way people can’t just comment about her photos. Every post, fans inundate her with demands she leaves Kody. Or, they wonder why she shares photos of herself and not the rest of the wives. Navigating her posts for anything positive becomes rather difficult for her supporters. A few days ago, she limited the comments on a post showing her cuddling a dog. Since then, her posts allow no comments at all.

Sister Wives – the post that seemingly broke the camel’s back

Meri Brown’s got a lot of fans. But some of them, despite being well-meaning, push it to the point where other fans try and stop their comments. It looks like the post about her cuddling a dog simply pushed Meri to the point where she’s not interested in comments anymore. We reported that the photo showed a cute scene of Mosby the dog. Meri captioned it with, “I love the way he cuddles….”

Loads of people talked about the Sister Wives family houses in Flagstaff. Others asked about her marital status. More said they felt she seems happy without Kody. One asked her straight if she finally left Kody. Like so many posts, people commented on how nice it is to see Meri look “happy.” One fan who possibly foresaw Meri reaching the point of “enough,” wrote, “Why oh WHY can’t people EVER just comment on the photo shared???? Y’all feel a need to comment on stuff that has NOTHING to do with the pic.'”


Meri turns comments off on her Instagram posts

Looking back at the post about Mosby four days ago, it says “comments limited” at the bottom. Since then, Meri shared a photo of herself and captioned it with, “Early workout done, ready for my day! Gonna get this Friday hustle on!” Comments got turned off on that one completely. Then, on the weekend, she shared a photo of herself possibly at a zoo. Behind her, a panda bear foraged around. Meri captioned it with, “Could I BE any happier??”

The Sister Wives star posted nothing contentious. And, the content she shared usually gets lots of interaction from fans. Sadly though, it looks like shes just thoroughly sick of all the people who ask about Kody, her marriage, the houses, and anything else they can think of that don’t relate to the pictures. Now, it seems that those commenters spoiled it for everyone. Hopefully, if Meri ever reopens comments on her Instagram post, people will just back off asking the stupid things she can’t answer. It seems that many of them forget she’s under an NDA contract with TLC.


What do you think about Meri Brown of Sister Wives first limiting comments, and then posting and allowing no comments at all? Do you think she got sick and tired of all those comments about Kody? Sound off in the comments below.

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