‘Sister Wives’ Fans Adore Meri Brown’s Relationship With Mosby

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Sister Wives fans are expressing how much they adore Meri Brown and her relationship with Mosby. Keep reading for all the details.

Sister Wives fans have love/hate relationship with Kody Brown’s first wife

It’s been 12 years since TLC viewers met the polygamist Brown family. Throughout the years, fans have had a love/hate relationship with several of Kody Brown’s wives. While fans are united in their dislike for Robyn Brown, Kody’s first wife has received both praise and disdain from fans of the show.

In recent years, Meri Brown has received backlash for remaining part of the plural family despite her husband’s lack of intimacy. In fact, many thought Meri would be the first wife to flee. Instead, it was Christine Brown who announced her split from Kody in November of 2021.

There is one thing Sister Wives fans do praise Meri for – her bond with Mosby the dog.

Fans adore Meri Brown’s relationship with Mosby

As fans of the show know, Meri shares one child with Kody Brown. While Mariah Brown doesn’t have children, she does have an adorable dog named Mosby.

A woman with a yellow and white dog
Meri Brown and Mosby/Credit: Meri Brown Instagram

There’s a hot debate on Reddit over what breed the mutt is. Many fans think Mosby is a chihuahua-terrier mix. Regardless, it’s clear to see that Meri absolutely adores the pup. In fact, she calls herself a ‘dog grandma.’

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit again recently to discuss Meri’s love of Mosby. One social media user started a thread about how adorable Meri’s stories of Mosby are. Apparently, ‘grandma’ often shares tales of picking the pup up from the park. Meri “obviously loves being a dog grandma,” the fan praised. 

Several Redditors took to the comments to share their opinion. One person wrote that Meri’s relationship with Mosby is the only “nontoxic” relationship she has.

Another chimed in that the pup is the only one Meri would leave Kody for.

Does Kody get along with Mosby? Fans had thoughts on that, too.

Does the pup hate Kody?

During the earlier discussion, one fan recalled an interaction between Mosby and Kody. “Kody went to Meri’s house, bent down to pet Mosby and Mosby skittered away. Shows how little time Kody spends there,” they recalled.

In the second Reddit discussion, someone claimed that “Mosby pees on Kody. Win. Win.”

Credit: Meri Brown Instagram

So, according to Sister Wives fans, Mosby and Kody do not get along.

What do you think of Meri Brown’s relationship with her grandpup Mosby? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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