‘Sister Wives’ Mariah Brown’s Partner Continues Transition In Major Way


Sister Wives daughter Mariah Brown has really come into herself. What she thought she wanted growing up in a plural family was not where she landed. Now, she is happily engaged to Audrey Kriss who came out as transgender last year. Recently, Kriss underwent a huge step towards furthering their transition and it is a huge milestone.

Mariah’s Sister Wives History

What was always interesting about Mariah was she was the sole child of Kody and his first wife Meri. The two of them had tried for more but it never happened. Mariah definitely encouraged her mother to do what was necessary to give her another sibling. However, Meri struggled a lot with that choice. She could have undergone IVF and fourth wife, Robyn even offered to be a surrogate. Both Kody and Mariah put an immense amount of pressure on Meri to take these necessary actions. After all, his first two wives gave him six children each while Robyn came in with three from a previous marriage. She further gave him two biological ones.


Meri declined and her relationship with Mariah went into a further decline after Meri started an online relationship. She ended up getting catfished. This killed the mother/daughter relationship and trust that they had. Then, after some time, Mariah sat her dad and four mothers down to reveal she was gay. Eventually, she took Meri and Janelle to a march and they met her girlfriend, Audrey. It was interesting because Mariah appeared to be the one Brown child who might follow in the familial footsteps. Now she was out of the box and truly happy. Mariah proposed and the two started planning their wedding but it all changed with the pandemic and, well, life.

A New Life And Drastic Change

Literally, right before the pandemic, Audrey and Mariah were visiting venues on Sister Wives for their wedding. They had a date in mind and were all settled but then the world shut down. The two ended up going to Utah to take over for Meri’s mom, Bonnie at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. It was a question if a wedding would ever happen yet they still seemed super happy. However, behind it all, Audrey was undergoing a major life change. At the end of 2021, Audrey announced they were transgender and would be using they/them pronouns. More so, they were proudly showing off body and facial hair that was growing. Both Meri and Mariah seemed very supportive.

Now, according to Starcasm, Audrey has taken another huge step in their journey. They underwent top surgery as part of their transition. The video, posted to Audrey’s Instagram, quickly takes followers along on the ride and ends with a big smile. This is a major step but one that will surely change their life. Congrats and happy healing.

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Amanda Lauren


  1. I find “they” very confusing. I get that is your choice pronoun, but it reads as if both people in this couple are transitioning and both have had “top surgery.”

  2. Mariah is a selfish woman, mad and expecting her mum to except who she is when she can’t do the same in return. Just because her mother Meri strayed from her religion her daughter couldn’t forgive her. Nevertheless, Mariah is dumbfounded when he mother can’t express the same gratitude. This has nothing to do with sexuality, race or differences. This is Mariah wanting her cake and eating it.
    If you want to be an adult then have some me respect like you want in return. Earn it since you made your mother feel that way. Meri you are a wonderful person and more ther you do too much for people who are selfish. Xx

  3. I so agree with the previous post. Mariah is pretty flipping demanding when and is a hypocrite. So demanding and “matter of fact” it sickens me. Maybe she should move far far away and be whatever she thinks she wants to be this year. I feel so sorry for Meri and all of the heartach she’s had to endure from Mariah. Wonder what she will be next year, pure attention getter, grow up.

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