‘1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Halterman Comments On The Size Of Tammy Slaton’s Balls

Fans have been excitedly waiting for the return of 1000-Lb. Sisters for months to see what became of Tammy after the Season 2 finale. There had been rumors on social media that the TLC star had gone to rehab. Very little was known about the situation other than the speculation of the show’s fans based on Tammy’s videos, photos, and posts. Now as the latest season drops, we get to finally find out what Tammy has been up to. We also get to find out why Amy Halterman is making odd comments about the size of her sister’s “cojuntas.”

Amy Halterman Has Big News

At the opening of the episode, Amy Halterman is shown as she records a Youtube video for fans. In the clip, she is announcing that she has some big news about her sister, Tammy Slaton. Amy iterates to the camera that her sister has finally made the decision to seek intensive help for her food addiction. She is going into rehab, in hopes that the additional support will help her face her eating disorder head-on.

Amy tells her fans that Tammy going to rehab was a bit unexpected. She also asks fans to please keep her sister in their thoughts and prayers because she knows that Tammy is going to need all the support she can get as she makes this next step.

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Tammy’s Got Big Balls

During a video diary segment, Amy reveals that she was absolutely at the end of her rope with Tammy. Viewers of the show know that over the last few years, Amy has essentially become Tammy’s live-in caretaker. As Tammy continued to gain weight, capping out at just over 600 pounds, Amy was expected to take care of her siblings every little need. Even chores as basic as getting food and making sure she takes her meds had been laid upon Amy’s shoulders and became almost too much to bear.

Last season, Amy became pregnant, later having her son Gage, who is now a year old. Since becoming a mother, Amy has now had to deal with the additional burden of not only adjusting to life with a newborn but also still caring for her Tammy, who has come to expect the help. Amy has grown increasingly more frustrated with Tammy as it’s clear how little work she was putting into losing the weight, despite the very real risks to her health.

During the first Season 3 episode, Amy reveals the big news about Tammy. The 37-year-old reality star chitters with excitement as she emphasizes how big a deal this is for her sister. Amy reveals that Tammy came to her and finally admitted that she needed help managing her food addiction. The new mom beams with glee as she tells the camera how proud she is of Tammy for making the decision and taking the first step. “It must took a lot of balls,” she said. “Big cojuntas,” Amy laughed while making a weighty gesture with her hands.

Photo Credit: TLC- Youtube

B*tch, Get Yourself Together!

Early on in the episode, the show focuses on Tammy and her thoughts about her weight loss journey. The hefty celeb reveals that it has become very hard for her to do even the smallest amount of activity. She struggles to get up and down, move around her home, and even walk a few feet to get in the car for doctor’s appointments. The mobility battle is made tougher by Tammy being on oxygen, which has become a necessity since her bout with Covid earlier this year.

The celeb notes on camera that she knows that how she’s living isn’t good. She acknowledges that there are very real risks to herself and that she hopes to use the opportunity to really dig in and make a change. She seems optimistic about the experience, though she expresses knowing she will be homesick

Do you think that Tammy is going to make significant changes to her health this season? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Tammy Slaton is to stubborn to do anything. She has been dotted upon that she doesn’t want to do anything for herself. Just watching her going to the Dr’s and therapist’s. If she doesn’t like what she is asked, she just looks at them with that bull dog look. Leave her ass alone for awhile,with no food or anything,and she will eventually fend for herself. If i were her nurse trying to help her and she did that stuff to me, I would be out that door in a minute.I love watching Amy and her family, but Tammy makes my blood boil.

  2. Yes Tammy should be awarded to the state. And remove from the show, she is a danger to herself. This way she can get the help she needs. It should be stated if she loses the weight and she gets to a healthier state of mind then she can go back on her own but until then she needs to be in a safer environment.

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