Amy Halterman Shares Photo Of Dream Home & Tells How She’ll Afford It

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Amy Slaton of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters is hoping to move to a bigger home with her husband, Michael Halterman. The couple recently welcomed a baby boy to the world, and his birth will soon feature on TLC. On her YouTube channel, Amy Halterman shared a clip of herself and her sister Tammy Slaton talking about the baby’s nursery. In it, she explains that they have a temporary set-up with the baby’s bassinet, but they will give him a proper crib when they move to a bigger home. She also reminds fans that her home is pretty small right now.

While Amy lives in a small home right now, she has big plans for a nicer, larger home in the future. She recently shared a photo of her dream home and told her viewers how she’s planning on buying it someday.

See Amy Halterman’s dream home

On her YouTube community page, Amy wrote a lengthy message, thanking her fans for their support and talking about a big step that’s coming up. She wants to buy her dream house. Later in the message, she talks about how she’s going to afford the home. In the post, she includes a photo of the beautiful house she’s hoping to buy for her family.

Amy Halterman YouTube
Amy Halterman YouTube

How will the 1000-Lb. Sisters star afford the house?

In her post, Amy also talks about how she’s going to pay for the house.

She says:

“I wanted to clear things up many of you are confused as to how keneth is helping me save for my dream house & how I was able to afford my dream wedding.. we talk whenever one of us is not busy & he gives me advice his channel is new but the budgeting is not for me that’s why I was saying he helped me save money because we’ve been talking about it for about a year or 2. He has an amazing channel & when I’m not busy I binge on his videos. If you are serious about saving good money or catch up on some goals I suggest you subscribe to his YouTube channel I want to help him reach 5k because he truly deserves it he’s a great friend & I know you all will love him. His saving method saved me a lot of money.”

She goes on to share the link to his YouTube channel, which is called Keneth Budgets. Keneth shares videos about how to budget and save money. From what Amy is sharing about him, it sounds like his channel is very helpful.

So, what do you think of the home that Amy Halterman has picked out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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