‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Amy Halterman Gears Up To Drop Bombshell On Tammy

This week’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters is about to drop and fans are on edge waiting to see how the family vacation turns out. In addition to sitting on pins and needles to find out the details of Tammy’s latest tantrum, last week’s preview montage and the TLC website foreshadow a much-anticipated blow-out between Amy Halterman and her Sister, Tammy Slaton. According to TLC’s episode synopsis – the ladies’ relationship might just go nuclear. Read on to find out what “bomb” Amy Halterman is planning to drop in the upcoming episodes.

Amy Halterman Says She’s Done

Over the course of Season Three, Amy Halterman has been emotionally and mentally preparing to make a huge life change. She and her husband, Michael, have outgrown their tiny duplex apartment. As their one-year-old son, Gage continues to grow and become more mobile, the couple realizes that they really need more space — and they need it sooner rather than later.

Initially, Amy was hesitant about moving, because relocating to a new home means leaving her sister, Tammy Slaton, to fend for herself. Despite being on a weight loss journey for the better part of two years, 640+ pound Tammy has yet to meet the goals required for her bariatric surgery. In fact, her health over the last year has gone considerably downhill.

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Amy and her three older siblings have tried to push and motivate Tammy to no avail. They knew eventually, Amy would have to make big decisions for her family and they feared that Tammy would not be able to care for herself without her sister living feet away.

While Amy Halterman feels a lot of guilt about the decision – Tammy’s lack of effort and respect for others has really taken a toll on their relationship. During interviews with the camera in recent episodes, Amy finally admits to being ‘done.’ She and Michael finally made the decision to search for homes, feeling that it was just the right time.

Amy Drops The M- Bomb

In tonight’s end-of-episode preview, we get an inside look at the action coming up in next Monday’s episode. According to the clip, Amy Halterman reveals to her family that she and Michael are officially buying a house. She tells Misty, Amanda, and Chris that they made an offer on a home they liked and it was accepted. They had an appointment to sign the papers on the home in just a few days time.

During the conversation, Misty asks Amy what is going to become of Tammy if she’s no longer there to help her. Big brother Chris chimes in singing “ward of the state,” referencing the fact that Tammy Slaton’s only option might be a nursing home. Misty agrees, saying, “that’s the only thing left.”

During the vacation, the siblings (minus Tammy) had several discussions about their sister, acknowledging the fact that she cannot be trusted to make good decisions regarding her diet, health, or relationships. Unfortunately, with Amy moving, the other siblings aren’t willing to stand in – they’ve all done it before. Tammy has burned all those bridges. Amy was the last stop on the train.

The video also previews Amy Halterman telling her sister that the time has come for her to move. Based on Tammy’s reaction to the news – fans worry that the situation is quickly going to get dramatic.

Will Tammy Spiral Out of Control?

As fans have watched the third season of 1000-Lb. Sisters, they were made aware that eventually, Tammy gives up on her diet. She also appears to start leaning into other dangerous, addictive behavior as well.

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In this week’s preview clip, Tammy reacts to Amy Halterman’s big news. She says that she and her sister have always been really close. She gets emotional telling the camera that she’s losing her best friend. The foreshadowing for the upcoming episodes alludes to Tammy using her grief over Amy as an excuse to indulge in bad behavior. Viewers see Tammy partying with friends, drinking heavily and acting recklessly. We have also been made aware that Dr. Eric will visit Tammy at some point and she will reveal just how much she’s been drinking. Spoiler – Tammy isn’t a lightweight.

With all of the chronic health problems that Tammy Slaton has, fans worry that this turn to dangerous behavior might create a deadly situation that Tammy can’t come back from. Now, fans will wait to see how bad things get.

Will Tammy spiral out of control – or will she regain control over her life and fight to get better? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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  2. Why bother watching the show anymore? Tammy is all drama, wants everyone to feel bad for “poor pitiful me”, she’s hateful to everyone, and until she has hit rock bottom (hopefully not to late) she will never change. The show is not helping her at all because she uses it like they use her. TRAIN WRECK waiting to happen and everyone is enabling her. I’m done watching.

  3. Tammy says she’s losing her best friend, no tammy just the sister who does everything for you and you treat like crap!! You’ve been through everyone in the family and treated them all like they should be happy to wait on your fat ass and do everything for you. Why tammy??
    Why should anyone put out the effort of helping you when you won’t help yourself. You need to go into a facility and give your family a break!!! Everyone is tired of dealing with your lazy beligerant ass!!!
    Get off the show, don’t want to watch you anymore…

  4. The reason tammy is drinking is just to get attention!! Jesus can’t her family see that?? She’s doing it so someone gets voted to look after her cause she doesn’t want to be alone!!
    Tammy feels all her help slowly slipping away and she needs to do something to make sure her manipulation stays in control. It’s all a tactic to keep Amy close. A person like tammy who has no appreciation, no care for other people just keeps on manipulating to get their own way. She belongs in a psychiatric facility where she can get the help she needs. And leave her there!!!
    Don’t let her manipulate you into going and getting her like you did last time Chris… the only way she is going to survive is if she puts the effort in and up until now she never has so the difference between life and death is up to her.

  5. I’ve enjoyed watching this show, following Amy’s weight loss journey, she got married and had a baby, all fun to watch. And now Chris’s weight loss journey, it was great seeing him get on that ride at the amusement park! But I’m sick of Tammy already, her nasty mouth, the way she treats her family is disgusting. She should be grateful and kissing their feet for all that they do for her. Her attitude is gross. She keeps shoving food down her throat like she not close to death.. they should all just leave her alone already and let nature take its course.

  6. The family should put Tammy in a nursing home. It’s not like she can get up and walk out. Then if she loses the weight, which I highly doubt, then maybe someone will let her live with them when she gets the surgery. Other than that put her in a nursing home.

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