‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Amy Halterman Pregnant With Baby #2

Amy Halterman TLC

Amy Halterman dropped a bombshell on 1000-Lb. Sisters fans — she and her husband Michael are pregnant with baby #2. Her announcement featured an adorable snapshot of Gage rocking a black and white t-shirt that announced he was going to be a big brother in 2022. The excited TLC star spilled some of the details in the caption of her photo.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Halterman pregnant with baby #2

In the caption of her exciting post, Amy Halterman tells the world Gage is going to be a big brother in July of 2022. She proceeds to add that her exact due date is July 18, 2022. “We are over the moon!” She exclaims as she concludes her post.

This exciting — and shocking — 1000-Lb. Sisters news dropped on Instagram just an hour ago. Rumors have swirled that Amy and Michael Halterman were pregnant with baby #2 for a while now. We reported pregnancy rumors swirling for this TLC couple in both April and August of last year. At one point in time, fans actually thought Amy and Michael might be pregnant with twins.

Amy Halterman TLC
Amy Halterman TLC

Based on her due date, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans can assume Amy and Michael conceived their second child toward the middle of October. This also means Amy and Michael conceived baby #2 approximately one month before their son Gage turned 1 on November 10th.

Fans of the TLC series react to the shocking news

It was no secret that Amy Halterman and her husband Michael wanted to have children. Amy has admitted multiple times on the TLC series it was always her dream to have children. Being so overweight, however, she just thought it was a dream she would never see come true. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans love seeing Amy Halterman glow as a mother. And, they agree her son Gage is absolutely adorable. Fans also note he really looks a lot like his father Michael!

Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments of this exciting announcement:

  • “Congrats on Baby #2”
  • “Congratulations!!! So excited for you guys”
  • “WHAAAT!!!”

For the most part, fans were shocked and speechless to learn Amy Halterman was expecting baby #2. Fans, however, were also thrilled and wished her the best. Inside of an hour, the post has accumulated over 22,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments.

Amy Halterman YouTube
Amy Halterman – Instagram

Typically, Amy Halterman’s posts only see a few 100 comments. This is with the exception of a few posts exceeding a little over 1,000 comments. Nearing 3,000 comments — in just an hour — is not normal for her profile. It, however, isn’t too surprising considering how big this news is!

Congratulations Amy and Michael Halterman! Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. Congratulations to the 2 of you and happy new year.You put your sister first for a long time now its your turn.My advice focus on your marriage and your kids and let your sister take care of herself.

  2. You should have concentrated on losing more weight and allow the child you have to grow into a toddler before getting pregnant again not too smart. You need to get healthy.

  3. I am soooo happy for this couple! Amy is such a loving sweet little mothers to Gage and I’m sure she will be the same with baby #2!

    1. She can’t even take care of Gage let alone another child. Hope they both clean up their home and their acts

      1. How is she not taking care if Gage. There is nothing on the show that proved her to be a bad Mom. Because she needed help cleaning up, that makes her unfit. Have several seats and shut the hell up please & thank you… They seem like great loving parents.

        1. Maybe people understand how Amy lives because they too live in filth! I feel so sorry for Gage. Amy and Michael are ridiculous and nasty!!!

  4. Congratulations. May God continue to bless you and Michael on the news of your family getting bigger. I am praying for Tammy. I also am proud of Chris. Many more blessings for you all for 2022.

  5. Congratulations!! U r doing a great job with Gage and u will do great with this new baby to.. I am so happy for u and your husband..

  6. Congrats! You are better than the way you were raised.. It shows how Gage makes you glow…Its amazing the love of a child…So sorry your mom missed that…

  7. Not surprised a bit. She said she wanted 1 more and she wanted them to be close like her & Tammy were. After I had my 1st child, I too got pregnant again a month before her 1st bday (on my bday to be exact)😄. It ended up being twin boys😳… Very happy for the couple. Congrats Amy & Mike!!

  8. Congratulations,Amy and Micheal on baby number two,I love the show ,i am really praying for Tammy to get it together

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