‘1000-Lb. Sisters:’ Misty Accuses Amy Halterman Of Cheating

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On tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Misty accuses her sister Amy Halterman of cheating. While some of her siblings were willing to justify her actions. Most agreed with Misty that Amy definitely cheated. What did the 1000-Lb. Sisters star cheat at exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters

Misty 1000 lb sisters

1000-Lb. Sisters: Misty accuses Amy Halterman of cheating

During tonight’s episode, the family headed for an amusement park for a little fun. At the ticket booth, they joked that Misty was barely tall enough to ride the rides by herself. Amanda was quick to let her sister know she’d be her adult on any rides she couldn’t get on. Going to an amusement park was a pretty big deal for the family as it wasn’t that long ago that neither Amy nor Chris could fit on the rides. Chris Combs admitted getting back on roller coasters has been a dream of his for a pretty long time.

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Initially, Chris walks off when he learns the weight limit of the ride is 375 pounds. He tells his siblings he is right at 375 pounds and he isn’t willing to risk getting on the ride. The operator, however, issues him he will be fine. At first, Chris and the operator struggle to get the safety bar down and secure. He switches to a different seat and at the recommendation of his sister maneuvers his “roll” around. Eventually, he gets situated and the safety bar gets secured.

The ride involves shooting laser guns at targets while riding a roller coaster. The operator asks Amy Halterman if she’s nervous. She says “no” before revealing she’s the blind one of the family. The operator decides to offer her a handicap and gives her a second gun. He tells he to just shoot like crazy and she’s sure to hit something.

chris combs

She defends her cheating

When Amy Halterman whips around with two guns in her hands, Misty was the first to call her out for cheating. Amanda admits she could have gotten a much higher score with two guns. Amy Halterman, however, argues her siblings had the advantage of two eyes. So, it was only fair that she got two guns.

Do you agree the second gun was a handicap for Amy? Or, do you agree with Misty and her siblings that Amy cheated? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, Episode 9 airs tonight only on TLC. Fans with a Discovery+ account can watch the episode early as it drops into the streaming library the morning of the day it airs. Previous episodes of the TLC series are also available via Discovery+.

Allie Johnson


    1. I think you all should let her be.She dont caree.wont get off her fat ass,is mean,rude,nasty.her family bonds over backwards to help her. And include herI she talks about all of you .and has no respect.I. would let her fend for herself.and see how far she gets .she wont .you have put your lives on hold and she wont do nothing to help her self.has every excuse .shes sick it hurts what ever get off your ass and do something.and stop being mean

      1. excellent comment.. I feel bad, but maybe something like this would make her fend for herself and to start taking things seriously and NOT BLAMING OTHER THINGS OR HER FAMILY WHEN SOMETHING GOES QRONG FOR TAMMY.. you family members have bent over backwards for way to much time.. it’s time to cut the cord and let her go to see if she sinks or swims.. afterall she continually says she’s not a child..


      1. Tammy is the biggest baby. She needs to do for herself. Amy has her own life and family. Tammy could have the same if she took her of her self. And gets off her FAT ASS. When she has to do everything for herself maybe she will sink or swim.

    1. Not nice to be so judgy !! They obviously have had a rough life down in GA. Count your blessings and quit looking down on the less fortunate! Jeez . .

    2. They are a family who do for one another.
      Families are ALL complicated.
      You sir, are thin blanket on a cold night.

  1. The rules should apply the same for everyone regardless of their handicap. If a person decides to participate in something and has a good mind to make that decision then the person with a handicap should follow the rules regardless. Actually a individual that claims to be blind or partially blind shouldn’t have a gun at all.
    There are people in this world that use a so called handicap to their advantage and there are times that a handicap person is noticed and sometimes the fact that the handicap is questioned and the person is offended.
    So, with all of that being said, either you are handicap or you are not so you can’t have it both ways. Actions speak louder than words and if an individual can function day to day and take care of babies then the so called handicapped person can get a job and help support your household.

  2. I know most everyone is sick n tired of monster whale toddler! She is the laziest, rudest, uncaring, greedy, disrespectful, jealous, women ive ever saw. She does whatever she wants to. She wasn’t scared to go eat was she? She so effin ungrateful about the wheelchair. She dont care how it hurts Michael or Chris or noone else to push her around. She is absolutely to lazy to learn to use damn hand controls and get herself around? Watch! Michael is gonna get sick n tired and leave. Tammy had all her sibs there & they put her on Michael? Fuck no! Thats not his job! He has done it for yrs. I be damn if ud ask my husband to do that when our siblings were there. Thats their job nit his. They absolutely take advantage of him. Its get old soon & hes gonna leave! Idn blame him a bit.

    1. These siblings play right into her game……Let her throw her hissy fits, when they stop giving into her, maybe she’ll change!! I thought Amanda was going to kick her to the curb, but she caved, too, although she gives her s*%t right back to her!

  3. I was happy Amy had the second gun for double the fun. It made her laugh and it was at a fun park. My word everyone should have just laughed about it. She is legally blind and losing her eye sight that she has left. Just let her do this while she can. So glad Chris got to go.

  4. They should have ignored tammy and stop humoring her. She clearly doesn’t want help and will continue to keep her family in turmoil.

  5. I agree with Linda it was just family fun and Chris really wanted to and he had the chance some people take things just a little to serious….You go Amy👍

  6. I agree with you 100% her child like laughter was beautiful. People are too uptight in these comments. And when Chris was snapped in we cheered for him, so happy he had a chance to enjoy himself. I know the feeling of wanting to ride and then having to get off because it wouldn’t lock.

  7. What delicate egos the sister has! There wasn’t a money prize, just plain fun was the goal. How selfish and little.just try again, preferably by yourself if you need that affirmation about yor skill at hitting targets try to enjoy yourself

  8. This is really reaching for something to talk about. Maybe you should have them go back to school. That would be much more interesting than this garbage.

    1. I am so darn tired of Tammy and her childishness. She needs to grow the he’ll up. She ruins everything, this family is awesome without Tammy. Stop kissing that fat bitches ass. Let her go let her die. She is rude, disgusting and very nasty. I hope she is put in a care facility and we all can enjoy the show more. BYE TAMMY.

  9. To answer the question that was asked, yes, the extra gun given to Amy was a fair handicap.
    Being an optician and judging by observation, it appears she has a strabismus (lazy eye) in right eye. This condition would prevent her from having any depth perception,making it impossible for her to tell at what distance the target was, thus the extra gun would help.

  10. My Lord it’s all fun and games! It shouldn’t matter if she had 5 guns just have fun with your family! Life is to short! Tammy needs to quit with her mess! It’s getting old real fast! Nobody can really enjoy themselves cause of having to care for Tammy! She is selfish! If is all about her she is fine but let it be about someone else she could care less! I’m not trying to put her down I just wish she would do better!

  11. excellent comment.. I feel bad, but maybe something like this would make her fend for herself and to start taking things seriously and NOT BLAMING OTHER THINGS OR HER FAMILY WHEN SOMETHING GOES QRONG FOR TAMMY.. you family members have bent over backwards for way to much time.. it’s time to cut the cord and let her go to see if she sinks or swims.. afterall she continually says she’s not a child..

  12. I believe Amy should of had two guns. They had fun and enjoyed the ride. People need to stop criticizing others and just get a long. There is a saying”treat others as you would like to be treated”. This is how I go through life.

  13. Really, this is the best Tammy can do? She manages to get everything else she wants. She obviously doesn’t want to lose weight. Let her go. She’s a lost cause
    They need to remove her from the show. All she’s doing is pissing everyone off. Complete narcissist!

  14. Tammy, you have to put the work in to get the weight off. I have not seen you do anything as of yet. You have to want it! Yes I’m not going to say poor Tammy! What I have seen is a 35 year old woman acting like a two year old. Grow up Tammy, stop playing games and get the weight off! Amy, is doing what she has to for her family! And for those who say Amy, is not a clean person. Well let’s have a look inside of your house??????????? Tammy, stand on your own feet and get your shit together! I can say this because I had the surgery and I still fight it every day! It’s not one and done! Please stop texting people and playing games on your family. Shame on those who act like poor Tammy. And I hope you have have a day full of joy. Do the weight loss for you not your fans.

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