Chris Combs & Amy Halterman Leave Tammy Slaton In The Dust

Chris Combs - Amy Halterman

Chris Combs finally got approved for weight loss surgery putting him in the same difficult place Amy Halterman was once in. He, however, followed right behind Amy in leaving Tammy Slaton in the dust to get his surgery. Unsurprisingly, the family has rallied out of concern that Tammy would backslide as a result of Chris’ surgery.

Does Tammy feel like Chris and Amy are leaving her in the dust? Will this create more bumps in the road for her weight loss journey? Keep reading for the details.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for tonight’s new episode. 

Chris Combs gets approved for surgery

Chris Combs decided to go on a weight loss journey with Tammy after Amy Halterman got approved for surgery. It was a way for Tammy to continue to have a weight loss buddy. The family jested they were not in a short supply of fat people. So, it would be easy to continue to supply Tammy with weight loss buddies.

During tonight’s episode, Chris Combs finally got approved for his weight loss surgery. Fans and Tammy’s family feared it might be a breaking point for Tammy. Would she slip into a depression after Chris Combs joined Amy Halterman in leaving Tammy in the dust?

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Tammy insists to her family she never expected anyone to hold themselves back for her. But, her family worries she’ll still feel abandoned.

Amy Halterman is DONE with Tammy Slaton

1000-Lb. Sisters have been urging Amy Halterman to ditch Tammy Slaton and put herself first for a while. And, tonight’s episode seemed like she was finally gearing up to do just that. Amy and Michael have started looking for a new place to live. Amy admits she’s ready to start living for herself and stop living for Tammy. Some fans, however, believe Tammy Slaton has felt abandoned by Amy ever since Amy had the weight loss surgery.

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Do you agree that Chris Combs and Amy Halterman have left Tammy Slaton in the dust? Do you think there will be another family member to come out of the woodwork to go on a weight loss journey alongside Tammy? Chris Combs expressed concern that his weight loss surgery would cause Tammy to recoil. Do you think he’s right? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters. 

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Allie Johnson


  1. I’m SOOO HAPPY for Chris! Also very HAPPY for Amy, Mike, & little Gage. I’m glad their moving into a new home. THEY NEEDED TOO! As far as Tammy goes, she has some SEVERE issues she needs to deal with! Everyone has tried to HELP her & she does NOTHING TO HELP HERSELF. She’s on self destruction. I have NO sympathy for her ANYMORE. People are done with her abusive, destructive behavior’s & rightfully so!

  2. I am so happy for Chris and so proud of him. I am also happy for Amy in getting a new house- somewhere her family can grow and become independent from Tammy. Everyone has bent over backwards to try and help Tammy, but she does NOTHING to help herself. Amy has worked hard to get where she is and deserves a happy life raising Gage and not being Tammy’s mother anymore. Tammy doesn’t even act grateful for everything everyone has done for her. Chris needs to focus on him continuing to do better and Amy deserves to enjoy her family and continue on her journey. I wish Tammy would stop using excuses and wake up before it’s too late. She has strength, it’s time she be totally independent and fight for herself.

  3. It’s clear that Tammy is not interested in being anything but a victum. She has been given the same opertunity’s and tools to change, but refuses to . Hopefully she will wake up and do what she needs to do before It’s to late.

    1. Tammy needs a lot of therapy to address her food demons; without it, she has little chance of recovering from her addiction. The anger people observe in her towards anyone who tries to help her is really the anger she has towards herself. It’s very sad. She must feel so desperately trapped and hopeless – and who can conquer their demons when they feel like that? Tammy needs understanding, not hatred or judgment.

  4. Tammy Slaton has to be left in the dust.She has no thought of adhering to a diet or portion control. And there are a lot of men out there with fat fetishes so she is not stuck for a man. I would address though Amy needs to get aboard the weight loss train. Mentally being around someone almost 700 lbs makes her feel so small Amy this is an illusion you are big and grossly overweight. Tammy Slaton you are very vulgar it is gross and not becoming. The only solution for you is to be placed in a long term facility where your weight can be monitored and you can be under the direction of an in house phychiatrist.

  5. I know things are not always, if ever, what they seem on tv but, so disappointed in Amy. Watched last evening’s show with the birthday celebration and family trip. Really, Amy? Here’s one thing I know about weight loss, diabetes, and being a mother–alcohol is not how you do it. Thinking this internet is going to be easy to find years from now, you are going to need some time to explain things to Gage, if you get a chance. What will you say when he comes home from kindergarten and shares what people said? Michael seems quiet but I don’t get an impression he is an idiot. Do you think some of your remarks hurt him or that at some time he might just move on without both you and Tammy? You commented that Amanda is not always filtered but Misty and she certainly wouldn’t embarrass me on the street to walk beside them. I really don’t mean to be unkind but I saw no good role model or inspiration from you this show.

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